What is the difference between male briefs and trousers? Why is there a pocket in front of men’s underwear?


Regardless of men and women, wearing clothes, you should choose more carefully, and you need to replace the cleaning in time, so as to be more conducive to health. Because the physiological structure of men and women is different, men will be easy to be lazy in terms of personal hygiene. It is not easy to have related problems. Women are different. Because the reproductive organs are sensitive, they usually pay attention to personal hygiene. Will be more attentive.


Men who choose to be close to clothes, such as underwear, is actually not much thought, and the two words are comfortable. Of course, for some men with requirements and exquisiteness, they will still choose to choose. Regarding men’s underwear, some people will have questions, mainly in two points. Let’s take a look at it below.

What are the differences between men’s panties, triangles and four corners?

Triangle panties and four -corner underwear, men actually prefer four -corner, there is no other reason, it is


Essence The physiological structure of men is very different from women. Therefore, there will be differences in choosing underwear. Women wearing briefs will be more comfortable, while men wear four corners to be more comfortable.

Mainly due to

Breathability and openness

, Know male



is very

Afraid of high temperature

In this regard, this requires the permeability of the underwear, otherwise it is difficult to survive sperm. The production of sperm is linked to the fertility and health of men. Therefore, when choosing underwear, breathability is a choice factor.

Openness is because four -corner underwear is more loose, and it will be more open.

The sense of wrapping is not so strong

The wrapping feeling of triangular underwear will be relatively strong. Men will feel uncomfortable. Walking is not so freely.

Afraid of side leakage

The sense of security will be reduced a lot.

There will be a difference in triangular underwear and quadrilateral underwear, which is

Circular underwear does not match the slim pants

For some men who pay attention to the image and have a good figure, if you want to show your figure, you may need to choose triangular underwear, because the four -corner underwear is more fabric, and the openness is better. It is easy to make the four corners roll up. After the slim pants are pressed, there will be a raised phenomenon, which is very embarrassing.

The difference is not very large. When choosing a panties, men are not too particular when choosing underwear. The focus is on the breathability and looseness.

The fabric must be cotton

, Easier

Sweat and heat dissipation

It will not lead to excessive temperature and affect sperm survival.

No matter what type of underwear, there is always a pocket in front of men’s underwear?


From the perspective of the development history of underwear, a pocket in front of the men’s underwear is designed to let men

Easy to urinate

It is also to let men wear

More comfortable

, The wrapping feeling will not be so strong. From the perspective of the early panties, it can only help to cover it. It does not have much practical use. When solving physiological needs, it will still be a little troublesome.

Because the early underwear is equivalent to the big pants wearing outside, there is no special sewing, and there is no current special opening. When there are three emergency, it will look more troublesome. Now this kind of underwear, set up a previous settings, set up a previous settings. It is very convenient to pocket, and it is also a factor difference between men and women to go to the toilet. You can urinate when you stand.

Moreover, since the design of this pocket, men have been liberated,

Don’t worry about friction


It does not need to be afraid of being infected. It can be perfectly shameful. It can also ensure comfort and looseness. The local environment will be reasonable and more beneficial to men’s health.

How long is it better to replace men’s underwear?

Because women’s reproductive organs are more sensitive and the urethra is relatively short, women are recommended to replace underwear regularly. Even if it is not damaged, it will need to be changed every 3-6 months. Subsidies with more secretions before and after the period, plus short urethra, can not be wiped in time after urinating, may be stained with secretions on the underwear, which will cause excessive contact with bacteria and increase the risk of gynecological diseases. Essence

It can be replaced and cleaned every day. The life of the underwear is relatively long, and the possibility of the disease will be a little lower. If you cannot replace and clean the underwear, it will greatly increase the risk of the disease. Men are actually the same, but most men think that there are differences in the physiological structure of men and women, and they feel that they are safe. They think that their own conditions are good. It is not easy to produce secretions on the underwear. Will be lazy.

It does not change and clean the underwear every day. Instead, it will be cleaned after gathered together. The underwear does not change the new for a long time. It feels that you can continue to wear without bad. Just wear it comfortably. This idea is wrong. The underwear is not replaced and cleaned in time, which is also possible


It has an impact on health. What is more important is that the underwear will not change for a long time, it will be easily deformed, the elasticity of the underwear will become worse, the protection effect on the private parts will decrease. Therefore

Men’s underwear also needs to be changed every day.


I hope that through this article, men can pay more attention to their own underwear. Everything is based on health. Of course, comfort also needs to be considered. Moreover, if you do not pay attention to your health, you must also consider the other half. After all, women will be more sensitive and more vulnerable to bacteria.

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