Is the electric cushion / cushion harmful to your body? TOP electrothermal cushion / seat


The electrothermal cushion / cushion itself has no harm to the body, as long as it can be scientific, there will be no harm. It is more nonsense to worry about the radiation. So

How can the electric heating pad can be healthy?

First, don’t touch it directly with the human body, it is best to cover a blanket or bed in the upper surface, do not fold the folding, otherwise it may burn the insulating layer of the electric blanket, resulting in a fire


Second, the metal object or hard object cannot be paved on sharp protrusions

Third, if you don’t need to turn off the power to prevent accidents


Let’s recommend a batch of electric heating cushions with a batch of electric safety, full network sales.

Arctic velvet heating chair mat

Brand: Shanghai Arctic Flush Textile Co. After years of super conventional development, Shanghai Arctic Flush Co. ,autonomous region. Arctic velvet heating chair mats with its large brand, high quality, close to life, strong affinity, and deep into the heart.

The Arctic velvet heating chair is warm, using a full-range wiring, the heating surface is larger, so that winter will become warm. There are more protection such as overheat protection, which can be rapidly warmed, bid farewell to the cold stool. Using suede fabrics, soft and comfortable; detailed work, edging works; connector is firm, derived by dragging; use ultrasonic crafts, beautiful and beautiful. This product is constantuous. Can be switched to regulate, safe and worry-free. You can also use multi-featured, you can use as a seat cushion, table pad, foot pad, and back pad.


科 智能 温 暖体

Brand: Ningbo Haoke Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in the Yangtze River Delta manufacturing album. Zhejiang Ningbo. The previous period is mainly due to the development, production and sales of the lower reaches of high molecular heating materials. The company’s mission is: focus on the development and production of creative + practical products. The vision is: becoming a powerful enterprise with self-developing, production capacity and a certain socially reputation. The company pays attention to R & D innovation. The “warm table” “Heating Paste” series of “warm table treasures” launched in 2011 has been sought after and praised.

Haoke electric cushion can be extremely hot in ten seconds, rapidly warming, and enhance this winter happiness. 40 * 90cm large area, double-sided three-dimensional heating, warm and warm. The front is a breathable fiber fabric, the hand is comfortable, and the skin is soft. The bottom of the silica gel is non-slip particles, and the cushion is stable and hard to slide. This product has a variety of french velvet powder, French velvet, lucky cat, colorful fish and other styles optional.

Lock buckle heating cushion

Brand: Since its inception in 1978, the music buckle has always pursued entrepreneurship, on the basis of putting the environment and people on an important company concept, making consumers more rich. In order to focus on China, this market with 14 billion people has established a company in 24 cities in China, including Beijing sales legal persons and Shenzhen sales legislatives and started in Shanghai in 2004. The product of the music buckle mainly has a plastic wrap, milk pot, soup pot, etc., and the heating cushion is also favored by consumers.

The music buckle is heated, the cushion is open, the speed is heated, and the warmth is not equal. 45 * 45cm increases the area, heating is more comfortable. The third generation of far-infrared carbon fiber is used, the structure is stable, and the rapid constant temperature is heated after power-on, and the chill is driven away. Friendship fabric, comfortable super soft, wear-resistant, dirty, can be effectively locked. There is also 3 gear temperatures, 3 gear timing adjustments and the intimate design of the 8-layer warmth lock temperature, enhance this winter happiness. USB data cable connection, easy to operate.

Tiger-style woven velvet, warm seat cushion

The size of the tiger cord edged warm body cushion is 96 * 46cm, backrest, cushion synchronously heating, can be heated with a large area. The heating line is used with a silica gel heating, long service life, built-in 65 degree temperature controller, safe and reliable. The lumbar pillow is filled with a blanket, a close-heart design, and the storage is convenient. Thin striped corduroy fabric, warm. Comfortable, making winter more comfortable. The two groups of straps are more secure seats, and 4 cm loose straps can meet different width chairs, so that the cushion is more compiled. The switch position can be adjusted to meet different socket positions.

Rainbow electric heating cushion


Brand: Rainbow started in 1983, the electric blanket industry standard drafting unit, mainly home flexible electric heating equipment and home hygiene insecticide products, its electric blanket, electric mosquito filmers, liquid mosquito coils are welcomed by consumers, domestic health insecticidal products industry Well-known enterprises. Over the years, the company has always adhered to a mission: providing customers with warm, healthy, comfortable home products, creating high quality new life; adhering to the values ​​of “employee and enterprise common development, achieving unified economic benefits and social benefits,” shaping hundred years The vision of the brand and creating a hundred years old store. Rainbow’s electric blanket is one of the top ten brands, with a good reputation.


Rainbow electric heating cushion size is 45 * 45cm, with high high school low three temperatures can be switched, gently press. Quickly say goodbye to the cold, warm and warm. High quality double helium hotline, there are multiple heat protection. The three-speed automatic constant temperature, safe and worry-free, can be warm and warm. The fabric is a soft flange, and the positive anti-double surface can be used freely. One mat is used, the office is not mistaken, and the warm body can be opened down.

Aibes multi-function knee blanket

Brand: Tongxiang Aibes Electric Wafer Technology Co., Ltd. is a blanket, electric heating pad, warm body treasure, controlled switch, electric blanket, warm foot treasure, electric heating, switch controller, heating line, power cord, plug, plastic particles Production and sales of related products such as bedding, the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Aibes all-line call temperature electric blanket is a new generation of products launched after the thermal electric blanket is the revolutionary breakthrough of electric blanket technology. Implement the temperature of the electric blanket temperature, automatic temperature control. Tongxiang City Aibes Electric Wafer Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the recognition of the industry in the industry.

Aibes multi-function kneepads use flanged fabrics, comfortable and soft, warm and protective knee. Unplug the wiring port, can be soft at 30 ° C. 3 gears control, always have the temperature you want, but also power off timed. The intelligent temperature control of the whole line, maintains a constant temperature, and bid farewell to dry stone dry. 70W power, more power saving; 60 seconds speed heat, can reduce waiting. Warm body knee blanket, can be draped. Cable can be capped. This product is available in four seasons, when the season is changed, it is not plugged into a thin blanket.