Under what circumstances need to wear a jacket and what kind of assault jacket


People who like outdoor have heard of jackets. In fact, this kind of clothes are not mysterious. In foreign countries, it is called Jackets. It is a jacket, a jacket with a hat. However, in order to better distinguish between our people, people in our country are also distinguished from ordinary clothes, and then named him charge.

Generally, we divide the jacket into two categories, hard shell jackets and soft shell jackets, hard shell jackets are our commonly known charge jacket, hard -shell jackets are generally harder on the surface. It can deal with some harsh weather in outdoor, which can be said to be our armor outdoors.

The hard shell jacket is mainly used in high altitude areas. The climate is changing, skiing, hiking, climbing, climbing, etc.

The soft shell jacket, although it is slightly worse than the hard shell jacket in terms of wind and rain, but there is no problem in anti -light rain and small snow in a short time, and the design of soft shell jackets is generally very fashionable. It is also very comfortable to wear. it is good. Soft shell jackets are generally used in low altitude environment. Ordinary outdoor activities can be worn. Short -distance travel, low -intensity outdoor activities are also no problem.

The appearance of the soft shell jacket is very fashionable, so many young people wear it as the usual casual clothing. In fact, whether it is outdoor sports or urban leisure, you can see the shadow of the jacket almost in any scene, but you still need to pay attention when you buy it. After all, there are still many pundas on the market that are unqualified.


So what do you want to look at when you buy a jacket?

1. Look at the fabric

The fabric of the jacket should have three major functions such as windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Regarding the reason for how to solve waterproof and breathable, we have said this problem before, because the jacket has a film, which can achieve this effect. Earlier article.

Ordinary assault jackets are multi -layered, and the outermost layer is waterproof coating. Generally, the naked eye cannot be seen. The first layer is the protective layer of nylon fabrics. It provides waterproof function. The second layer is a thin film. It provides waterproof and breathable function. The third floor is nylon fabric or artificial fiber, mainly to protect the film and improve comfort.

At present, the mainstream film is Gore-TEX. This sign can be seen on many clothes. We also introduced it separately before. It is a film produced by a company in an American company. It is where it is magical. The GORE-TEX film is strictly controlled by GORE. If there is a GORE-TEX logo on the jacket, the waterproof and breathable performance of this jacket will not be bad.


Tip: Now there are some companies developing better films by themselves, but the mainstream market is still GORE-TEX.

2. Look at the presses

The small holes left behind the stitching of the clothes are also an area where the rain is easy to pass. Generally, the assault jacket produced by regular manufacturers will press the waterproof pressure strip at the tailoring joint to achieve a comprehensive waterproof. It is necessary to look at the compression of the glue. The most direct way is to touch it by hand, and see if there is a relatively wide rubber strip.

3. Look at breathable

Most people’s armpits are the easiest to sweat, so ventilation and heat dissipation under the armpits is the most important. Generally, regular manufacturers will install a zipper or mesh under the armpit. This auxiliary measures can make sweat more volatile.

4. Details

In addition, there are details that need to be viewed. First of all, the brim. The brim must be hard to avoid hanging down and blocking the sight. It is also necessary to consider whether the tightening method of the cuffs is appropriate and whether it is comfortable to wear gloves. If it is a lady’s jumpsuit, it is best to have windproof draws. Generally, it is on the waist. After tightening, it can prevent wind and snow from coming in from below.

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