Tianjin Consumers Association released plus velvet thermal underwear comparison test results: publicity “high-profile”, standard “low-key” phenomenon is worth paying attention


On December 30, the Tianjin Consumer Association released the test results of the plus velvet warm underwear. This comparative trial involves 29 samples, the formaldehyde content of all samples, can be solved by the cancer aromatic amine dye, pH, and the starting test items meet the standards.

The 29 samples of this comparative trial, from the Tianjin Consumer Association staff, 3.11 volunteers, and inspection agencies to simulate the actual consumption process of ordinary consumers in the store of the Tianjin jurisdiction, online e-commerce platform and shake The sound, the fast-handed live platform is randomly purchased, and the unit price is from 29.9 yuan to 288 yuan.

The comparative test entrusts the “Sky Sports Detection Certification Co., Ltd.” for testing. According to FZ / T 73022-2012 “knit warm underwear”, the fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value of the plus velvet warm underwear products can be divided into cancer aromatic amine dye, up the ball, soap-resistant fastness, and sweat-resistant color fastness. Items with fast-resisting fastness, insulation rate, gas permeability and other projects, while referring to FZ / T 73020-2019 “Knitting Leisure Clothing” 6.1.11 Terms to test the degree of drawing of samples.

The Tianjin Consumers Association will feed back the basic situation and test results of all samples in the form of the sample in accordance with the information labeled on the sample. This comparative test results are only responsible for the sample.

In the express standards, 21 samples are implemented in the “knit warm underwear” standard or enterprise standard for “knitting thermal underwear” or corporate standards such as “insulation”, “breathable”. The test results show that the quality indicators of 7 samples do not meet the express standards (see Table 1 for details).


The nominal trademark purchased from Tianjin Zhongyuan Department Store (Hualian) is “Deer King Love Snow” double-layer camel female pants and “A & B” super soft men’s pants, purchased from China Resources Wanjia Tianjin Xiqing Road “Yu Feng Women” Warm pants “, purchased from” Vipshop (Self-operated) “nominal trademark for” Arctic velvet “gold comfortable velvet warm underwear total 4 sample fiber content is not in line; purchased from Tianjin Xi Yuehui Mall, nominal trademark “

“Women’s warm clothing is not in line with it; the nominal trademark purchased from” Tit “is” Jun Hualiang “underwear, and purchased from Oyada Commercial Plaza (Tianjin Hongqiao Branch) nominal trademark as” Shan ” Thick grass is dyed by the silk function of the single pants, the contents of the sample fiber and the gas permeability are not met.


It is worth noting that 8 samples in the 29 samples claim “plus velvet” in sales promotion, but not implemented FZ / T 73022-2012 “knit warm underwear” standard, its expressed performance standard is not The key indicator of thermal underwear, etc. These 8 samples are sold in online channels (see Table 2 for details). The test results show:


The nominal trademark purchased from “Suning Tesco” was “Tonlion Tang Lion” female sorcerer’s chest vest sample insulation rate was measured to be 21.87%, and the gas permeability was measured to be 125mm / s, which was lower than the “knit warm underwear” standard in the maintenance rate should be ≥ 30%, the gas permeability should be ≥180mm / s (see Table 3) The nominal trademark is “Yu Zhaolin” thermal underwear and “kangaroo” men’s wool round collar warm suit sample gas permeability measurement is 89.2mm / s, 111mm / s, 141mm / s, lower than “knit warm underwear” standard specified breathable rate The provisions of ≥180mm / s (see Table 4), the insulation rate is measured in accordance with the “knit warm underwear” standard.

The nominal trademark purchased from Jingdong Mall is “Modal” thermal underwear sample fiber content does not meet the express implementation standard (see Table 5), the insulation rate, the gas permeability is consistent with the “knit warm underwear” standard; purchase from ” The nominal trademark of the meeting (self) “is” Jie Liya “ladies warm suit, purchased from” Tmall “nominal trademark for” Camel “ladies plus velvet set and” Aurora Ice “super soft double velvet vest vest Samples, fiber content, insulation rate, and gas permeability measurements comply with “knit warm underwear” standards (see Table 6 for details).


Relevant experts believe that the insulation rate, the gas permeability is a key functional indicator of thermal underwear, and it is an important indicator that is closely related to consumer relationships, which directly affects the comfort of the wearing. It is also yet, the FZ / T 73022-2012 “Knitting Warm Underwear” standard has been provided for these two indicators. If the operator claims that “plus velvet” in sales promotion, “keep warm”, but does not assess the standards of these two indicators, there is suspicion of avoiding risk or misleading consumers.

Tianjin Consumers Association believes that this phenomenon in the implementation of standards is relatively “low-key”, in the field of clothing, especially the existence of functional clothing, should cause relevant attention. For operators, you should actively fulfill the statutory obligation of consumer rights to protect the first responsible person, abide by the honesty and credit principles, standardize the label labeling and sales promotion of sales products, strict product quality standards, accept social supervision, and ensure consumers legal rights and interests.

At the same time, the Tianjin Consumers Association suggests that the majority of consumers should purchase plus velvet warm underwear should pay attention to the following points:


First, consumers should try to purchase regular manufacturers in large shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, or goods on the online flagship store, well-known manufacturers have better guarantees in product quality, avoid buying “three products “.


Second, consumers should pay attention to product advertising promotion and product label standards when purchasing products, try to perform the FZ / T 73022 “Knitting Warm Underwear” standard product.

Third, pay attention to whether there is a Chinese label on the hot underwear goods, whether it is marked with the factory name factory, fiber ingredients, product safety category, maintenance method, product quality level description, etc. To check thermal underwear goods Is there a irritating scent or odor like a mold, gasoline, kerosene, fish, smell, etc. It is very thick, and the thickness is uneven, it is strip; the lugs of the warm underwear come over, touch it with hand, the good warm underwear is very soft, the flexibility is very good; and the poor warm underwear is hard Lack of elasticity; thermal underwear usually does not trial, but the lug portion can be applied to the inner portion of the outer arm, and the feeling of roughness and skin. When you choose, you can use your hand to pull the lugs, if you pull it, then you will explain the poor quality, it is likely to drop it later.


Fourth, consumers should choose the plus velvet warm underwear, which is suitable but not tight. The over-tight thermal underwear will oppress the subcutaneous blood vessels, hinder their blood circulation; too loose thermal underwear can’t fit the skin, do not achieve the ideal warm effect, and loose thermal underwear is also easy to form wrinkles, affecting beautiful.

5. It is recommended that consumers will be washed first. Washing before wearing can not only neutralize the pH of the fabric, but also reduce dye floating and floating hair, which is beneficial to consumers’ health.

Sixth, it is recommended that consumers retain invoices and other relevant consumption vouchers. In case of disputes, they can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through shopping vouchers.


(Jin Yun Journalist Wu Hong correspondent Zhang Xu)