Jinjiang swimsuit space stroll? This year’s Expo is beautiful and expected


Southeast Network April 1st (Jinjiang Economic Daily reporter Shi Shanmei) The landscape of the moon, transparent bubble planets, and flying saucer styling reception platforms … This picture of science fiction and futuristic will be in the first to 22nd from April 19th to 22nd. The 21st China (Jinjiang) International Shoe Industry and the Fourth International Sports Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as: Expo) swimwear special halls, bringing the visual extension and sensory experience of roaming in space.

晋江泳装太空漫步? 今年博览会有颜又有料

The main body of the Jinjiang Swimming Industry Association is the fourth consecutive year of the Jinjiang swimwear industry at the expo at the fourth consecutive year. This year’s swimwear hall not only attracted the participation of swimwear companies on the entire industrial chain, but also set up a functional fabric experience area, swimwear and fitness clothing display area for the first time to make the audience play fun. At the same time, a fashionable, hot, youthful swimsuit show will also come as appointment.

“The best fun” fabric

Unlike previous years, this year’s swimwear hall will bring a different sensory experience to the audience. This experience includes visual, listening, and touching the “three consciousness”. The audience can enter the transparent ball to visit and take photos with the astronauts.

Shi Fangfang, deputy secretary -general of the Jinjiang Swimming Industry Association, told reporters that this year’s swimwear special hall uses interstellar space elements to create an unprecedented atmosphere and visual shock, so that swimwear works and galaxies blend.

At that time, the special hall will set up a swimsuit trend display area, functional fabric experience area, digital print fabric display area, swimwear and fitness clothing exhibition area. “The functional fabric experience area is a newly set area this year.” Shi Fangfang introduced that the audience can take the water gun experience and witness the pattern on the fabric slowly present the process; And the one -way wetting function of the inner layer is still dry; or the audience can also wet the fabric directly, experience the magic of water absorption and waterproof on the other side …

The trend zone will also become a highlight of the scene. This area will not only show the works of the third swimsuit design contest, but also various new fabrics and clothing display.

“Beautiful Economy” and “Move”

This year’s swimwear special hall will still be based on “face value” to strive to become the most eye -catching and most popular area of ​​this expo.

Sexy bikini, fashionable tube top swimwear, casual vacation series … During the expo, the swimsuit museum will stage a different style of swimwear shows, allowing exhibitors to experience the visual shock brought by the “beautiful economy”.

The “Exploring Trendy Swimming Endless” 2019 Jinjiang City’s Third Swimming Design Contest Final will also be held here. At that time, the works designed from all over the world will be made into a garment, and the audience will be met in the form of model dynamic display.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike in previous years, in addition to the swimwear, there are also products such as swimsuit, fitness, yoga clothing such as elastic fabrics as extension, which is expected.

All -industry chain collection

Every hundred swimwear around the world comes from Jinjiang. As the “king” behind the Jinjiang swimsuit industry, the enterprise representatives of the entire industry chain will show a comprehensive display here.

The reporter learned that this year’s swimwear special hall has not only attracted the appearance of the brand swimwear, but also the functional fabrics of Jinfeng Textiles, Hanson Group, Yuanhong, and Weiluo Textiles. The industry will bring the digital printing process, and the auxiliary materials accessories of Xinyu, Xinhao Sheng, and Jinchuang will interpret “the accessories can also sing a big drama ‘. In addition, the vertical segment swimwear supply chain platform “Swimsuit”, which has the “Internet+” thinking, will also debut at the expo for the first time.

“This is a grand event for the collection of the entire industrial chain of the swimwear.” Hong Shuyu, president of the Jinjiang Swimming Industry Association, said that Jinjiang has the upstream products that develop the swimwear industry, have the production elements of raw and auxiliary materials and have high maturity. complete. Thanks to these rich resources, the production cycle of Jinjiang swimwear enterprises is short, the market response is fast, and the competitiveness is strong. “We hope to use this opportunity to show the strength of ‘Chinese swimsuit industry”, promote the Jinjiang swimwear industry to the whole country and the world, and further start the regional brand of the Jinjiang swimwear industry. “