Try the short jacket in spring to create a 28 -point figure. It is very attractive with jeans and skirts


Many women are better in order to make their bodies better,

Will use a short jacket to match yourself,

Because the length of the short jacket is generally in the waist position,


It has the effect of improving the waistline, when the waistline is improved

Then it will increase the proportion of legs in the overall image.

There are many styles of short jackets, in general,

Female friends will use short jackets and short suits to enhance their charm

, But these two types should also pay attention to the selection of styles when choosing.

Not all women in the body can use a short jacket to match themselves.

If your leg shape is not very picky, even if you want to make your body taller,

Try not to choose a short jacket, otherwise it is easy to show the shortcomings of your body.

When choosing a short jacket,

It is recommended that you refer to the short jacket of the fashionista.

Whether it is their short jacket style choice or matching shape, they need to be reference to make their temperament more outstanding.

Who can not love the fashion of a short jacket? Not only is it high but also fashionable, these models are old and old, so try short jackets in spring to create a two -eight figure, with jeans and skirts.


Short jacket fashion style


Short pilot jacket

First of all, let’s take a look at the styles of short jackets,

For example, short jackets are what many people will choose

There are many types of short jackets, such as some people use short pilot jackets to match themselves.

Pilot jacket is a casual and sexy clothing item

Because the version will look slightly loose, it looks like the clothes worn by pilots, so they have the name.

Short pilot jackets are not only very casual, but

It will also make the shape more handsome, while lengthening the body proportion, while

It can also make your temperament more oppressive.

Short leather jacket

In order to make your own image more retro,

It is recommended to use a short leather jacket to match yourself,

The leather jacket itself has a retro and modern temperament. Coupled with the blessing of the short version, the overall shape will be more aura.

There are many styles to choose from short leather jackets, in terms of color,

Black short leather jackets are more suitable for women with mature temperament and retro

, But if you want to show a certain fashion charm, you may choose short leather jackets of other colors.

For example, pink short leather jacket is a good choice,

Pink is also recommended to choose pink. This kind of fabric with a certain gloss combines the pink, which will make the shape more contagious.

Short suit

Of course, in addition to short jackets,

There are also many women in order to make the shape more intellectual and capable,


It will use short suit to match yourself. The short suit is not only full of gas field, but also makes the shape more fashionable.

Short suit suggests to choose white style,

Because the white short suit will make the shape more intellectual and simple

If you can choose a white short suit with a navel design, it will make the shape more fashionable.

The matching of a short jacket

Short jacket+sweater

Several classic styles of short jackets are worthy of reference,

These matching methods also need everyone to pay attention,

For example, it is recommended that female friends use knitwear to match short jackets.


Knitwear and short jackets are recommended to use the same color system,

This combination will be more fresh and stable in the display of temperament, so you may use the orange short jacket and orange sweater to match yourself.

The short coat outside can choose dark orange,

The sweater inside is recommended to choose bright orange,

Although the color system is consistent, the degree of depth is different, which will still make the temperament of women more fashionable.

Short jacket+jeans

For the matching selection of the next dress, except for the pants is the matching of skirts,

First of all, from the trousers, if you choose a short coat,

You can use jeans to match yourself. Such a shape is handsome and casual, and it is very suitable for daily wear.

Jeans are recommended to choose high waist styles,

Paradise the proportion of women’s legs visually,

Based on the blessing of short jackets, the proportion of women’s figure will create a more perfect figure.


The choice of short jackets is also very particular,

You can use a black short jacket to match yourself, which is not only very simple, but also creates a relatively stable feeling. It is also a very refreshing shape with a white T -shirt.


Short jacket+short skirt

Short jackets can also be matched with skirts,

Then you need to consider the choice of skirts

If you choose a black leather short jacket, the skirt is recommended to choose a skirt to match it.

And the short skirt can be matched with a light color system,

Come to form a layered sense of color with the black leather jacket on the upper body

For example, apricot skirt is a good choice.

If the side side of the apricot skirt is designed, a split design,


The thighs blocked by women’s skirts are faintly displayed, making the overall shape more sexy.

Do you learn these matching and style choices of short jackets? As long as the short coat is able to wear the temperament, it can make your image more attractive.