Anga: Classic seven -point sleeve round neckline (with weaving instructions)




Aga, classic models, I have woven 4 pieces in total,

This one was opened in the early summer, and it was hot when it was seen.

I changed my heart to the hook needle,


I turned it out two days ago, I wanted to remove it, but look at the bottom thread and cuffs,

Yes, originally planned to be short -sleeved,

Think about early autumn, weaving a seven -point sleeve can be worn for a few more days,

As a result, one gritted teeth were completed in three days.




4.2 Flat cotton cotton is about 5-6 two.

Use needle:





Dress 51 cm bust 96 cm

Work Show:


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Weaving instructions:

1. 110 stitches for Yucker, 8 lines of woven single threads, and then evenly add 30 needles at the same time in the next circle, then a flat needle, then weave 8 lines of threads, and then repeat the last needle method to add the needle method last time. Two lines of flat needles … add 4 times in total, 230 stitches after 8 lines, and then use a mark to deduct the needle, respectively (sleeve 42+ front and rear tablets each 71)*2 = 226+4 needles are four. Rhizome, then add needles on both sides of the stems, 15 times, 8 stitches/time, a total of 350 stitches. 2. Divide the front films, 103+ sleeves of the front and rear films of 72, and then weave 10 lines from the front and rear, and add 12 stitches under the armpit. Essence

3. Sleeve 72+ underarms 12+ needle 10 needles = 94 stitches, 10-1-7 closes, the remaining 8-line thread threads close, complete.

The favorite sisters can be woven. It is a must -have for destroying the line.

• END •

Author | Xuan Mom Dragon Girl