This summer, a kind of dress is popular, called “chiffon shirt+cotton and hemp pants”, and mature women are so elegant


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Voltaic said: “Beauty is only happy, and the elegance of temperament makes people feel fascinated.” Women can attract people’s eyes with their beautiful appearance and win a high return rate, but they can really dump people. But it is a woman’s beautiful temperament.

The beautiful face disappears with age, and only the temperament can be more charming with the increase of age and experience.

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The temperament of middle -aged women



1. Chiffon shirt+cotton pants to wear advantages

Simply put, chiffon shirt refers to the style made of chiffon fabric,


The material of chiffon has many advantages itself, such as light material, especially suitable for hot summer choices,


It is cool and breathable to wear, light and comfortable, and the chiffon fabric has a strong sense of pendant itself, which can be thinner to cover the upper body of middle -aged women.


The understanding of cotton and hemp pants is not complicated. Any pants style made of cotton and linen materials collectively referred to as cotton and linen pants.

As a high -quality natural fabric, cotton and linen are soft and delicate, which can show the temperament and beauty of middle -aged women.

Even the style of pants of cotton and hemp trousers, the summer choice will not cause sweltering.

2. Demonstration of chiffon shirt+cotton pants

Bright and dark matching

The law of wearing is one of the most commonly used matching skills in summer. If it is a dark chiffon shirt, it is suitable for bright cotton and linen pants. This black chiffon shirt is made of light and breathable. The fair texture of the face, with white cotton linen pants, adds breathability to the black chiffon shirt, and wears an elegant and elegant style.

In summer, cotton and linen pants can also choose a slightly strong design style, such as strap pants. The trousers of the back pants come with the effect of reducing age. Middle -aged women look younger after wearing it. In terms of the choice of the top style, whether it is paired with a chiffon shirt or a cotton T -shirt, it can wear a simple and generous style effect, fresh age reduction.

White chiffon shirt is one of the most classic styles in summer. For middle -aged women who are relatively fat in the upper body,

The white shirt can choose a loose version, which is comfortable and slim to wear, which can fully emphasize the straight line of middle -aged women.

With beige cotton pants, it is consistent with the shirt in terms of style. It is elegant and beautiful and neutral.

Summer chiffon shirt style, you can choose solid colors, or you can choose this style with printed design. This yellow printed chiffon shirt, made green and yellow patterns on the body, cleverly enriched the color of the entire chiffon shirt. In addition to the simple shape, it increased the gorgeous sense of grace. tolerance.

The effect of a solid chiffon shirt is fresh and resistant, and it is actually more versatile in style. This white chiffon shirt belongs to the classic color of color matching. The hem is designed for a long time, and it can also be taken into account for the outline of the lower body of middle -aged women. With white cotton and linen pants, the color matching is consistent with the chiffon shirt and coordinated.

Long chiffon shirt can also be worn directly as a dress.

Like this beige chiffon shirt, there is no complicated design on the body, simple and daily. The hem is designed to be more loose, and the length of the clothes is controlled near the calf. Such a loose style is very suitable for middle -aged women who are fat, fashionable and mature and stable.


There are many clothing suitable for middle -aged women in summer. In addition to chiffon shirts, T -shirts are also good choices. Both chiffon shirts and cotton pants are relatively basic versatile styles, which can be worn not only two or two combinations, but also worn alone. We can also choose chiffon shirts with jeans, or T -shirts with cotton and hemp pants. Wear it alone for matching. The effect is rich and changing.

This summer, a kind of dress is popular, called “chiffon shirt+cotton and hemp pants”, and mature women are so elegant