What are the Mediterranean lamp brands?


After using the Mediterranean decorative style in the room, you need to match the central sea lamps to present better results, but what are the Mediterranean lamps brands? When buying the Chinese sea lamps, in addition to the brand, choice needs to pay attention to other aspects. So, how to choose the Mediterranean lamps?

1. What are the Mediterranean lamp brands?

1. Philips

Everyone is more familiar with this brand. The brand was born in 1894 and has a long history of more than 100 years. Today, it has become the 100 most valuable brands in the country. Although Philips was founded in the Netherlands, after years of hard work, it has also occupied an important position in the Chinese lamp market. China’s well -known trademark, world -renowned brand.

2. Huayi

Huayi, born in 1986, is one of the most well -known lamp brands in China. After 25 years of hard work, more than 30,000 noble lights have been launched, and the system industry chain of design, production and sales covering related products such as light sources, lamps, and accessories has been successfully constructed.

3. Dancel Lighting

The brand is very famous in the industry. The company was established in Guangzhou in 1998. It is one of the most competitive brands in the industry. It is also a current listed company.

4. Panasonic

Although Panasonic’s brand was established in Japan, after a long time of hard work, it has a certain status in the domestic lamp market. Panasonic, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the country, has entered the world’s top 500 companies as a large multinational company.

5. Foshan Lighting

I believe that everyone has heard about the lamp brand of Foshan. It was founded in 1958 and has been for dozens of years. A well -known brand under Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd.. The main products of the enterprise include indoor and outdoor decorative lamps, ordinary light bulbs and various car lamps.

6. Oslang

Ou Suron was born in 1906 in Germany and is one of the very mature old brands; it is a brand of China Osrang Zhaoming Co., Ltd.. It is currently one of the most innovative lighting companies in the world, and has a certain status worldwide.

2. How to choose Mediterranean lamps

1. The Mediterranean -style lamp design uses the application of marine elements to design, while being good at capturing light and taking the material naturally. A Mediterranean -style chandelier is placed at home, with tenderness, giving people a cold, a cold, and a cold. In the world of the Mediterranean, you can “Ren Qingfeng’s face, look at the cloud roll to Shu Shu”. In the Mediterranean world, the lamps made of the body of the underwater animal will make you feel like you are in the sea and get a completely different sense of experience.

2. Mediterranean -style lamps, elegant small fine flower striped grid patterns are the main style. The beauty of the Mediterranean style lamps is the bright color of the sea and the sky, as if the dazzling white after being brushed by the water. On the surface, you can use some translucent or blue fabrics, glass and other materials to make a lampshade. Through the light, it has a bright brightness, which makes people think of the sun, blue sky, and coast, as if bathing in summer In the bright sunshine of the coast. Generally speaking, the cotton fabric lampshade of the small fine flower pattern is a common form of the Mediterranean -style lamps.

3. One of the common features of the Mediterranean -style lamps is the lamp arm or middle column part of the lamps. This processing method can be displayed in addition to the texture of the lights like European lamps, and it can also show the Mediterranean Sea. The natural imprint of the sea breeze was eroded by the sea breeze under the clear sea. Mediterranean -style lamps are usually equipped with white pottery decorative parts or handmade iron decorative parts, bringing a very pure rural atmosphere.

4. The Curdine ship’s rudder table lamp adopts lampshade fabric, lamp wooden and hemp rope. There are large steering wheels in the middle as decoration. Old effects, most of the lights of the lamp body are deliberately old, showing the Mediterranean style.

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5. The art blue glass table lamp adopts the iron art of the Chinese sea style as the main body of the table lamp. It outlines the beauty of curves. The shape is very creative, very unique, and looks full of personality. The lampshade design uses blue and white glass, which is simply combined with artistry, permeated the strong Mediterranean style, and the open lamp mouth out of the outside also makes people have infinite reveries. When the light is not turned on, it is a very pleasing decoration. As soon as the lights are opened, it is like the glittering treasure in the ocean, and the whole mood has become very beautiful.

6. The overall chandelier of the blue Mediterranean iron chandelier uses iron. The surface is painted with overall blue paint. The appearance is relatively smooth and delicate. This color and shape are more in line with the Mediterranean style. The outside of the lampshade of the chandelier uses the blue and white grid pattern, which is a classic match for the Mediterranean, but it is not fashionable, and the crystal is also decorated as a chandelier. The overall design is very novel and unique, and the Mediterranean style is strong.

What are the Mediterranean lamp brands? After the introduction of this article, everyone also knows what its brand is. When you buy it, you can choose to see more about which brand of products is more suitable for your home. How to choose the Mediterranean lamps? Buying lamps still depends on appearance, light source, price, etc.