The first case of Yangcheng in 1995, it took four years to finally solve the case


In the early 1980s, there was a TV series called “Wulongshan Bandit”. This drama was once famous, but no one wanted to in the Mayang area in Hunan, where the bandit land in Wulong Mountain, would be A vicious organization of triads appeared in the mid -1990s.

This organization was wanted by the Ministry of Public Security in 1995. Zhang Zhi, who was the first of the crime of Mayang, Hunan, became the first of the Grand Gun robbery gangs. There were as many as 15 members. These people hold the left -wheel simulation May 4th and 64th pistols with more than 10 shotguns. Since 1992, they have committed unforgivable crimes in Mayang. Flowing to Huaihua, Jishou, Phoenix, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jinhua and other places, more than 50 crimes, 18 people shot and killed more than 30 wounded lords, more than 3 million yuan in property robbery, creating the largest major in Yangcheng case


In the few years of Zhang Zhicheng’s criminals of robbery gangs, Hunan and Guangdong police have gone through hardships and moved to 68 counties and criminal gangs in 4 provinces, starting a contest of life and death.

One night in the spring and summer of 1995, the sky was dark, located in a township light bulb factory in the lower reaches of the Jinjiang River. All workers were at work at 11 pm. A big man wearing a raincoat and sunglasses rushed into the light bulb factory workshop. The young female young Zhang, who was working down, looked up and saw the people in front of them scared. The gunner held his waist and eyes, and cursed: “You shouted and killed you, and then Zhang was dragged to the rainy ground at 30 meters outside the field. At this time, another raincoat was waiting.


The man wearing sunglasses dragged Zhang to the waiting black shadow and said, “Hua Ge, people have brought it, and the black shadow walkway, known as Hua Ge, beside Zhang Mou. Brother asked for mercy, and the man who called Hua Ge started with his left hand, and slapped Zhang, his right hand, and then cursed: “Tonight I will have your life, and you dare to report to the police in the future. Then the people of Hua Ge pulled out the left wheel pistol and “bang” Zhang’s thigh “bang”. The girl Zhang screamed and fell into a pool of blood. Among them.

The relevant leaders of the bulb factory immediately called the police. At 11:30 at midnight, 38 public security police officers from the Public Security Bureau of the Mayang Miao Autonomous Region rushed to the incident. After 20 minutes, the 4 traffic tunnels to Huaihua were blocked. Girl Zhang implemented an emergency question.


“Do you know who you are rewarding you?”

Intersection Yes, Brother Hua. “Why do he use a gun to fight you?”

Miss Zhang said, “He said that when he went home last time, it was the police that I reported to the Public Security Bureau

When I learned that there were only two people who shot Zhang. Teng Jian, deputy director of the Mayang Public Security Bureau, was happy, and this “Hua Ge” appeared again.

This “Hua Ge” is the number one wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security. Mathematical robbery and killing prisoner Zhang Zhicheng’s nickname “Hua Ge”,


The Hunan Public Security Department, who learned that the situation, immediately ordered that there was a comprehensive martial law in the surrounding areas of Mayang. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the intersections of various roads and investigate strictly in the past. But until noon on the second day, no trace of his 24 township police stations in the county, “Hua Ge” disappeared.

Zhang Zhicheng, nicknamed “Hua Ge”. It is a native of Lingxi Village, Mayang Miao Autonomous County, Hunan Province, married and two children. In 1993, Zhang Zhicheng also made a gang together

, Start extortion of past merchants in the past. All the money you get is used to spend money. Over time, the small troubles can no longer meet their requirements. One day, in a hotel, Zhang Zhicheng’s opponents Liu Anjiang, Chen Wudong, and Ou Xianyong said that we had to do a lot of tickets. It is produced here.

A few days later, several people went to Guangzhou to carry out their criminal plans. In order to tie these people together, Zhang Zhicheng planned to rob and kill people on the grounds of training the three people’s guts.


In April 1994, Zhang Zhicheng was working on a construction site on Nanhua Road, Guangzhou. At that time, a migrant worker argued with others while buying a box lunch. Kill alive under the light of light,

Several people then entered another post -site site. Afterwards, Zhang Zhicheng said to a few people: “From now on, we have been a grasshopper on the rope. We have killed people. The public security will not let each of us. Organized. They crazy about the sheep city, killing people like hemp, and the citizens of Guangzhou talked about color change.


