Song Zuying made a rare appearance at the airport. Red cotton clothing with red sweater cutting age reduced age, and auntie became a model


Nowadays, more and more aunts have become the top of the trend, and even many young people can’t compare. They pay more attention to the comfort of the fabrics, the significant strength of the color, and the exquisiteness of the fabric when they are matched with clothing, and Song Zuying’s dress is a model case of auntie!


For aunts and sisters, it is most important to improve temperament, especially when choosing color to avoid dull and monotonous color schemes.

Try to choose some colorful colors, such as big red, bright yellow, peacock green, Tibetan blue and other high -end and precious colors.

The second is the age reduction effect. Don’t be too tender. Proper use of the cutting of the body is most important!


For Song Zuying’s practical and fashionable, it is necessary to lack one. It must achieve the effect of keeping warm and not to lower the overall grade. Close edges are all fashionable!

Song Zuying’s age reduction and wearing analysis


Stacking red with black eye -catching and fashionable


Song Zuying is a small scheme. Since she can become a model of auntie, she naturally has her little tricks. First of all, she will control the sense of high level in color,

The eye -catching index of reddish redness is very strong, and the skin luster is also very significant. In addition, the classic versatile brought by black makes the whole look very fashionable!


Fragile hip hip cotton jacket+leggings are thin and temperament

You need to know that the selection of single product elements determines the body advantage, as long as it can be thin and slim to improve the gas field, that is, wearing a model


Essence The corporal element is a symbol of fashion. The cotton coat with hip length avoids the lack of the proportion of hips and legs. It is very good for the aunt and children. The line line, especially the effect of stovepipe!

Tips for age reduction

Senior color matching to create fashionistas

Since it is the skills, it is not related to clothing, more about the processing of details, such as the color selection of the overall shape, the design of style cutting, and the most important effect of highlighting the advantages of the figure.

In the color, you must avoid lightning, and do not use bright colors as a whole. Instead, you need to avoid weight. Choose the fashionable and thin black as the inside, and then use the eye -catching color to light up!

Respect is simple is beauty

When choosing clothing and matching, the simple principle of beauty is to reduce too complex color schemes, tailoring and elements. The simpler, the more you can reflect the charm value of a woman.


Basic and versatile black and white matching, the jacket under the jacket, and the jewelry embellishment can truly get the age reduction effect!

Use accessories to outline the figure curve

Tips for reducing age are very easy to control,

The so -called age reduction is to make the mental appearance and body curve reach a high stage of a girl. The girl’s figure naturally has a significant curve.

Therefore, when choosing some fluffy items, the clever use of the belt is outlined, which has a good effect on the thin and slim body, especially the use of the proportion of the legs is more significant!

Age reduction

Pink suit+khaki skirt (elegant girl feel)


For the aunts’ women, the real girlishness is “installed”. It needs to use the tailoring advantages of clothing and complementary colors for age -reducing effects. Combining the capability of girl powder and suit, the length of the hips can also be well avoided,


Use the form of the dress and the bottom skirt to match the elegant knowledge, the skirt and the skirt and pink suit interpret the sense of sight of the beautiful girl!

Peacock green lace dress modify body curve feeling

If you want to build an age -reducing effect, you must not forget the presentation of elegant charm. A sense of age reduction often needs to be generated on the premise of temperament, and the temperament requires single items to set off. Use high -grade white peacock green in color can reduce the lack of skin tone.

Lace is an item just needed aunt, which can not only improve its own charm, but also use tailoring to outline the figure curve!

Fashion summary

1. A sense of age is not so pink and how vibrant items, but to choose details such as tailoring, color matching, accessories, etc. according to the actual situation, in order to better create fashionable strength!

2. It is more important to choose a single product that can improve the temperament on the basis of avoiding tenderness. The distribution of people to middle -aged temperament is the “necessity” to determine the overall charm!

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Song Zuying made a rare appearance at the airport. Red cotton clothing with red sweater cutting age reduced age, and auntie became a model

Song Zuying made a rare appearance at the airport. Red cotton clothing with red sweater cutting age reduced age, and auntie became a model