Can the super five copper network cable do PoE power supply?


The super five network cable is the most common network cable in the integrated wiring. The specifications of the super five types of network lines are most, the size of the core is generally from 0.45-0.51mm, the more the conductors, the smaller the resistance, the more transferred good.


The conductive material is divided into copper-clad aluminum, high-directed aluminum, copper silver, alloplastic, oxygen-free copper, and the like. Depending on the material, the resistance of the network cable is also different, and the resistance is usually divided into copper-clad aluminum> all copper> high-conducting aluminum> copper package silver> oxygen-free copper. The larger the resistance, the shorter the transmission distance.


The resistance of all copper wires in the wire material is high, and all copper materials are bronze. It belongs to secondary recovery copper in the industry. It contains more impurities, and the resistance is high, the resistance in 300 meters is about 110Ω. . The total copper network line transmission distance is about 80 meters. It is generally used in engineering that requires not high and not far from transmission.

The advantage of all copper wires is that the antioxidant retention is high, which is much longer than the use of aluminum wire such as copper clad, and copper package.

The PoE power supply is to work through the network cable, and the requirements for the quality of the network line are relatively high. Under the 100-megabyne network, the PoE power supply is best to choose the super five oxygen-free copper network cable. PoE power supply to the network cable is relatively high, no oxygen-free copper network cable Small resistance, long transmission distance, is better than material quality in the network cable. The super five types of oxygen-free copper wires are divided into indoor network cables and outdoor network cables, and the super five types of oxygen-free copper wire resistors are generally within 30 ohms / 300 meters.


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