Fossil Marlow Print long wallet $ 28.79




FOSSIL Marlow Print 女士长款钱包$28.79

The wallet is so price ~

Fossil is a brand of American fashion accessories, which was founded in 1984. Its products are mainly products such as watches, bags, jewelry and other products. The brand spirit is positioned as “joy, authenticity, and nature. It combines retro and modern fashion and modern fashion in the United States. It is loved by everyone.

This Fossil Marlow leather wallet, print color design, with the old metal card with old logo and eye lock -locking decoration, is full of romantic retro atmosphere. For girls who can match Essence The bodies are made of leather, showing natural patterns, soft and smooth feel; in the cotton, there are many inner cards, and there is a partition layer, the zipper is opened, and it can be used as a wallet or a hand bag. The size is 11.43*17.78cm, and Grandpa Mao has no pressure.

Amazon in the United States is currently priced at $ 28.79, cannot be directly mailing, less than 35 US dollars and weighing light weight. It is suitable for the transfer with other items to transfer and bring back, about 230 yuan. Taobao has the same purchase of 580+, and Haitao has obvious price advantages.

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