The leisure wind of this younger sister is wearing a circle, simple and comfortable, and the age is still temperament.


Spring finally came. As the temperature rose, outdoor activities began to increase, and our pursuit of leisure became more and more obvious. For wearing, we prefer a simple and casual style, do not work, and are very comfortable to wear, bringing a long -lost relaxation.


Today, I share the casual style of a young lady. Her clothes are simple basic models we usually have. Incorporating fashionable dressing methods, the color matching is also very eye -catching. educational.

Clever use of stacking method

There are many opportunities for spring in spring. Of course, you need to wear it easier to go out to play, so you can try to stack the method, there will be surprises!

Originally ordinary lapel shirts and sweaters, stack them up, you will find that the sense of fashion comes out at once. The dark red sweater, wearing it alone, is mediocre, stack a white shirt inside, turns out the shirt collar and the side of the clothes, and immediately becomes fresh, and has a sense of layering, and it is beautiful.

In spring, the stack of shirts+vests is also very popular with fashion. With the taste of the British school style, some gentleman style and fashion should not be underestimated.

In fact, the stack of shirts and vests is particularly simple. A white shirt can get all the vests of all colors. The group is not only refreshing and neat, but also very youthful. It is very OK with casual jeans or corduroy pants, lively and sweet, and relaxed. Freedom, it is very suitable for being worn in spring.

Get jeans to get all tops

If you want to choose a versatile and fashionable pants in spring, it must be jeans. Whether it is straight pants, wide -leg pants, micro -flared pants, you can use the top of all colors in your wardrobe, which looks casual and fashionable. And it is also particularly reduced.


Girls who are not good -looking or slightly fat, it is recommended to choose straight jeans. The classic tannin blue is OK. With a slim sweater, it feels simple and casual. Easily create a high waistline and wear long legs in minutes.


Denim wide -leg pants are very handsome, and the leg shape is modified. It is also more friendly for slightly fat girls. In spring, you can choose a youthful fan -shoulder shirt to match it. The gentle and soft, very durable.

You can also choose a simple white shirt, pure age reduction, I like such a clean and comfortable match, very comfortable and pure and touching.

White shirts wear


If you want to find a single product that can be commute and casual, it will definitely be a white shirt. You can choose a relatively loose white shirt, which is different from stereotypes. The loose version will increase the sense of lazy atmosphere. With casual pants, it is very college.

Refusing to be light, gentle and light, more fashionable


Spring should make yourself bright, don’t wear dull black and white gray, try the gentle and light color matching, and make your mood become clear.


In the spring of this spring, I love water -rose red sweaters. It feels beautiful and fashionable. With simple Tibetan green denim wide -leg pants, it is white and age -reducing, making people look younger!

Simple white twisting sweaters with coffee color light core leisure pants. Although the color matching is simple, it feels very youthful. It feels so comfortable to wear it.

The military green sweater is stacked with a blue denim shirt. The contrasting color looks very foreign, and the age reduction effect is super good. It is simple and comfortable with jeans.


Handsome accessories are more fan

In spring, you can make some handsome accessories, such as baseball caps, canvas shoes, canvas bags, etc., both handsome and youthful, very suitable for going out to play, creating a casual and comfortable atmosphere. When choosing a baseball cap, you can have the same color as the clothes. It looks more advanced. You can also choose the combination of warm and cold contrasting color to increase the sense of fashion.

I really like the dress of this younger sister. There is no tedious item with a whistle. They are all simple basic models, but the matching effect is good. It is very suitable for daily wear in spring. We also like it too!

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