Liu Yun can play well! Wearing irregular denim skirts to the airport, it seems that this year’s sloping skirt will be on fire


As soon as summer, the girls began to dress themselves carefully. To become a beautiful “landscape” in summer, you must improve your characteristics. In today’s fashion circle, it is difficult to notice that the color is not prominent and the design is not characterized, so now you will see all kinds of characteristic dressing at a glance. Speaking of the characteristics of dressing, Liu Yun has to be mentioned. Although she is not young, her trending thoughts can keep up with young people, and every set of wearing can see that her sense of fashion is very strong.


Liu Yun’s dress is a more young girl and youthful style among actresses. Coupled with her skin and body well, the overall image became younger and more energetic.


Recently, Liu Yun wore an irregular diagonal denim skirt at the airport, which was very eye -catching. This denim skirt is very individual and is irregularly designed. The design consists of the cutting edges. Irregular design can better modify the legs and play a thin role. In addition, this denim sidewalk skirt is an A -line version, which can also be better covered. If you belong to the big pear body, it is quite beneficial to choose such a sloping skirt.


At the same time, choosing a bent -edge skirt of denim fabrics can better reduce age, but it will not look immature. It is very suitable for Benli women to show charm and reflect a sense of maturity. Liu Yun really can match the shape. She chose a pair of AJ sneakers to match this skirt, which also enhanced the sense of vitality. As shown in the figure below, Liu Yun looks completely a eighteen -year -old girl, and the whole shape cannot see any sense of age.

Liu Yun chose a light blue half -sleeve with a slim -fitting navel when he was paired with this beaming skirt. Such a combination is in line with the law of “shorter and lower long”, which can better adjust the proportion. In addition, compared to loose T -shirts, the navel slim T -shirt is more harsh on the figure of girls. Girls like the upper body or large skeleton are best not to choose such T -shirts, it is easy to wear a “tiger back bear waist”. So if you want to wear better results, sisters should still lose weight!

Of course, for girls with large skeletons, wearing such a navel slim T -shirt is not changed. Therefore, you can only choose a sloping skirt by choosing a thin shirt. The simplest thing is to choose a loose T -shirt. For example, the shape of Zhang Tianai below is very vibrant.

But in fact, there are insufficient plane skirts of denim fabrics. The beveled skirt of denim fabrics has a lot of softness from visually. Although it can make the wearer look dynamic and youthful, because the denim elements are tough, it is inevitable that there will be some rigid boards and rigidity. And there will be less beauty. From some perspectives, the entire dress will still look unnatural. For example, Zhang Tian’ai’s shape looks from the side of the skirt on the side, and it looks beautiful.

Therefore, although the denim side skirt is very stylish, it will look more perfect if it is replaced with other fabrics. For example, like a slide -type silk fabric, it can make the wearer look much gentle, and it will also show more femininity. The soft fabric can also effectively highlight the temperament and charm. Although it is not as young as a denim element, it can make the image of your whole person mature and gentle, and generous. At the same time, the softened fabric’s beam skirt will have a lot of elegant sense in the skirt, making the shape look natural.


The side skirts of soft fabrics like the figure below have a good decoration and showing the perfect figure of the wearer. The models in the figure also use the small camisole in summer with this soft bevel skirt. Whether it is color or version, it shows a very natural coordination state. The sloping skirt can also add a small skill when matching, that is, adding some small folds to the skirt, which can better wear a casual laziness. The overall image will be comfortable and not deliberate and restrained.


In addition to the large skeleton girl, in addition to the loose top with a half -body sloping skirt, you can also choose a more elastic top to match. In fact, choosing tight and slim clothes can make the body of the wearer better modify, as well as girls with large skeletons. Of course, you must choose the right style to have good results. For example, girls with large skeletons can choose to match knitwear. Knit sweater belongs to the elastic and self -cultivation items. Even girls with large skeleton can look much more exquisite and small in their upper body, and they will not show the characteristics of shoulder width at all.


Like Jin Chen in the figure below, it is both age reduction and feminine. Of course, this shape still has shortcomings, not all of the age -cut shapes can be solved by a pair of sneakers or canvas shoes. For Jin Chen’s suit, whether it is a shirt or a sidewalk skirt, it has rich female elements, showing women’s softness. However, she adopted a pair of neutral sports shoes to match, which is obviously very abrupt, and has no sense of harmony with the upper body costumes.


In the final analysis, Liu Yun, a “sister who breaks the wind”, can play, and has a good way to match clothing. I do n’t know how to wear a specialty girl to buy a sloping skirt quickly! Choose the right fabric, choose the right style, and choose the right match method, you can also maintain the appearance of eighteen -year -old girls!

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