Five cost -effective assault jackets, windproof, warm and wear -resistant


In fact, in addition to the thick down jackets in winter, there are also assault clothes to choose from. It is not only windproof and waterproof, but also light and breathable. The key is to resist dirt and easy to clean.

Today, Xiaogai recommends the cost -effective king of all brands of jackets. It is suitable for daily leisure and outdoor travel. You can start with a minimum of less than 400 yuan.


North | Three -in -one goose velvet filling punching clothing 4u7L


The jumpsuit in the north is gradually inclined to outdoor leisure. The design of its design is widely favored by the younger generation. The tailoring and slimming highlights the body.


This Dryvent full glue shell is used to effectively waterproof, dehumidify and wear resistance, and has good breathability. At the same time, design is simple and simple, and urban commuting or leisure travel is appropriate. The velvet biliary is warm when it is light, and it can be removed by pulling down the zipper.


Colombia | Hot Energy Waterproof Sanhelong WE1273


The commonly proposed by Columbia, which is commonly proposed by Columbia. Many self -developed Ome technology fabrics are also its characteristics. It is involved in water -refusing water, sun protection, warmth, and cooling functions.

This Sanhe-One charge jacket is one of the hot-selling models. It uses Ome waterproof and thermal reflection technology to add an exclusive Omni-Tech waterproof film based on the DWR waterproof layer to keep the clothes dry inside. Thermal reflection technology reflects the thermal energy of the body through the silver metal aluminum dot of the clothes to achieve the purpose of heating. In addition, the velvet has a variety of style, and the solid color is not easy to be out of date.


Pathfinder | Sanheye Polysman Tawi91201




In less than 1,000 yuan, a three -in -one charge, high cost performance has become a highlight of the paid -working class. However, the parity does not mean that the professional performance is not enough. In 2016, the pilot participated in the drafting of the first domestic “National Standard for Outdoor Sports Clothing Charge”, and provided the Chinese North -South Pole Survey Team for 13 consecutive years.

This is a hot -selling model, the surface layer of the coat is splashed with water, and it is equipped with windproof design such as removal of unloading caps and adjustable drawing. The velvet inner orbructure is treated with anti -static treatment, and the dry environment is comfortable. Men and women are the same, multi -color choice, suitable for daily leisure wear, and general outdoor hiking and camping are enough. Many evaluation feedback will fluctuate in the price, and it is recommended that the purchase of squat discounts is more affordable.



Kaile Stone | Expedition PRO Plusal Three -in -One Charge


Kaile Stone is the only official equipment supplier of IFSC of the International Rock Climbing Federation, the US Rock Climbing Association and the Rock Climbing National Team. It focuses on mountaineering climbing sports equipment. Its charge can be roughly divided into two categories: urban leisure and professional outdoor.

This is a professional jacket. It adopts a three -in -one design. The technology thick velvet meets the basic heating needs in the high mountain environment. The waterproof index is 8000mm. It can resist heavy rain raids. sports. It takes into account lightness and warmth. The daily price is about 1,000 yuan. It is more cost -effective to encounter the promotion committee. Compared with other types of assault jackets, it is not the cheapest, but the quality is excellent, and you can try it.



Decathlon | Outdoor multifunctional three -in -one jacket


Decathlon’s outdoor supplies have always been close to the people. Although the materials and workmanship of its assault jackets are somewhat different from the international professional big names, it is more reliable than those who are known as a professional miscellaneous brand.

If you do n’t need to wear outdoors in the extreme environment, but to camping a mountain top park, then you can choose this sub -jacket with a moderate performance. The price to 500 yuan is very affordable.