When is the baby used? how to use? What are the benefits of your baby?


Babies who reach 4 months old will secrete a large amount of saliva during the cute period, and the digestive enzymes in the body also have high activity. At this time, in addition to breast milk, other fresh and healthy ingredients can also be eaten for babies. However, for babies with smaller moon, the tableware required for supplementary food is relatively high. Bite the music, the shape is similar to the tooth glue, but the function of the tooth glue is abundant. After the food is placed in the bite music, the baby eats it by chewing and biting music to increase the baby’s nutrition, but also practice chewing and swallowing ability.

How to use bite music?

1. Before using bite music, clean it, clean the product, and then use vapor or boiling for 3-5 minutes for disinfection.


2. First, wash the fresh melon fruits, remove the hard objects and meat, and then cut into strips or blocks, and then put them into bite music.

3. Plug the small buckle on the side, open the net bag, and fill the processed food into the net bag.

4. Follow the net bag and hold the side buckle, so that the baby can enjoy various foods themselves. After use, be sure to pour out the residue in the net bag and clean it.

What are the benefits of bite music?

1. Relieve cute teeth discomfort

Usually adding auxiliary food is 4 months when the baby is 4 months. At this time, it is also the baby’s teeth. The silicone that bite music can be used for the baby to suck the teeth and relieve the discomfort caused by the pain of the gums.

2. Supplement vitamin

You can add fruits, supplement vitamin C, and increase your baby’s nutrition. Start choosing the added fruits to be mild, with apples, oranges, bananas, and pears, because such fruits generally do not have allergies.

3. Clean hygiene

Parents cut the fruit directly to the baby to eat. The adult hand passes to the baby to hold items and eat it with hands. It is easy to breed bacteria. Use biting music to prevent this phenomenon and more hygienic cleaning.


4. Practice swallowing function


No matter what fruit, its water content is quite a lot. The bite music itself can control the juice flow. The baby sucks and the juice will flow out. This can practice swallowing function well.

5. Practice chewing function

The silicone of bite music has a good molars, while inhaling the fruit, it can also help the baby to practice chewing function.

6. Promote taste development

Whether it is breastfeeding or formula milk, the baby’s taste buds are not sensitive during the stage of milk, and you ca n’t taste any taste. Use biting music to add supplementary food to slowly promote your baby’s taste buds.

7. Improve the ability to grasp

Bite the baby’s appetite, then the baby must catch it by himself, and the handle of biting music is specially designed for the baby.

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