Thirty -forty -year -old woman, wearing skirts in spring and summer, with these 3 pairs of low -heeled shoes, elegant and temperament


When the spring and summer transition, the dress has been put on the elegance and intellectual, but it will not be that you have always been high -heeled shoes or flat shoes. The middle value of low heels is also a very good choice. Especially after the age of thirty or forty years old, I don’t want to be too tired and can reflect the combination of temperament. It is not low heels.

When it comes to the gas field, it is not necessarily high -heeled shoes, and the elegance of low heels is also other effects that cannot be achieved. The dress of spring and summer dress is elegant, and the exquisite details of the low heels reflect the slightly femininity. If your dress is not good, is there any possibly because you are not well matched?

After the age of thirty or forty, he already has a certain age of social experience. The calmness should be the most reflected in this age. The combination of spring and summer and dresses is capable but elegant. I do not want to try after this age? It’s better to wear it like this spring and summer!


1. Tips for choosing shoes for low heels

In addition to the height of the shoe type, there are many factors that can affect the overall shape. These entry points can modify the foot type.

Details 1: The rounded of the toe

When the heel height is determined, if the toe can be matched with it, it is not necessary to say that the thin effect is, but it is often a point that many people will ignore it.


Low heels and sharp round heads are definitely a perfect match. The smoothness of the too much tip of the pointed head has also weakened a lot. The aura with the right round head is the most suitable for women with 30 or 40 women.

The visual extension of the pointed pointed, worrying that the old spirit has played a reconciliation, coupled with the elegant temperament of low heels. If you do n’t need to wear a skirt, I ’m the first to oppose it. The graceful lines of the calf connecting the ankle are high -level.


Details 2: The depth of the shoe mouth

The depth of the shoe mouth is a factor that can affect the entire foot type. If it is a wide foot, you need not say that the shoe design of the deep shoe mouth is your dream lover. At the same time, coupled with low heel treatment, the width of the feet can always be modified by the slightly tiptoe, which is thin.


The shallow mouth is just a shoe mouth that can wrap the toes. Needless to say, only narrow feet can try. At the same time, the low heels can better weaken the sharp and neutrality brought by the shallow design. After adding femininity, it will not drop the price with a skirt to participate in some formal occasions.


Details three: The wrapping of the shoe body

The parcel of the entire shoe body can directly affect whether the overall shape is cool. Spring and summer skirts are thin and elegant. They are used for some full -wrapped shoes to match. Not only are they not coordinated, they will also be much shorter because of their gravity problems.


In spring and summer, it is not bad at all. If you do not want to reduce the wrapping area, the strap design may be a very good choice. There is no large area of ​​parcels dull and boring, but the strapded distribution of different width positions will also play a proper role.

The package of the heel is basically half a package. It is just that a thin strap can make the foot shape better fit the soles. At the same time, if you look at it later, the exquisiteness of the heels is completely taken care of. The elegance of a 30 -year -old woman should be like this.


Second, the combination of overall shape

The appearance of shoes and skirts have a certain effect. For the higher degree of completion, there must be some ideas.

Idea 1: The tone is consistent, the embellishment is high

If the overall shape is better, the shoes and skirts can be kept as much as possible in color. The same color is often the least wrong. The metal texture buckle embellished by the upper, and even the plaid stitching of the same color system.

Idea 2: High skirt of the shoe tube must be coordinated


The design mentioned earlier can be said to play a lot of role, but even so, many people do not know how to control the height of the shoe tube.

When the low heels of spring and summer are matched with skirts, the height of the shoe tube should be the most important, especially on the basis of low heels. If the skirt grows below the calf belly, the height of the shoe mouth should be controlled at the ankle position as much as possible, and it will not cause a visual depression.

Needless to say, the legs of the legs can be extended to the calf. If it is a fleshy muscle leg, it is recommended that you try to expose the foot of the feet, reveal more leg lines, which can make its lines more smooth.


3. Recommended style of wild low -heeled shoes

If you wear skirts this spring and summer, you must choose from these 3 pairs of low -heeled shoes, which is elegant and generous.


Style 1: Low -heeled sandals

The sandals seem to have been not very popular in the past few seasons, and the rustic sense has become an important reason for its “outflowing”. But this year’s sandals, the design of low heels can make our foot shape more three -dimensional at the same time, which has a good effect on the extension of the leg lines, not to mention the skirt.

Low -heel sandals, the wrapping of the shoe body is not enough. For some girls who are not particularly exquisite, the design of the wide strap may play a certain modification role. At the same time, if it is low and the appearance, the fashion love is miserable!

Style 2: Low -heel grandma shoes

The wind review of grandma’s shoes has always been polarized, and people who like it praise it to say that it is a local representative. But in fact, the low -heeled grandma’s shoes are still very charming, but the retro shape is not suitable for too modern color matching. Dark brown rice white orange -red color is suitable for color matching.

And the low -heeled grandma shoes, in order not to destroy the overall style of the heel design, will add texture. Not to mention steadily, using the light color system to create a unique freshness of summer, and the skirt will not be affected by the heel.

Style 3: Low -heeled boots


In the summer, don’t dare to wear boots. The real fashionable essence is not distinguished in the four seasons. In summer boots, first of all, the color should be lighter. If it is daily, the classic models such as white rice and white are permanent king. With any skirt, it has no sense of disobedience. The toe of the boots must be sharp enough. Only in this way can we weaken the original boots and bring the aura fashion!

For mature women with their own opinions, you can try a certain pattern pattern on the boots to better highlight the fashionableness. The denim boots of the high fire this summer are not because of the high -ranking version of the middle, which looks incompatible when it is matched with a skirt, but it will have a collision beauty.


This spring and summer, use these pairs of low -heeled shoes to put on skirts. Thirty or forty years old can also be full of temperament.