Traditional jeans meet challenges, sports troops are rapid


As a happy hipster single product, jeans has been very fast and fashionable, and the young people who have grown in the past years are middle-aged, and the new generation of young consumers are not worn, multi-diverse The dress needs to have a new market, and the brand of the main jeans has been aware of the urgency of change.

Evisu blockbuster full of street elements

Tide culture tribal effect and star effect

Recently, Chen Guanxi speech a video clip in the New York University, is crazy on social network. This once red is extremely, and after “Yan Zhao Gate” and exits the fashion idol of the city business. Nowadays, the show, the influence Still can’t be underestimated. In his 2012, the public opinion environment was not tolerant to him. The only brand that dared to ask him to make a spokesman is Evisu.


In 1991, the Evisu founded in Osaka, Japan, with a style retro jeans and his hand-painted seagull, founder Shangeyan only 14 jeans in the initial day, and made special woven fabrics with vintage woven machines. People who know how to turn out the trousers to show the unique taste of work. In the euros of the jeans of the European and American luxury brands, such as the Versace Jeans single product is almost 1,000 years, Evisu’s jeans price is still inquiry.

In the 1990s, jeans and Danning culture prevail, many jeans brands have their own faithful, such as Lee, Levi’s, G-star, etc., but Evisu is unique, Barney’s, British, New York, etc. Selfridges, Hong Kong’s Lianka Buddha and other boutique buyers and department stores are increasing to EVISU’s product demand. In 2006, EVISU was very good because of the serious loss of the business, and Pan Jun, who was private equity fund manager, was optimistic about joining Evisu in 2010 and made a big knife. Pan Jun has also become the only 2017 ANG entrepreneur. China Consumer Goods and retail industry unique winner.

Huimei Group President and Chief Executive President Pan Junli

“I took over and made a series of strategies, including the evacuation of the United States and the European market, re-establishing teams in Asia. Because the previous designers don’t like the original DNA, there is no craftsmanship, fun, humor, Rebellious, but the style of simplicity and water wash, the result is not high. I think Evisu is not only a retro old brand, nor is it only suitable for hip hop. Later, we tried narrower, closer to the current aesthetic Pants, now the proportion of Asian designers in the entire team account for 70%, they know that the needs of the Chinese market, localization is better. “Pan Jun said in an interview.


Hiring a star spokesman is a market strategy recognized by many brands in the world. In 2017, Liu Tao and Zhu Yen became the number of new brand image of ECCO China.


The eVisu adjusted the most thrilling step in the strategy, which was bold to use Chen Guanxi. This star of the scandal was significantly in the market promotion due to its rebel spirit and Evisu. Before Chen Guanxi, Evisu has never had any spokesperson, but the star Baker Ham and the United States have a well-known hip hop singer Jay-Z, Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Kanye West and others have passed through their jeans debut, and the brand is The European and American market quickly sapphires.


“Evisu is often interacting with hip hop, tattoo, graffiti and other street cultural groups, in fact, street culture is slowly growing from the youth group, more like a tribe, gathered a lot of fun. Chen Guanxi is a hideman. There are also your own brand, after the end of his contract, we have no spokesperson, because I have always thought about it. For the brand of our historic, do you need a star to be promoted? Is there a better way? Come to awake the old guests to pay for the memory of Evisu tattoos? “Pan Jun put this question to the author.

From denim trends to sports fashion


This year’s great variety show “China has hip-hop”, there is no doubt that the hip-hop culture originally compared to the underground is to the mass level. Pan Jun is believed that even though Evisu has opened 130 stores in China, there is also a certain reputation. But this program is a very stimulating effect on the mainstream market to the mainstream market, which is an important opportunity for the brand.

At the end of 2016, Pan Jun returned to the equity of China’s joint venture with $ 40 million, hoping to integrate resources, and spending more effort in the market promotion to grasp new opportunities. “All the past, Evisu will also pose a name product with a variety of street cultures, or support their activities. The purpose of cross-border cooperation is not profitable, but the two audiences belong to different circles have influenced by complementarity. It brings new customers from each other. For example, we have worked with Durex’s underwear, and designed a special small pocket like Evisu, play with play, creative way to achieve a win-win purpose. “

Professional running shoes brand Hoka One One is debut in the Shanghai International Marathon Prevent this year

These years, sports fashion trend sweep the world, China is no exception. ECCO, the main comfort and casual shoes, is getting more and more fierce in China, please Liu Tao and Zhu Yen for its brand spokesperson; the Deckers Group known as outdoor casual shoes, launched high-end professional sports shoes Hoka One One, this year Shanghai International The marathon is quite eye-catching for the first time; in China, it is only more than a year of hipster sportswear brand MAIA Active. Not long ago, with the Momai bicycle cross-border, launch limited cycling suit, praise.

MAIA Active and the limited number of riding clothes launched by Mobai bicycle cross-border

When more and more small sports brands have successfully succeeded in the market, traditional sports brands such as Nike and Adidas began to attack women’s series, and EVISUs with a share of up to 85% of men have to face the market wind direction. In addition to increasing the investment of women’s products, Evisu also launched a collaboration with sports brand Champion, at the end of 2015, the brand departure Evisukuro was born, and he had just opened two direct stores in Hong Kong and Macau. It is next year. The group vigorously promoted.

Compared to Evisu main line style, more low-key, more motion Evisukuro

Pan Junli is full of confidence in this new starting point: “Our new guests, and guests from this brand main line ‘graduation, may not want to wear too personal clothes, then we will provide them with more mature, suitable for each The trend of the occasion. “Evisukuro’s style is lower than the main line, close to Y-3, Boy London, Alexander Wang and other brands. This means that Evisu is ready to close the image from the young street tide card to the sports and leisure.

At present, Evisu uses half of the models of only half of the franchise, and the online business is 10%, mainly in the Tmall flagship store, the online store on the brand officially opened a few months ago, the main tailor-made single item Meet the needs of dead loyalty. “These jeans market atrophy, outdoor sports and street tidal cards are obvious, in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau has double-digit growth, this shows that the market needs a diversified product. We now in China only more than 30 The city opened the store, such as the three-tier cities such as Xiamen have not been covered. For the future, my expectation is to increase the number of stores to 250, and will open the children’s clothing line online next year, provide customers with parent-child packages. Select. In addition, we will return to the US market, I hope to stand up in the place where you fall. “Pan Jun said.