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For children’s clothing, health and comfort are the primary conditions, so the design and fashion sense are also indispensable. There are people who love beauty, and children are no exception. On the annual mini -red carpet show TODDLEWOOD, European and American cute baby holds their own “Hollywood” party in a wonderful manner. The style of the style, the powerful aura is no less inferior to the big star. How charming they are confident and smiley!


After watching these groups of photos, did the hearts of Bao Da Ba’s hearts have been melted by the cute baby? In daily life, Gap, Carter’s, and Uniqlo have always been the brand with the highest frequency of parents, but everyone will inevitably feel monotonous. In fact, the style of children’s clothing is different, and there are many choices of other brands. Is it full of hope to learn from the child to dress up? What are the texture and fashionable children’s clothing brands that can be selected? Follow what is worth buying ( to see it ~


Recommended mid -to -high -end children’s clothing -Choose Personalized Classics:

The classic models are always missing in the wardrobe, and the same is true for babies’ clothes. The design and tailoring of the big name make people unforgettable, and the handling of texture and details is also very commendable. Considering price factors, starting a classic style is the best choice. Xiaobian will summarize the popular mid -to -high -end luxury brands with popular personality, and give Bao’s parents for reference.

French fresh and romantic -Bonpoint

Most of the luxury children’s clothing are derivative series launched by the main line of men’s and women’s clothing, while Bonpoint is a solid children’s clothing luxury children’s clothing brand. As one of the most representative luxury children’s clothing brands, Bonpoint interprets the most romantic and elegant France in France. Style. Give up the bright colors and luxury and wealth, Bonpoint chose more comfortable and gentle design elements as a whole. The color is relatively simple and fresh, exquisite embroidery, cute floral, retro stripes are the most commonly used elements of Bonpoint. Babies are even more sweet under the lining of clothes. It is considered to be the favorite children’s clothing brand of all stars and dads.

The favorite of Bonpoint is the Primary Seven of the Beckham’s family. From the fall to the ground to the present, many cute and playful street shooting styles are Bonpoint’s credit. Bonpoint also attracted a large wave of domestic stars’ babies. The cute Belle and the little adults also chose it in many activities. In October last year, Duoduo participated in the 40th anniversary of Bonpoint and felt a French fantasy innocence.


bonpoint2016 spring and summer “The Cherry Blossom” cherry blossom theme series

Bonpoint launched the Spring / Summer 2016 series at the end of last year. In five themes launched at the same time (cherry blossoms, Buyenovista, queuing, mint, and new waves), the editor believes that the theme of the cherry blossoms is the most romantic and fresh in the spring and summer series The series is also the most suitable for babies in most families. The cherry pattern is fresh and romantic, and it is more textured to integrate double -layer lace and exquisite relief printing. The design of small flying sleeves and puff skirts highlights cute. The design of the male babies is gentleman’s custom, generally simple and low -key. It seems more suitable for the quiet male baby. Although Bonpoint is highly priced, it is the best choice for texture and design.


Bonpoint | kids

Italian romantic elegance -I Pinco Pallino

Bonpoint interprets French romance, and I Pincopallino more emphasizes itself and exquisite luxury. As a luxury nobleman in children’s clothing, I Pinco Pallino, who is committed to cultivating the aesthetic concept of clothing since childhood, has a dreamy and sophisticated design, and the tailoring method is more diverse. In addition, I Pinco Pallino also loves three -dimensional handmade embroidery and relief design to create a cute and dreamy dream. The use of colors is also very bold and innovative. If you want to create a dreamy little princess, I Pinco Pallino is a good choice, and it is also suitable for babies who are out of the sky. I Pinco Pallino is also a brand that many star babies like. Including Wang Shiling and Xiao Tianxin, Zhang Ziyi also launched a new series with I Pinco Pallino cross -border at the end of 2015, which also made more people familiar with this brand.

I Pinco Pallino plaid tulle dress Reference price: $ 364.57

The same sleeveless dress of this poster comes from the latest spring and summer series in 2016. It is innocent and lovely, with orange and blue grid ribbons alternately, chest, handmade butterfly knot adds playful. Princess dream.

