315 exercise fake, these rumors of running fitness, do you believe a few?


Surging news reporter Ma Zhaoyu


It is another year “3.5”. Every day, fakes become keywords.

In fact, whether in the running circle or the fitness circle, in recent years, it has become the hardest hit area for rumors. Those pseudo -science claims let the runners “shoot” from time to time.

Therefore, in this “holiday”, surging news reporters through a series of popular rumors on sports and fitness on the Internet, and then consulted a number of experts including the physical fitness coach, sports scientists and doctors, summarized 8 The easiest “fake” to help people who love sports can run and exercise more scientificly.


Rumor 1: Don’t exercise on an empty stomach in the morning

This topic has been arguing for a long time. However, for those who lose weight, the morning exercise is far more calorie than the exercise after breakfast.

In 2013, researchers at the University of Nonbisia University invited 12 men who loved sports to participate in the experiments, allowing them to exercise in two state of breakfast and from the night before to the an empty stomach -everyone was at 10 am in the morning. Treadmill exercise.

Studies have found that compared with those who eat breakfast before exercise, exercise in an empty stomach can burn more than 20%of fat. This means that people who want to lose weight are the most ideal in the morning.

Of course, researchers also pointed out that water must be supplemented before the an empty stomach. If the blood sugar is low, you can also choose to eat a grain of sugar and start exercise.

Rumor 2: Running and hurting the knee

Running and injury to the knee is one of the most common doubts for runners. Perhaps a few people really did not know the detailed situation and the cause of the injury because of their running injuries and the cause of injuries. For example: excessive weight, lack of muscle strength, inappropriate wear, over -training, etc.

In fact, knee joints are one of the most powerful joints and the most load -bearing joints. Generally speaking, twisting is most likely to cause knee joint injury. In particular, some movements such as oblique cutting, turning, and turning in football and basketball are more likely to cause knee injury. Like running, the route is straight, and less injuries will be.

In fact, as long as the amount of exercise is controlled, running rarely cause knee damage, but weight is the key to damage.

According to the nutritional experts of the Caesars Medical Research Department in the United States, the joints are the same as the role of a pulley. The above is pulling it. The greater the weight below, the greater the parallel force pressed on the leg.


But one thing is true -compared to asphalt roads, the floor tiles laid by the sidewalk are higher, and the impact of the knees and ankles is also greater, so the road runs not to do it on the sidewalk.

Rumor 3: How long can you eat more protein?

Muscle tissue is indeed composed of protein. People who often exercise need to consume more protein quality than ordinary people, but those additional ingested proteins will only become additional calories.

Rather than eating more protein, it is better to grasp the timing of ingesting protein.


Muscle fibers will be destroyed during exercise, and strength training will also stimulate muscles to grow stronger and stronger. Therefore, the protein intake before and after exercise can ensure that the body obtains the amino acids required for muscle repair and growth.

In fact, the quality of the body needs is not large. After the endurance training, you can consume 10-20 grams of protein as soon as possible, and you should take 20-40 grams of protein after exercise. A glass of chocolate milk.

Rumor 4: Persist in running will not get cancer

Running is not scientific, but running can indeed delay cancer cell growth and help anti -cancer.

Research reports published by the famous biological journal “Cell Metabolism” show that running can improve the immune system, prevent new tumors, and slow down the growth effect of cancer cells exceeding 50%.

Dr. Pernille Hojman from the University of Copenhagen and her team used cancer to test running such as rats with cancer.

Rumor 5: The more you sweat, the better the weight loss effect, the better

Whether the effect of weight loss is not good, it is not to see how sweat is sweaty. Wang Xiaogang, a running coach and a running columnist, told the surging news reporter to determine whether the exercise is two key indicators -heart rate and continuous exercise time.

For the specificity of the heart rate to lose weight, there are different views in the academic community.

It is generally believed that the maximum heart rate can be between 50%-75%, and more stricter is that it is stuck between 55%-65%. Essence

It is best to buy a watch that can measure the heart rate, which can monitor the heart rate in real time.

The effect on how much time running is the best, and the fitness industry is also controversial. The mainstream view is that the effect of more than 40 minutes is the best, but some think about 30 minutes.

Of course, the fat is also reduced by 40 minutes, but the main energy consumed is myoglobal. For more than 40 minutes of exercise, the proportion of fat consumption will increase significantly.

Rumor 6: Running can affect sexual function


Whether running will affect the sexual desire or sexual function of the runner, it has always been a topic of arguing in the running circle. Scientific experiments from some foreign authorities have proven to be a moderate running to improve the sexual functions of runners.

The Department of Sports physiology of the State University of Colorado in the United States has publicly survey results: more people who like to run.

80%of the interviewers believe that running makes them better lover, and 75%of the respondents have shown that since they began to run sex life, it has become more harmonious.

In addition, the survey shows that 66%of runners are more attractive than those who do not run. Studies have also found that running can produce internal acid arms (commonly known as “fast hormones”), which helps improve emotions and enhance sexual excitement.

German expert Michael J. Masserus also disclosed his academic report: sexual desire is caused by testosterone, and exercise, especially muscle enhanced training, can reduce the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Because of synthetic protein, the metabolism of new cells and cells requires testosterone.

The German expert suggested: it is best to run two to three times a week, 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise each time, and then supplemented with proper kick and other strength exercises, the best effect.

Rumor 7: Drinking sports drinks is not good

Although water has its unique position, when running training in cool weather, if you only drink water as a supply, it is enough.

However, if you exercise or play for a long time, or if the weather is humid and humid, you can provide carbohydrates, moisture, and sodium sports drinks that are better than water.

First, carbohydrates in sports drinks can maintain human blood glucose levels during exercise.

Secondly, drinks often have better taste, which virtually increases the athlete’s intake.

Finally, carbohydrates and sodium in sports drinks will accelerate the body’s absorption of water.

Rumor 8: Running can reduce the muscles

For most people, their current exercise intensity and exercise time will basically not reduce muscle.


Wang Xiaogang, a senior running coach, said that if running reduces muscles, it is also a certain percentage of muscles and fat at the same time.

And only in a long time (such as a 100 -kilometer super marathon) can cause muscle reduction like transverse muscle dissolving.

The California Sports Training Camp Wenzel Coaching head coach Scott Saillem emphasized that if theoretically, any exercise will actually have loss of physical muscles.

“Muscle protein provides a small part of the energy for any exercise, including running. From the perspective of past exercise experiments, 10%of the energy in the endurance exercise comes from protein. How much energy the muscle protein provides depends on other energy sources in the body. The availability includes myogglygate, blood glucose and fat. “

Instead, some types of running can also be a “muscle enhancement” weapon.

Sicor quoted an authoritative study. In the experiment, 12 college students with long -term exercise habits completed high -intensity intermittent training (HIIT), including 4 groups of running for 4 minutes, close to the maximum load, and rested for 3 minutes in the middle.

After 3 times a week, such HIIT training is conducted. After 10 weeks, compared with the control group without HIIT running training, the four -head muscle (located in the front of the thigh) has an increase of nearly 11 %.

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