Home service carnival, so that home service is fascinated by color


In May 2017, five well -known domestic home service brand merchants, Tmall Mall and Guangzhou True Color Bar jointly launched a “True Color without changing, fascinated by the color” Tmall Home Service Carnival event. This event will continue throughout May, break the concept of traditional pajamas, upgrade the needs of home and leisure, and make home uniforms crazy in the bar. develop.

It is understood that the main purpose of the home service carnival is to make the concept of home service more widely promoted. In traditional concepts, pajamas can only be worn in the bedroom. With the improvement of the quality of life and people’s demand for life, sleep, leisure life, community walking, vacation, and even work, etc., have formed a systematic concept, and no longer a single sleep requirement.

Combined with the crowd, the home service carnival also jointly created the platform’s home service concept with the Tmall platform. The e -commerce platform is a big database. The needs of each system and scene of the home service will be labeled with different crowds. Tmall is the first choice for this label database. Whether it is the mainstream of the 1980s, or the 90 -year potential consumer group, it has been significant to the future trend of home service.

Introducing traditional pajamas to the most tide night market in the city is the original color bar of this organizer to the drainage concept of modern people’s new lifestyles; advocate a healthy nightlife, add a little agility to the lives of modern people, and give life a bit crazy. , Burning the highlights of the cross -border activities with Tmall.

It is understood that the joint home service brands are Kaiba, Malenass, Urban Beauty, Xueliang, and Paibangnu, all of which are well -known domestic brands, representing domestic products brand in the home service and underwear industry.


The British style mid -to -high -end home service brand takes quality as the pursuit, exquisite, elegant, and simple.


Domestic TOP Volkswagen Home Service Brands, as long as you think, you can find the style you want from it.

Urban beauty

Fashion has changed, adding infinite possibilities to the fashion life of every urban beauty.

Paibang slave


As the pioneer of home fashion brands, Pangangu will interpret the essence of home fashion for fun, fashionable, and passionate lifestyle!


Comfort and fashion-are comfortable, integrate international trend elements, and interpret the concept of home service with unique design.

The home service carnival event was divided into two major events. The first time was the “five -star gathering” on May 17, spoke on Weibo, blowing up the horn, and landing on the cost -effective platform; the second time It was the climax of the home service carnival. On May 25, the five -family home service merchants used the Tmall Live X Tmall Mall X’s cost -effective power to launch a “natural color without changing, fascinated by color” in Guangzhou Looking at the catwalk. This event also connected the entire carnival through the rich Weibo raffle, the 520 offline interaction, and the first five minutes of the high half -price for profit.