Want to make a mattress with a large size, what mattress brand can be customized?


For mattresses, the size of the size is not customized. Many people make sizes, small size, thickening, hard, soft, thin, or some non-standard size, which is customized, this is Large misunderstandings, for factories: round, square, long, ultra-wide, ultra-thin, ultra-thick, folded, triangle, etc. are all minutes.

For the subject, you need to do a big mattress, you need to consider these factors: first, your floor elevator can go, if the elevator can’t go, then you have to look at whether the step ladder is Visually, if the elevator, freight ladder, the footpack is not going, then you can see if the high and the window can go in, if the layer is not too high, it is also possible to pull it directly from the window, assume that these conditions are not feasible. Then you can only do two-in-one style or folding, can be used, if you can go up, you still have the size of the door frame, in general, the diagonal size is the largest, make a large size These issues must be considered in advance.


Second, you have to consider the actual demand when you set a large-size mattress, can you use it? The number of rooms, etc. Be sure to think about it.

Third, if you have a large house, such as a villa, a double-layer duplex building, I suggest that the mattress will be sent, the stair handrail, the decorative painting, the lamp, etc., the lamp is installed, otherwise the stair armrest All installed with the floor lamp ornament is all installed on the mattress. I have encountered a lot, especially the stair armrest. Some villas are relatively simple, because the villa floor is low, you can reserve a large window in front of the sun room and lighting windows, the mattress can be directly lined up and the sun room is reserved in, and then the mattress will be installed.


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