$ 150 YSL dress, $ 650 dior long coat, this time I really bought hi


In other words, what the New York people usually wear the day before yesterday.

Recently bought medieval models.

Everyone said, I went to Brooklyn to scan the goods recently, bought High, and received two major bags of torrential products.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

It is too cramp.

To say less nonsense, let me show you where I bought and what I bought. Everyone can also collect it, just go back to New York and go there to buy it there!


$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

First called

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了


In my mind, it definitely belongs to the number in New York

High -end medieval shop.

When I first met this shop, when I moved to New York two years ago, I passed the window attracted by the window, and walked in and sighing. At that time, the special offer was changed,

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

50 knives bought this Salvatore Ferragamo plaid small suit

, So far very proud.

▲ Last time I wore it to visit the retro market

Far away, pull back.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

There are a lot of people in this shop. Most of them are well -known brands, including Alaïa, Balenciaga, CHANEL, Dior, YSL, Céline, Couréges, Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, etc.

The clothes are arranged according to the color system, and it is easy to walk around.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

There are two of them

Giant jewelry display cabinet

It is a large jewelry, one on one side is golden jewelry, and the other side is silver. Every time I go there, I will watch it for a long time, imagine the drunk gold fans of that era.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了


Uncle wearing a hat

Visual inspection is the boss, and listening to the sound is Italian.

Don’t miss it by passing by, pick up a few pieces. However, a little bit of sadness, probably because the people were relatively thin in the past, many pencil skirts were particularly strenuous, and the zipper could not be pulled.

Still choose

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了


Let’s not pick your body. I chose a gray -blue silhouette windbreaker, which is actually a dress, which can be worn with two. You can’t get rid of the upper body, from the shoulders to the version first, the whole person

The Qi Farm is not scattered.

Look at the brand again, from

French brand Courréges


The brand of CourRéges sounds strange. In fact, this is the 1960s

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

One of the coolest brands

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

, Brand founder André Courrèges is considered “

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

French national treasure designer


The clothes designed by André CourRèges,

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Simple, futuristic, and convenient for women’s activities.

Therefore, some critics believe that the influence of his “small white skirt” on women’s liberation even surpasses the black suit of Coco Chanel. Unfortunately, after the death of the master, the brand lost vitality.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Barrier Amal Clooney likes to wear Courrèges clothes. Both coats are both coats are

The middle -aged model.

This blue skirt is very satisfied, and then go to the special area.

Xiao Zheng, who was golden eyes, suddenly found one

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Generous black skirt

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Essence Although it is a dress, it can also be worn as a coat. The effect is also very good.

At first glance the brand, it is actually


$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了


125 knife

Oh my god!

Recently, I met my friends to go to the museum and wore this skirt.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

I haven’t worn it for a long time

Skirt above the knee

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

This time, I completely subverted my cognition. It can only be said that the version is one is good,

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Mid -sleeve design is particularly elegant

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

The size of the neckline is also right,

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Besides, a fun thing, after finishing the account, I found that this Courrèges blue skirt actually cost 600+! It feels a bit expensive, but I bought it, and I am ready to wear more.


223 BEDFORD AVE, Bedford


Then, we went to a house I have never been to the ancient shop Stella Dallas Living.

I heard that this shop is very famous, but when I walk in, it feels average. The store is huge, but it looks very old.

There are still a few pieces in the door

Lace tablecloths, lace skirts and carpets

, This … used to shoot ancient early TV series ‍♀️

Those who wanted to turn around directly and saw that the little friends had gone to the huge space in the second half, and many people inside. Come here, go and see.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

As a result, it was out of control.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Pick up

Rice white coat

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

, Edition, length, collar, and even belt are super good. Why is it so suitable for me? Intersection Damn, now I come back to see the photos and regret that I didn’t buy it!

The second is

Red and white human -style pattern coat

There is no brand, the upper body is one -class beauty. Red and white coats are more practical than red coats. This length is also suitable for young and old.

$ 250

, RMB 1600, this price is unscientific.

Take a closer look, its neckline is

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Stroke of wine red velvet stitching

It is very detailed.

It turns out that this coat is really buying right! That night I was wearing to watch opera, and the road was hot enough to sweat.

Not comparable to down jackets

What is the situation?

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Take a closer look at home, then I found that the mezzanine of the coat was still still

Switching a layer of gray wool

No wonder it is so warm and so heavy. It is really picking up a baby.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

In addition to the red and white coat, the most proud of this is what I discovered

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Christine Dior pure wool coat

Midi is hidden next to the checkout platform, and it is easy to be ignored. My eyes were golden eyes, and I took off from the model

Look at the price again,

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

$ 650

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

, I rubbed my eyes, indicating that I couldn’t believe it! Now those big -name wool coats are 20,000 yuan, and it is expected to be super thin;

And this coat not only has enough length, but also

The velvet splicing of the neckline and cuffs is very special

With a big golden button, I like it so much.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

A few days ago, I went to play near the fifth avenue and wore it.

This coat is more aura on the shoulders, and when the weather turns hot, it will be worn like this. By the way, there are two big gold buckles in the back.

Because of the good business and too much goods, this medieval shop actually divided into two left and right rooms. The one I bought a coat belongs to the high -end positioning,

The price on the right side is more affordable.

The price is low and there are more people, it is like a hypermarket ‍♀️.

Pick up one

Black and white checkered suit

, Just right, do you need to consider 45 knives? purchase!

Together when going out

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

Three big bags

, I almost can’t take it!

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

281 n 6th st, brooklyn, ny 11211

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More and more discovery,

Middle -aged Store Buy Buy

Too happy. In the past, the quality of clothes was much better than the present, and it would not hit the shirt; more importantly, the process of buying and buying was full of fun and very happy.

$150 YSL 连衣裙、$650 Dior 长大衣,这次真的买嗨了

However, just like the two sides of the coin, it is particularly easy to buy the old model

Impulsively buying

Essence Because of the only thing in the Middle Ests Store, there is always a voice in my mind when I buy: Just this one, if you don’t buy it! ” Therefore, it is easy to go up.

From time to time, I have to take out the golden sentences on my mother from the infinite cycle:

Good things, can’t finish buying!