I heard that the thicker the warm underwear, the more warm the warm underwear? You may be wake up in the middle of the night.




When the cold wind in winter was scraped, thermal underwear became a hot product, because everyone wanted to wear neither bloated and warm, but many consumers were tangled when buying warm underwear. Is it comfortable, light, warm and warm?

Today I will test 6 different brands of warm underwear.


We have selected 3 products with higher prices and low prices, which are mainly tested from their actual weight, thickness and warmth.

First of all, we measure the weight of 6 products with an electronic scale;

Test the thickness of the 6 products with a gazed card ulcery


This test only measures the top, and the thickness is measured from the neckline


The weight and thickness results are as follows:


We can find that the heavier the clothes, the thicker the clothes.

The weight thickness is available, and then it depends on the most critical heating. Because each human body temperature perception is different, the hot water bottle with similar initial temperature is tested.

Divided 6 bottles of hot water with similar temperatures and similar temperatures, wrapped it with warm underwear, and measured the temperature change within an hour.


The temperature changes within 1 hour are as follows:

Summarize for everyone

Weight: Antarctica> Qian Caifang> Banana> UBRAS> Uniqlo> Belsna


Thickness: Uniqlo> Antarctica> Qian Cuifang> Banana> Ubras> Belsna

Hemitigue: Uniqlo> Banana> Ubras> Qian Cang Fang> Bai Sena> Antarctic


Finally, I remind everyone that there will be no warmth of a warm underwear. Two or three wool sweaters. When choosing, consumers should find the most suitable according to the actual temperature of their location. Help ~

We are amateur test players. We chose a more daily way, not a conclusion from professional testing agencies. Welcome everyone to point out ~