I Pinco Pallino plaid tulle dress


Luxury and exquisite -Dolce & Gabbana Kids

When it comes to DOLCE & Gabbana, everyone is relatively familiar. D & G’s clothing brands are extremely luxurious, and different series styles are very prominent. Here, each design is strong and heavy, and the exotic style and some straight design elements are impressed by people. Most of the KIDS series of items borrowed the design of adult clothing. The classic contrasting printed, exaggerated lace dots, and childish graffiti have the taste of the little adults after being narrowed on the children’s clothing, and the charm of the little ladies and gentlemen will immediately appear. Because many styles are similar to adult models, it is also a good choice for parents to prepare for parent -child outfits. The exquisite and chic design has attracted many star parents, and the gorgeous dresses and skirts are very exciting.

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Lemon Printing brocade dress Reference Price: $ 517.09

This sleeveless dress comes from the spring and summer series of D & G2016. The bright yellow lemon oil painting prints are fresh and bright, and the vacation style is full. It is more enthusiastic than other styles. The simple A -line version is classic and versatile. In addition to wearing it alone, spring and autumn is also very practical. The classic style and the popular print collision in the season, innocent and playful.

DOLCE & Gabbana Kids Lemon Printing Flower Brocade Dress -Umberto Giugliano Kids …


Gentleman Britain -Burberry Kids

Burberry’s British -style editor has no need to repeat it. Burberrykids is also a good inheritance of the most classic and popular elements of adult clothing. In addition to the war horse logo, the Burberry Kids endorsed by the second son of the Bei family can be described as the use of classic plaids. Whether it is the baby’s swimwear, shirts or rain boots, the checkered pattern is just right. The design of the male baby is a low -key gentleman, and A Tange’s daughter, Suri Cruise, is also a loyal supporter of Burberry Kids. Burberry Kids’s pricing is relatively conscience than other luxury brands, with both texture, production technology and design.

Burberry Kids sleeve classic trench coat Reference price: $ 570.87

The editor thinks that the windbreaker and the male baby’s shirt are classic items worth starting. Burberry’s trench coat cutting and design have always been commendable. The children’s version has also perfectly followed the exquisite tailoring of the adult version, and its style is simple and practical. As a practical model, it is worthy of it.

Burberry Kids Set Classic Trench Clory -CarOFIGLIO JUNIOR


Burberry Kids Iliana trench coat dress Reference price: $ 296.46

And the baby’s children’s children’s clothing has more choices, and skirts and jumpsuits have suitable good -looking items. This Burberry Kids Iliana windbreaker dress uses a sleeveless design. It is also the same lapel design that Xiaoqi wore a cute and playful style when he participated in the Burberry show. It blends into the two -breasted trench coat. The waist is decorated with belt, which looks childlike and innocent.


Burberry Kids ‘Iliana’ TESSABIT

Romantic and elegant -CHLOE KIDS

In addition to the Bonpoint introduced by Bei Xiaoqi’s favorite brand, the other is Chloe Kids. Chloe Kids is also a fresh romantic French style. Although there is no logo LOGO and design, the simple design and comfortable texture still attract many people. Compared with adult clothing, Chloe Kids has a little casualness and a little childlike. Raising hands and feet are the warmth of the baby’s sun. The white lace and Xiao Fei sleeves are the most commonly used elements of Chloe Kids. The elegant pleated skirts and hollow lace are most suitable for ladies’ cute babies.

Chloé piped Cotton children’s dress

Reference price: $ 141.4


This small flying sleeve girl dress uses a thin tulle fabric, light and elegant, and the neckline to the cuffs with fresh embroidery edges, dreamy ladies. Suitable for creating an elegant little princess.

TODDLER’s, Little Girl’s & Girl’s Piped Cotton Dress

Low -key luxury -Rachel Riley

The little prince’s love for Rachel Riley is self -evident. Regardless of whether to participate in the washing ceremony of my sister or attending official activities, all important occasions were selected by Rachel Riley. This high -end children’s clothing brand from the UK has been greatly favored by the royal family. The design is clean and simple, pay attention to comfortable dressing experience. Meng Mengda’s embroidery pattern gives people a sense of intimacy. It is also a low -key comfort.


Rachel Riley Smocked Boy Set Price: $ 189


In August last year, the little prince participated in the washing ceremony of his sister’s washing ceremony was Rachel Riley. The red jumping was lively, coupled with small lapels and red graffiti embroidery, naive and lively. The design of the set is also very convenient, and parents don’t have to worry about matching.

