Wearing short boots in winter, it is most suitable with these 3 pants, fashionable and beautiful


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In the winter that lacks short boots, it must be not very complete? For such a pair of shoes, in winter on the streets, the appearance rate of boots will not be small. So what kind of bottoming should I choose in winter to wear short boots? If you don’t like to wear skirts, then you can match these 3 pants, which is very fashionable! ▼

Pants 1: With wide -leg pants

Speaking of the items such as wide -leg pants, I believe no one will not know? Lily also knows that for this kind of pants, many women’s wardrobes are available, but is this pants suitable for matching with boots? The answer is of course, especially the combination of short boots, wide -leg pants and short boots, it looks different.


Look at the demonstration of this tide person, checkered wide -leg pants+brown thick heel boots, and a black short woolen coat is selected on the upper body. Wrong, very fashionable and beautiful.

In winter, how can you not start with a pair of short boots? Especially black short boots, both versatile and fashionable and not picking people. No matter what kind of matching matching, there is no sense of disobedience. White wide -leg pants with black short boots, classic black and white color matching, to be honest, right?

The upper body uses the method of stacking. In the cold winter, it is really warm to wear. The denim jacket stacked to wear a coat, the combination of jackets and jackets, and the warmth effect is good. I feel monotonous and fashionable!


Who can choose wide -leg pants to wear after winter? As long as you choose the opposite fabric, such as knitted wide -leg pants, or the wide -leg pants made of this kind of corduroy, even if you face the cold season, you can take care of warmth and thinness.


The peacock blue core velvet wide -leg pants have to be said that this color matching is really quite special. The pants version with moderate width can cover the shortcomings of the figure, which is thin and hidden at the same time. The upper body with a white T -shirt and cream cotton jacket, which is very gentle and fashionable winter dress.

Pants 2: Passion with straight pants


Wearing short boots in winter, in addition to being paired with wide -leg pants, Lily feels that choosing a variety of straight pants to match it is also very good. Especially this kind of nine -point denim straight pants, with short boots, the lower body and legs look very slender, which is visually given a high sense of vision.

For a short girl, it can be worn in winter. Even if choosing a long jacket, you don’t have to worry about it. The overall feeling of the coat of this trendy man is very intellectual, full of lightly, light -colored small fragrant wind jackets, and the version is silhouette. Shast effect. The black bottoming shirt is paired, although it is simple but durable.

No matter what style of straight pants, you can match the short boots well. Washing light -colored denim straight pants and brown square boots. This combination really looks good. Some pants of the pants are excellent for the tolerance of the leg shape. With the length of the nine -point, the lines wearing the back of the body are instantly stretched. Intersection

The combination of light coffee suit jackets and white T -shirts not only ensure the original formal and capable sense, but also a little more casual atmosphere, not to mention the assembly of jeans. It is very good to wear work and shopping in autumn.

Pants 3: with suit pants

How can the OL in the workplace lack such products such as suit pants in daily wear? If you are worried about wearing a rigid board, you may wish to try matching with short boots. In autumn and winter, wearing suit pants with short boots is also very good.

There are some split -designed suit pants at the foot of the trousers. It not only cleverly stretches the legs of the legs, but also visually gives people a sense of high sense. Choose a solid sweater, comfortable and fashionable!

This kind of black suit pants are very classic and versatile, without losing the commuting model, and stretching loose pants. It can not only cover the shortcomings of the figure, but also thinner. It is also very inclusive for the body that is not straight enough. It is simple to match the solid color bottoming shirt. It looks very resistant to see without losing temperament!

Girls who are not tall, when matching, remember to raise the waistline, plus thick heel and ankle, the proportion of the lower body is stretched instantly. , Hurry up and learn it.



Well, this is here today’s sharing of Lily, thank you for your heart reading. Wearing short boots in winter, it is most suitable with these 3 pants, fashionable and beautiful!