Are you really wearing the right? Pay attention to details to be more fashionable


The use rate of suspenders in the year and four seasons is very high, but in this summer, it has undoubtedly reached the level of “explosive fire”. Whether it is single or used as an inner match, it can leave a deep impression on people. Essence

However, many girls do not meet the expectations when wearing suspenders. In fact, the most fundamental reason is that you ignore a few small details. Next, my cousin will share with you a few cases of incorporating “mental details” to become fashionable. , Wear an unforgettable little temptation in minutes.


Matching ideas 1: Hot girl wind


The so -called hot girl wind is wearing. In fact, everyone can open the word “hot girl” to understand. “Spicy” is undoubtedly the hot body and the unique personality. Pursuing a distinctive mentality and integrating these elements into the same set of combinations can easily bring strong visual impact.

Selected skills: The tighter the version, the more eye -catching, the shorter the hem, the more embarrassing.

In the impression of my cousin, basically every girl who dares to challenge hot girls often has a stunning figure, so for this part of the girl, when choosing a suspender vest, you should choose as much as possible as possible more. The shorter style of self -slimming and hem allows the ingenuity curve to set out the ultimate “spicy”.


Mind details 1: Focus on the exposed skin area.


Usually, wearing a camisole vest will intuitively show the advantages of the collarbone and shoulders, but even if your figure is perfect, it is not essentially different from other young ladies on the street. Unique personality needs to be disconnected.

After putting on a long -sleeved long sleeve this year, the skin of the neck and shoulders was instantly covered, leaving only a small part of the exposed skin area on the chest. This way of focusing on the way of focusing on people’s attention is completely focused, hot and precious without losing the precious personality ~


Mind details 2: Exquisite color matching age is still fashionable

There may be some girls who are more worried that the practice of focusing on others on the chest will look a bit tacky, especially for girls who are more prominent in the shape of the figure itself. Can weaken sexy elements and wear a fashionable sense.

I believe everyone has been tired of white+denim blue color schemes, but I do n’t know if you have tried the collision between high -grade gray and denim blue. Compared to pure white, high -grade gray is not only more likely to highlight the curve of the figure. Can it even be able to collide with a high -level age -reducing atmosphere with denim blue. Can such a “hot girl style” wear your heart?


Matching ideas 2: Sweet Girl Wind

I believe that there must be many people like cousins. When they are dressed in dresses, they like to make themselves into a fresh and sweet girl. Some people may say that sweet girl style is the easiest to realize, but I think this person will definitely have no suspender strap. The vest has a sweet, beautiful and hearty girl!

Selection skills: horizontal stripes and knitted fabrics are perfect.

As we all know, the sexy elements of the suspender vest are very strong, so the key to using it to wear a girl’s sense is the choice of fabrics and print patterns. Here I recommend that you choose the set of “heavenly combination of horizontal stripes and knitted fabrics. “”.

The horizontal stripes are actually elements that many girls do not like it. One accidental will be fat, but when it fuses with knitted fabrics, it will not encounter this kind of problem. Use a slim figure to express your bird’s relying on people.


Mind details: The back straps on the back are sweet and sweet.


In addition to the expression of girlishness, in addition to the color matching color in terms of color matching, the color with freshness such as sage green, matcha green, denim blue, etc., can be cleverly expressed through some personality characteristics of the youth girl, which will give you a kind of you. Experience in dressing.

For example, it is a good way to increase the lace design in the position of the back straps. I do n’t know if everyone still remembers that when I go to school, many female classmates will wear some items with strap elements. The small temptation of people can be said to be a very practical “mental details”. Everyone may wish to try it in the daily dressing process ~

Details of accessories: The ruffled edge of the lotus shows the youthful atmosphere.

The cousin has just mentioned that the shape of the ball head is the most likely to wear a hairstyle of the youthful girl. However, because this set of our ultimate purpose is to wear a girl’s sense of girly instead of the hot girl style, so it also needs to be added on the basis of the ball head head. Some small accessories.


For example, we can instantly pull our memories back to the lotus leaf edge of the student days. The cousin faintly remembers that I will meet with my good partners every day to go to the jewelry shop near the school. Fragrance, how can it make people not love?

Matching ideas 3: Lazy workplace style

Many girls’ understanding of fashion is constantly pursuing trendy and fancy, but they have never really interpreted the deep meaning of fashion. You must know that the most beautiful appearance should be to use the arrangement and combination of ordinary items to wear different styles. The sexy style of the suspender vest is tired of playing, you may wish to return to innocence and try the lazy workplace wind.

Principles of selection: loose and not lazy, slimming is not tight.

In the stereotypes of the general public, the suspender vest should choose the slim version as much as possible whether it is worn or used as an inner match, but when the suspender vest is integrated into the lazy wind, it cannot be too slim. The good standard is to be loose and not lazy, and the slimness is not tight, so as to unintentionally release exquisite gentleness and temperament.

Color scheme: Simple and more profitable.

在配色方面除了要控制整体搭配中的颜色数量,更是应当根据自己的肤色特点以及风格特点来选择合适的方案,在这一点上,白皮girl们有着天生的优势,不管选择上浅下深Still the depths and shallows will not have too much error.

The black and yellow peels need to pay attention to the harmony of the color. Choosing the dark color matching as much as possible is the king, otherwise there will be a visual effect that makes them look darker. The result.

The most important thing is that in order to make the overall temperament attribute more fit with your workplace environment, the existence of suit jackets and suit pants is essential. It will look a little lazy, not like a woman in the workplace.

I believe that after understanding so many tips to wear suspenders vests, you will be noticed when you choose a suspender vest to wear a plan. I believe that your clothes will also get more A significant improvement ~


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