Rachel Riley -Baby’s Smocked Shits Sets Set

Practical personalized children’s clothing recommendation -select design sense:


Luxury children’s clothing is more pursuit of texture and design, and most of the clothes are exquisite and gorgeous. But considering the growth rate of babies, luxury children’s clothing with high pricing has made many people discouraged. Occasionally, the classic style of the above brand is the choice of more parents. When looking at the Volkswagen brand, the Cater’s, Gap, Unique, Golden Baby, etc. are often a bit monotonous. In fact, there are also many brand choices with both design and texture. Xiaobian also summarizes one by one for everyone. Bao Da Bao can also learn from the reference to help you dress up with fashionable cute baby.


Great -random -ZARA

ZARA must be familiar with everyone. As one of the fast fashion brands that lead, the store will change new products almost every day, making people have no visual fatigue at all. Its achievements in the field of garment are impressive, and there is also a fan of children’s clothing. The beautiful and bold color coloring, the empty pattern, and the fashion trendy design all grasped the eyes of the children and the father and mother.


ZARA children’s clothing girl embroidered cover


Reference price: 119 yuan-179 yuan

The colorful embroidery jumps on the pure white cloth, woven into blooming flowers, lush trees, shining stars and the most beautiful childhood. The strong national style, both retro and fashionable, pure and romantic. The material of pure cotton, loose neckline and cuffs, and pair of jeans that will never be worn, little girls can play comfortably, elegant and casual ~

ZARA Children’s Girl Girl Embroidery Cover 06428613732zara Children’s Girl Girl Embroidered Cover 01381501250


ZARA children’s clothing girl Prints & Trips series

Reference price: 119 yuan-199 yuan

In summer, how can you lack enthusiastic printing and immortal lotus leaf edges? As soon as the wind blown, a beautiful little girl seemed to be dancing, so naive and beautiful picture! The complicated pattern, simple design, either at the shoulder strap, at the neckline, or the dazzling of the waist, can always give people unlimited stunning.

ZARA children’s clothing printed pants 01244593600


ZARA children’s clothing stitching dress 01259610305

ZARA children’s clothing boy Hello Summer series

Reference price: 79 yuan-179 yuan

What do you think of in summer? Do you know, ice cream or cool tree shade? It’s more than that, but also the sweet tropical fruits, lush palm trees and those bright and bright colors that children love. Zara launched the boy’s Hello Summer series this summer, boldly combined tropical wind printing with fluorescent colors to collide with a different kind of childlike fun. The fluorescent stitching, convex fluorescent alphabet, and fluorescent jeans make boys the most dazzling existence in the sun ~ BOYS, Say Hello to Summer!

ZARA children’s clothing pineapple printing T -shirt 05322684520Zara children’s clothing palm tree and printing T -shirt 00371673250Zara children’s fluorescent denim shorts 046766654320

Minimalist design -jnby by jnby


As one of the domestic designer brands, JNBY has always been unique and its own design style. Not blindly following popularity, but always leading fashion. Most of the clothing of Jiangnan cloth clothing is made of pure natural fabrics. Branches and leaves are its iconic decorative patterns, which interpret the design concept of fashion and nature. Founded in the gentle water village -Hangzhou, the Jiangnan cloth coats have blossomed across the country, and even opened up the international market. The United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and other countries have brand stores with Jiangnan cloth.


JNBYBY JNBY is the children’s clothing brand of Jiangnan Bobe, which follows the usual design style and concept of Jiangnan cloth suit: romantic and natural, calm and elegant. Children seem to be able to return to the most natural state, carefree, and have a very childlike interest.

Jnby by jnby Girls Long Kilet Shirt


Reference price: 284 yuan

The sweet doll shirt style has no extra pendants, and only a circle of folded ripples at the neckline. Natural all -cotton fabrics are exquisitely woven into full texture. The loose hem can allow little girls to run freely ~ elegant and versatile styles, wearing a pair of canvas shoes or small leather shoes, you can obediently go to visit.


jnby by jnby Girls Long Kasda Shirt 1G114313


Jnby by jnby girl sleeveless pleated princess skirt

Reference price: 298 yuan

Every little girl always dreams of becoming a little princess. Just like Wang Shiling said: “I’m not a big star, I am a little princess.” The puff skirt has always been the heart of the little princess. This sleeveless puff skirt uses the style of the cake skirt. The complicated gauze net ripples a circle of sweet ripples, showing the lively and cute characteristics of the little girl. The silk ribbon behind it can be tied to a big bow, adding a bright color to the overall shape.

