Shenzhen Children’s Latin Dance Contest, the behavior of girls in green girls


Recently, a Latin dance competition was held in Shenzhen. No one expected that this game “stunning” the eyes of netizens across the country. Dance, a group of unexpected shots that have caused continuous attention and discussion of netizens across the country, and have been unwilling to fade for a long time.


During the game, a green girl twice interfered with the game of another contestant in white. The first time the girl in white was fell, and the second time she was almost brought down. The behavior of the girl in green clothes was completely included in her lens by the mother of the white girl, and it was recorded clearly.

After the first time the girl in white was fell, she immediately got up to continue the game. The professional literacy and ability can be seen. Then the girl in the green clothes turned around the girl in white and tripped the girl in white again. The girl in white saw a green girl who came over, and there was obviously closed and evading behavior in the action, but she quickly adjusted her state, stagnated a little, and then worked hard to participate in the competition to show her beautiful dancing posture.

It is said that the girl in white clothes finally won the championship.

This video quickly aroused heated discussions, and netizens’ attention to the incident has greatly exceeded the attention of the event itself. The behavior of green girls was quickly sinking in the verbal word of netizens. Among them, there were also several bloggers posing for the green girl, including bloggers similar to girls’ mothers to speak and explain themselves. The normal display on it, saying that there is only a “mistake”, and the so -called “mind


“It has nothing to do, but Liao Liao’s voice soon drowned in the public’s verbal.


Throughout the competition itself, it is nothing more than an ordinary children’s Latin dance competition. It is an organizer or authoritative agency. Through some regular competition rules, the children who love Latin dance have worked hard for many years. The affirmation of learning Latin dance was given to spur and whip.

I do n’t want to continue to discuss whether the behavior of girls in green clothes is unintentional or intentional. The video shooting clearly, netizens see it seriously, and the process is clear. I just want to explain that it is just two little girls. Why do netizens fill out of indignation?


We Chinese have always taken the way of Naibaichuan and the way of love for all beings. What we do follow the ancestral training is “to be spoiled and spares”. So why is this behavior of “pursuing” a little girl this time?


I think I should start with the two words “unintentional” and “intentional”.

Unintentional: It can be understood as a behavior that did not premeditated beforehand, without planning, or inadvertently or randomly misunderstood the state of judgment.


Intentional: Simply put, it is a deliberate behavior of intentionally planning.

In this incident, if the behavior of girls in green clothes was judged to be unintentional, a small children’s Latin dance competition, the age of the contestants is generally small, and the accidental situation is not a small probability. Compared to the results of the competition result, It is even more important to care for children’s minds, so I believe that the public is more willing to take care of two flowers -like girls instead of the result of a game, and the situation of netizens will not happen. If the behavior of the green girl was judged to be intentional and was interpreted to get good results, they deliberately interfered with the opponent twice to borrow dance movements twice. Congratulations? Even if the green girl won the championship, what is the value of such results? In the field of life, she has lost!


What is particularly unacceptable is the scene, which actually happened in the children’s Latin dance competition, so that many netizens felt more heavy.


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