Cool summer, Aokma high -end wind -cold beer cabinet is newly launched


The summer of the beach often starts with a bottle of beer. Blowing the sea breeze, having beer, eating clams, is the correct way to open Qingdao summer.


The annual beer festival is about to start. As one of the four major beer festivals in the world, at this time at this time, the crowded and lively of Qingdao’s golden sand beach. For some people in the beer industry, this is definitely an indispensable promotional opportunity. It can not only show the hotness of Qingdao beer, but also show the enthusiasm of the people of Qingdao.

Beer is good or not, the display effect is critical. In this era of “consumer first”, a good user experience is the key factor of success. As we all know, due to the performance of the traditional direct -cold display cabinet, it is easy to get frost and fog for a long time, which not only affects the display effect of the beverage inside, but also affects the user’s purchase experience. In order to solve this problem, Aokma, a cooling brand of the single champion of the display cabinet for many years, has recently launched this high -end wind -cold -free beer display cabinet. The fashion trend is cool and the quality is upgraded.

The thick layer of frost not only affects the aesthetics, but also increases the power consumption of the machine. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning for a long time, it will emit a bad odor. This display cabinet uses a multi -dimensional three -dimensional air duct to cool down, achieving a 360 -degree three -dimensional cycle of air -conditioning in the box, continuously refrigerating the air conditioning, and the circulating hair dryer makes the inner wall no longer frost. So as to create a clean and healthy storage environment, every bottle of drinks stored for a long time.

In terms of details, this display cabinet is also in place. The newly upgraded chrome separation is upgraded, and the load -bearing capacity is super strong. On the shelves, the anti -rolls are designed. Each shelf is also equipped with a price display board, which is more outstanding in details.


Security issues are the most focused on the catering industry. This display cabinet is safe in use. The door body uses an automatic backbone door, and the door experience is automatically closed at a certain angle, so as to prevent customers from hitting the door a little. And the glass uses double -layer tempered glass to anti -collision and wear resistance to protect the safety of users from every detail.

The good -looking appearance is the first step to attract customers. This display cabinet is newly upgraded to a trendless light box design. It is generous and quality selection. Whether it is a high -end restaurant or a boutique supermarket, it can meet the high -end display needs of the store. The double -layer coating tempered glass is used to prevent fog, and more clearly display the internal drinks, with the function of automatically evaporated by the cold condensed water, without pouring water to wipe the water to make the glass light.

The after -sales and quality of the product do not need to worry about it. This display cabinet is made of pure copper tube evaporator. It is made of pure copper and is more durable. The proud brand of Qingdao people, one of the “five golden flowers”, the quality selection of the Augma quality, has been consistent for more than 30 years, just to better create careful products for customers. Customers in need can buy it at the flagship store of ACma Jingdong’s self -camps. The heat is coming, the brand is benefiting, and now the order can be delivered quickly, and there are more surprises.