Spring cotton sports female trousers, female autumn and summer straight pants female Korean casual pants large size loose student guard pants


After doing too long, a good girl, I do n’t know if it ’s her true wish. If so, why do n’t you see the pants that pass by every time you see the girls who do n’t want to be envious, because the pants itself is eye -catching, or the pants are on the pants, or the pants are on Safe and conveniently make the skirts reach, or the cool “trousers” are subtle and sharp, and handsome is so handsome that it is impossible to resist at all.

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“Korean Fashion” straight casual pants


Exciting, three -dimensional cutting, soft and comfortable, and fine workmanship, listening to user feedback and continuous improvement of improved products. Strict consideration through ergonomics. The selected fabric feels very good, long and smooth, does not generate static electricity, will not shrink and does not deform.

“Straight version” slender beautiful legs

The visual stretching 3cm, just the right straight trousers, effectively wrapped the calf belly, show your slender ankle, visually extend the leg lines, shape the long legs, and envy the long leg MM of others no longer extravagant hopes!

“Slim version” fiber waist and abdomen


360 comprehensive 3D tailoring, special customization according to the characteristics of Asian women’s body, fully shows every line wearing a leg.

“Edition highlights” is quite round hips, beautiful slim


The exquisite tailoring process, shaping the charming hips, highlighting the characteristics of women’s curves, and wearing a good figure in one minute.

“Fabric Analysis” elasticity, comfort, breathable, not easy to get the ball

The spandex elastic fiber is added to the fabric, with a strong obliqueness performance.

“Fashion Trends” classic black

Black is also a popular role in fashion trends. It has a strong sense of matching. At the same time, it can modify the visual lines of the legs and play a thin role.

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