jnby by jnby girl sleeveless pleated princess skirt 1F552042


Jnby by jnby boys cotton and linen stitching long -sleeved shirt

Reference price: 465 yuan


The first place where the boy’s shirt grabbed the eye is the buttons of different colors. Take a closer look, you will find that those buttons are not arranged in the middle of the shirt! There are also dark splicing sleeves. This is the small design that is different from the ordinary design that make the overall shape look interesting.

jnby by jnby boys cotton and linen stitching long -sleeved shirt 1G210100


Fresh Dream -Cath Kidston Kids

Cath Kidston is a modern and retro British brand. It is good at drawing design inspiration from the rare and interesting old things, and shows it in each single product by modern printing. Small fresh elements such as floral and wavelets are its remarkable symbols. In addition, on many items in Cath Kidston, you can see the Royal Guard, steam train, and London double -layer buses and other unique British characteristics. Cath Kidston’s product line has covered women’s clothing bags, home supplies, office supplies, accessories, infant clothing, etc. Bold colors and nostalgic patterns, Cath Kidston is always filled with infinite youthful atmosphere and strong British rural style.


Cath Kidston boys plain patch knitted vest


Reference price: 330 yuan


The British royal family has always been a loyal fan of Cathkidston. Remember how many people’s hearts of the British prince’s cute cute photos softened in Christmas in 2014? The knitted vest he was wearing that day came from Cath Kidston. It is said that as soon as the little prince was worn, this knitted small vest was out of stock, and it was in short supply. At that time, this small vest was even special for £ a dozen. Such a cheap royal family, who doesn’t fight for buying! In addition, according to data, thanks to the favor of the little prince, Cath Kidston became one of the highest sales brands on EBAY in 2014. Bao Da Bayao can store this cute small vest and prepare for the late summer and early autumn ~


Cath Kidston boys plain knitted vest 561327

Cath Kidston Girls England Embroidery Sleeveless Dress

Reference price: 300 yuan

Cath Kidston, which originated in the West District of London, always has a different kind of affection for the flowers and trees of Notting Mountain. This shallow mint color bottoming, nosetos mountain rose printed sleeveless dress is well interpreted. The naive flowers bloom on the skirt, showing the British rural style; the waist is slightly gathered in design, and the back button is more sweet and cute; The whole shape is finished.

Cath Kidston Girls England Embroidery Sleeveless Dress 560887CK


American leisure -J.Crew CrewCuts


Founded in 1983, J.Crew, with its fresh and simple and elegant design style, has become a brand that young people are pursuing at present. J.crew, which has pure American descent, is superior and exquisite in materials, and the overall shape presents a typical American leisure style. It is one of the favorite brands of the American lady. J.crew is more close to the people while paying attention to texture and details. J.Crew CrewCuts is a children’s clothing brand under J.Crew, which also shows a simple and casual American style. The flexible use of colors and lines, carefully and unique tailoring methods, make children’s clothing with fun and texture.

J.Crew CrewCuts Girls Side-Tassel Short-sleeved Katswear


Reference price: 242 yuan


This sweater is also suitable for playing in the beach in summer. The overall color is integrated with the blue sky, blue sea, and fine sand, and even the small gold thread of Bling Bling. The tassel on both sides of the waist danced with joy when the girl ran barefoot, as if inserting free wings for the playful elf. The round collar is rounded, the lines are smooth and comfortable, and the girl adds a touch of romance to the girl.

J.Crew CrewCuts Boy Vintage Oxford Combo short -sleeved shirt

Reference price: 196 yuan

The traditional Oxford spinning shirt, the tough version, is decorated with modern expression. Striped and solid splicing, blue and white alternate. Simple, but complicated; serious, but playful. The small pocket on the left chest is the finishing touch with this shirt, but the plump shape is not eye -catching. The elegant tone as a whole is like a fresh sea breeze.

Today’s children’s clothing recommendation is for the time being, I hope to reference for Bao Dadbao. In addition to the conventional everyone knows the brand, there are actually many other representative brands worth choosing. June 1 is in front of them. Parents quickly prepare new clothes for the cute baby at home. Children’s choice experience ~

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J.Crew CrewCuts Girls Side-Tassel Short-sleeved Katswear


J.Crew CrewCuts Boy Vintage Oxford Combo short -sleeved shirt