One day, Liu Anjiang, the No. 2 figure of Zhang Zhicheng gang, was watching two men’s password boxes on a bank business desk. The two extracted 270,000 cash. Liu Anjiang immediately told the news that Zhang Zhicheng and others ambushed in the nearby. Zhang Zhicheng immediately stared at it after hearing it. When the two came out of the bank, they stared closely. At this time, the two men with a password box came to the street. Black crown car. Just when a man put down the box and took out the key from his pocket to open the door,


Zhang Zhicheng suddenly took out his pistol and shouted: Hands, then “hand bang” is two shots, the two men fell to the ground, and the group No. 6 Zhao Shi held a password box. On Chen Yong’s martial arts, he disappeared into the vast sea of ​​people.

eight pm. In the rental of a town in Dongguan, Zhang Zhicheng looked at the cash in front of him. “Bastard, who wiped the oil on Lao Tzu and stood up with a kind of land. Zhang Zhicheng immediately swept the seven people around him. I scared the body milk sieve bran, shake constantly,


Zhang Zhicheng’s fierce gaze stopped on Zhao Shi, Zhao Shi fluttered and fell to the ground and said: “” Big brother, I didn’t take it, Zhang Zhicheng asked Liu Anjiang: “What happened to the second child, do you not say that there are 270,000? 250000?

Liu Anjiang said: “I saw them filled out the check and took out the cash, and it must be 270,000.” Zhang Zhicheng took out the left -wheel pistol around his waist.

The bullet on the top said to Zhao Shi’s head, “Say, where did you go after getting off the car?” Zhao Shi said, “I don’t, I don’t have anything.” Zhang Zhicheng raised his hand and was a shot, Zhao Shi suddenly fell to the ground and motionless.

Zhang Zhicheng said to the people around him: “Whoever lives with me in the future and dare to eat black with me. Zhao Shi is your end. After that, he looked at the scared hand of his silly and instructed:” What are you doing? ” Divide the corpse into pieces,

Everyone immediately picked up Zhao Shi’s clothes, and the six people divided Zhao Shi’s body into more than 60 pieces in more than 60 pieces of plastic bags, and their people threw the corpse into the Pearl River with the bag.

Afterwards, Zhang Zhicheng seemed to have a foresee that what was going to happen. Sure enough, when he was inspected by security personnel on the way back, Zhang Zhicheng raised his pistol to aim at the unprepared security personnel, and the security officers were killed on the spot. Then everyone left the scene, Zhang Zhicheng touched his pocket unconsciously, and shouted: “Not good, the temporary residence permit was thrown on the scene, and everyone quickly left Dongguan.

Just less than 20 minutes after Zhang Zhicheng left Chang’an Town to rent a house, the Dongguan police whistled, and it was a step late. Only a pool of blood and difficulty were left at the scene. And a temporary residence permit called Ouyang Lu left no clues.

He took the gangster to escape Zhang Zhicheng, who was lucky enough to escape the Dongguan police, fled to Guangzhou that night, and fled in Zhang Zhicheng, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, to his younger brother Zhang Zhiwei. Several military divisions Zhang Jun (criminal No. 3) hid Tibet all day.

At this time, Liu Anjiang and Ou Xianwu, who sent firearms to Guizhou to buy firearms. With less than half a month, the two purchased 7 simulation May 4th and 64th pistols with pistols and 840 rounds.

Seeing Liu Anjiang Ou Xian Wu Neng returned safely, and brought back so many shots, Zhang Zhicheng was so happy that he couldn’t get together. He said happily in the shed: “It’s great, it’s great, it’s really help me. Then he was to everyone. He said that now everyone is separated for a day. Tomorrow will go to the work of the work shed at 7:30 in the morning. My partnership has a big ticket to buy and sell. After speaking, Zhang Zhicheng took Liu Anjiang and Wang Jun to leave the shed.

