Bulkhhuma-GUCCI ARLI retro wind bag


GUCCI launched this “unpopular” bag launched in 19 years.The retro wind piano bag type, square square,

The classic double G logo and silhouette of the 1970s, rich wine red, are suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter

The bright noodles are first -class, full of literary retro temperament.Ni Ni, Tang Yan, and Jolin Tsai have all carried this bag.

The self -weight is very light, and there is a small mezzanine inside. Small objects that travel in daily travel can be put down and can be adjusted. It is very convenient.

浓郁勃艮第红-GUCCI ARLI 复古风琴包

But you need to note: The leather of the bag is relatively soft

Be careful when you carry it, try to avoid wearing ~