7 men’s coats who can withstand the test of time


The coat is one of the few things that you, your mother, and the general public think that it is worth buying. You should buy one coat every year so you can spend autumn and winter.


Note that it is a coat, not a jacket, and the sweater like a coat,


But when confrontation with the outside world, it shows clothes like paper. )


The following seven men who can withstand the test of time should not be missing.

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1st piece: The Peacoat double -breasted woolen coat

The double -breasted coat is the kind of coat that makes men quietly become more fashionable without much fanfare.

From Hollywood stars to ordinary people, everyone can wear very successfully. This style is suitable for everyone. This is why it quickly spreads to the world like a virus in the 19th century.


The secret of long -term success is the same as most classic men’s clothing. It applies to various occasions: with a suit, just like a successful business person in “Advertising Madman”, coupled with cashmere scarf, it looks particularly good.


You can also choose in the case of relaxation on the weekend, pair with jeans and turtlenecks, and even use it to match some sports pants.


2nd piece: The Waxed Jacket wax cloth jacket

The wax cloth jacket has become synonymous with British best style. Village nobles, urban residents, and your relatives and friends can put it happily. The success of this style is due to itself a practical coat.

The appearance of the coating ensures that the raindrops do not wet clothes. They are versatile and tough. They can be used with sweaters to gallop in the wild. They are also suitable for cities to wear.

This humble style is suitable for all clothing from wool pants to denim, knitwear to casual shirts, so whether you want a gentleman’s appearance or casual street clothing, you can choose. This is a piece that can accompany you through you passing by you The items of a lifetime, with the increase of age, you will know where it is treasure.


3rd piece: The Rain Mac rainfall windbreaker

Burberry’s waterproof trench coat was originally designed to resist the rainy weather in the World War I. Hundreds of details ensure that it can

Only by hanging belt can cope with the stream of life and death, and later became a iconic style after the “interpretation” of Hollywood stars.


The commonly used tones such as navy blue and black are the most versatile, but the classic beige or modern khaki green raincoat will bring different colors to your wardrobe. No matter which color you choose, cover it from a suit to On all the clothes of the denim cloth.

4th piece: The Camel Overcoat camel coat

Every man who is no longer a teenager needs a camel coat.


It is both formal and capable of making the most sloppy appearance.

Another point is that your wardrobe will fall into a black tide every winter.

In addition, the camel coat is everywhere and unrequited reason for it is that it is suitable for any skin tone, and it can complement each other with brighter colors. With your winter sweater and jeans, it makes it a highlight of casual outfit.

5th piece: The duffle coat coat


The rough coat was originally used in military and adventure. Now it has become the main part of men’s clothing, and it is also one of the almost unchanged styles since its birth.

So, how does it change from war equipment to street equipment?


This rough coat was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Due to the great favor of artists and students, you can buy cheap retired military coats to make fans surge and instantly become classic.

In fact, when you get off work, the coarse coat is easy to wear. Sometimes it matchs well with the suit. It can also be worn with thick wool collar sleeve, thick flower trousers, thick bottom boots and checkered scarves.

With a clean and neat shape, the winter dress is never so fashionable.


6th piece: The Parka Jacket Parker coat

Parker coats may fall from the heyday of Britain, but it has never really disappeared.


The reason is as follows: Few other winter jackets make you feel unwilling to be affected by the weather.

Whether you choose a fishtail long or down fabric lining (Canadian geese is the style of the Parker coat), its traditional zipper and buttons can help you spend the winter safely outdoors.


Almost any man can wear it, to create your own style according to the clothes that match with it, from sports pants to business trousers. Try to wear one outside of your suit. Workplace status.


No. 7: The Check Overcoat plaid coat

The lattice or thick flower coat may not sound like the clothes you like, but if you try it boldly, you may be surprised.

Although these traditional wool coats make people feel old at the beginning, designers are using a variety of different modern tailoring to return it to the ranks of classic coats.


Pure black or naval blue is a more reliable choice. If you don’t like thick grids, try a little smaller

Human characters or dog teeth lines have a little retro feeling.

No matter which one you choose, you will not lack the clothes that match it. Jeans and wool pants are the most common choices. In addition, because sportswear is a recent trend, try to put this more classic coat on a hooded shirt to obtain a more fashionable shape, or with sports pants to achieve luxury Effect of exercise.

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