On December 13th, the car of the train station in Tianhe City, Guangzhou, and the 62 -road richest buses with a full -load passenger. Zhang Zhicheng was planned under Wang Jun’s thorough plan. A group of 8 people mixed into the car. Zhang Zhicheng took out his waist pistol and shouted, “Robbery, whoever moves will kill whoever moves.

At this time, the passenger Tang Mou beside Zhang Zhicheng wanted to grab his gun while Zhang Zhicheng didn’t pay attention. He died immediately, and Tang died. Sure enough, he calmed down more than 60 passengers in the car. The bus driver was dare not move by Liu Anjiang with a pistol. All valuable items are plundered and left

Liu Anjiang ordered the driver to stop the car in the predetermined place. Wang Jun, Liu Anjiang, Chen Wuyong and others returned to the shed. After counting the grabbing property, only 120,000 cash reached 120,000. Several people hid the stolen money and ran their separate things.


After Zhang Zhicheng quickly fled the shed, after the Baiyun Branch of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau received the report, the Riot team and the political commissar of the criminal team rushed to the scene of the crime, and then blocked all traffic channels and strengthened the inspection of past vehicles. But there is no clue. When looking for valuable clues, when the task force was visiting the robbery, the passengers recalled that the accent of the gangsters seemed to be a Hunan from the western Hunan sound. In a comprehensive inspection, during the inspection of the Shijing Police Station in Baiyun District, a report was received, saying that there was a group of residents of Mayang, Hunan, who lived in a rental house.

More than 30 police officers immediately surrounded the rental house immediately. Zhang Zhicheng’s younger brother Zhang Zhiwei and two members of the gang who were captured in one fell swoop. The five fifth -type pistols were seized and 13 rounds of bullets. And recovered the robbery that could not be sold, and Zhang Zhicheng slipped again.

At this time, Zhang Zhicheng wore a pair of pants, carrying clothes that could not be worn, hiding in the sheds of Sichuan migrant workers, watching the police officer Zhang Zhiwei and two associates, his brother Zhang Zhiwei fell into the police’s hands. Zhang Zhicheng is a big loss. In Zhang Zhicheng’s view, in these seven people, only his brother was loyal to him. For this reason Zhang Zhicheng shed tears for three days, he

He vowed that as long as Guangzhou was sentenced to death, he would create a major case that shocked the country in Guangzhou, and he also publicly screamed from today, as long as he saw the police spirit, he fired a few policemen.

At this time, Zhang Zhiwei was interrogated in the interrogation room of the Guangzhou District Public Security Branch, but letting the police ask questions, Zhang Zhiwei was holding the psychology of holding dead pigs and not afraid of boiling water. But his two associates have confess everything. The police learned that the leader of this criminal gang was Zhang Zhicheng, who could not find everywhere. Just as the Police Bai Yun started to hunt the plan, on January 22, 1995, Zhang Zhicheng began his robbery plan. Wang Jun No. 3 Wang Jun learned at a construction site in Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

After a salary of a salary on the day of the Slim Gouling in Tianhe District, after the light cash was more than 500,000 yuan, Wang Jun began to check the terrain and find out the financial room situation, as well as the drafting action plan. And layout. Then I informed Zhang Zhicheng. Zhang Zhicheng immediately led all members of the gang to the financial room of the construction site.

At about 10:20 am, the migrant workers on the construction site had not been off work. He was sorting out cash in the financial room to prepare to pay the migrant workers. At this time, he heard a “bang” gunshot. Died on the spot, Zhang Zhicheng immediately asked Liu Anjiang, Wang Jun and others to pack 500,000 cash to leave the scene, and the migrant workers who heard the sound of gunfire rushed.

After the break, Tengmou shouted, “Brother, don’t care about me.” The migrant workers did not say anything, and went to a stick to knock it down. Zhang Zhicheng was afraid that Teng was leaked after the arrest. Therefore, Zhang Zhicheng fired 4 shots in a row. After the killing was destroyed, Zhang Zhicheng escaped the scene according to the original plan.

