Supermodel KFC Jana shooting girl style photo, yellow sportswear fresh girl, long legs grab mirror


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: KFC Jenner Kendall Jenner is a member of the Kardashian family. From a small to major life, under the light,

In the first year of debut, it was called “supermodel”, and even once appeared on Forbes’ revenue list.

In addition to his career in his career, Ken Dou’s emotional life is also very exciting. NBA gossip boyfriend’s fingers can not count.

The current boyfriend is the defender of the Sun team, Devin Booker, a basketball player, a supermodel of a catwalk, which is still very correct in appearance.

Jenna’s height


179cm, and no sister Kim Kardashian’s exaggerated breasts and fat buttocks. The tall figure is a walking hanger. The advantages of dressing and matching are very good.

Wearing a tender yellow sports decoration girl style photo,

Refreshing and clean, playful age reduction. This kind of sports style is youthful and energetic,

Live from the younger sister’s sense of vision!


The upper body is a sexy umbilical outfit style, which can reveal the small waist with a good grip, and the vest line strength circle powder. The muscles are very firm,

The sculpture body remains perfect, and at first glance, there is no less fitness and shaping.

The collar is a classic POLO style. The three -dimensional lines can modify the face shape, making the face shape more delicate and petite, and also showing temperament and spirit.

Ken Dou unlocked the button of the neckline naturally, slightly exposed the exquisite collarbone. It also perfectly shows the cool personality, which is sweet and salt.


For the little girl’s favorite skirt, the pleated style is a must -have item.

The layers of folds are three -dimensional and exquisite, and the fine wrinkles are more like the minds of little girls, which are particularly agile and lively. Coupled with the color of the skirt ice cream, it brings a sweet and fresh style, and the vitality is unlimited.


Leisure sports have always been wearing trends. Simple white sports shoes are clean and fresh, wearing simple and refreshing temperament, comfortable and fashionable!

Jenner is indeed a supermodel figure, and his long legs are thin and long. The lines of the thighs to the calf are smooth and the proportion is uniform.

Some media photographed Jenna’s latest street shooting on the streets of New York. A comfortable lazuli printed sweater is lazy and casual, and the loose style is full of streets.

The bottom is paired with a simple jeans, which is simple and comfortable, and it also shows the supermodel figure. One meter eight long legs can not be convinced, and the degree of eye -catching is also a good level.

The sweater is a necessary fashionable item for this season. The body is embellished with different colors of round patterns. It is beautiful and unique. Not monotonous, more layered, perfectly interpret the European and American queen Fan Er.

KFC Jana is paired with a super -level crocodile bag with a retro classic. There is no too complicated design, practical and Chic, and a pursuit of quality from the inside out.

In the Kardashian family sisters, only KFC Jenner’s figure is more in line with the aesthetics of Orientals.

As for fashion taste, Jenna will not blindly lose the public’s view. The lady in the post -90s is still very individual.

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