In cold winter, when European and American long -legged supermodels are put on boots, it is really beautiful frozen


Just when we wrap ourselves strictly in the cold winter, European and American stars are ready to show the hottest trend in winter. It is really beautiful and frozen! Let the editors take everyone to see the winter clothes of the queen stars such as Olivia Capo, Taylor Swift. One of them is a distinctive feature that they are wearing colorful and all kinds of long boots.


Olivia Kurpo is wearing blue thighs high boots, with supporting tops and gray skirts to surprise everyone!

The distinctive color seems to be the main character in winter. Stars such as Kelly Washington, Kelly Jenna are wearing gorgeous pink or neon green clothing. But tops, skirts and dresses are not the only objects that can add color to women’s wardrobes. Cross -knee boots are necessary for European and American women in wardrobes, especially in winter, and their color tricks are more than ever.

Taylor Swift will participate in the American Music Awards Ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on November 24, 2019. She is wearing a high thigh Kasa for boot


On November 24, 2019, Taylor Swelf appeared in the National Music Award Red Carpet, stunning the audience. The popular female singer wore her olive green Green Julian McDonald dress, high and low chest skirts and fit tight corsets, absolute temperament. One of her highlights that fans can’t notice is her long and thigh Casadei boots! Taylor completely subverts her previous image and is full of vitality!


Kim Kardashian West at the Wall Street Journal. Woning the 2019 Innovative Award of the Magazine was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

On September 4, 2018, Olivia Capo showed her unique love for boots. When the former beauty pageant participated in the AOL Build series in New York, he wore a beautiful blue camisole, paired with knee -knee boots and gray skirts! This young star’s choice of dressing and matching style is always unique. She showed her work in New York one day in September. Her long boots completely showed her most fashionable side.


Hayley Baldwin was photographed at a late night dinner in Paris, when she was wearing a belt jacket and a brown leather boots with high thighs. The hair is pulled back into a smooth ponytail.

Of course, many fashionistas have also set off this trend. Fashion big names Rihanna and Hayley Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and other stars appeared in long boots.