On July 25, 1995, New Zealand businessman Lian Mou negotiated a business in a company in Guangzhou and took the most luxurious 183 bus from Tianhe Station. However, he would not think that the disaster of the extinguisher would soon fall to him, and the pseudonym was Ouyang Lu Zhangzhi. Liu Anjiang, Wang Jun and others stared at this foreigner who was closed to raise his eyes. At 3 kilometers of Tianhe District Station, Zhang Zhicheng took out his pistol and held up the foreigners who closed his eyes. Liu Anjiang and Wang Jun held the front and rear of the car.


In the face of the gangster robbery, the foreigner struggled, and Zhang Zhicheng, who was so angry, killed the foreigner on the spot. More than 20 people in the whole car were by Liu Anjiang. Later, the driver stopped, and several people fled the scene and disappeared into the crowd.


After this case, this case. Shocking the entire Yangcheng, the case quickly notified the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Ministry of Public Security.

The Ministry of Public Security approved immediately. This case has a significant impact on my country’s public security image and international reputation. The case must be solved as soon as possible, and the 7.25 case is listed as the number one major case in Guangdong Province.

On the same day, more than 40 elite police officers formed a 7.25 task force of the Criminal Investigation Office of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau. 7.25 The task force lasted for more than 40 days for review, and the case was finally clear. The Ministry of Public Security quickly listed Zhang Zhicheng and Liu Anjiang as the national wanted object. Zhang Zhicheng and Liu Anjiang flew to more than 500 counties and cities in Guangdong neighbors like snow films.

At this time, Zhang Zhicheng and Liu Anjiang and others flowed to the Fugui City Industrial Park in Nangang, Huangpu, Huangpu, Guangzhou. Wang Jun and others went to Fugui City Development Company four consecutive times to step on and listen to the news. After some planning, 5 pm on January 28th. Several people quickly rushed into the company’s financial room,


Liu Anjiang took out with a pistol to force out to take out the key, opened the safe and packed into more than 300,000 yuan in cash, and ran out of the door. At this time, the cashier shouted: After the call, he went to block immediately. Zhang Zhicheng raised his hand to be two shots, and the security staff fell into a pool of blood. After Zhang Zhicheng’s robbery successfully, he quickly fled to Zhongshan City and once again avoided the police’s hunt.

1.28 The Getsu City case undoubtedly increased new pressure on the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau. The city of Guangzhou began to wanted Zhang Zhicheng. At this time, Zhang Zhicheng fled back to Mayang, Hunan. But on the day he returned to Mayang, the Macyang City Public Security Bureau was notified by the case of Guangzhou. The Mayang Public Security Bureau is now waiting for Zhang Zhicheng. As soon as Tan Gui and Huang Yugang entered the realm of Mayang, they were controlled by secretly. In order to lead Zhang Zhicheng back to Mayang, the police did not capture Tan Gui and Huang Yugang.

Five days later, Tan Gui and Huang Yugang were ready to leave Mayang. In this case, in order to prevent the two from fleeing, the Mayang police immediately ordered the arrest of the two. Under the strong pressure of the police, Tan Gui and Huang Yugang explained all the problems and all the cases.

When asking how the two contact Zhang Zhicheng, Huang Yugang said: “Zhang Zhicheng has agreed with the two of them, and the two sides agreed to meet in Huaihua on April 24th, which is 6 pm today. The specific location is in Huaihua Triangle Triangle Pingmou renting a house “. At that time, it was 6:20. Zhang Zhicheng and Tan Gui and Huang Yugang agreed to meet for more than 20 minutes. In order to not miss the opportunity of Zhang Zhicheng Zhang Zhicheng,

The Mayang Police immediately informed the local police station to lead 60 policemen to drive straight to Huaihua, but it was still empty.

At that time Zhang Zhicheng slept with his mistress until the middle of the night, and he felt that something was a bit bad.

Tan Gui and Huang Yugang

Police are likely to find here by the hand of the Mayang Police. It can’t stay here for a long time. Zhang Zhicheng then slipped out of the shed, left his mistress, left Guangzhou, and went to Shenzhen by car.

That night, he sent Liu Anjiang to the shed he lived to surveillance. So Liu Anjiang looked at the shed secretly. At 6 o’clock the next morning, the four police cars whistled, and more than thirty riot police officers pulled Zhang Zhicheng’s mistress into the police car.


On August 3, 1996, Zhang Zhicheng, Zeng He and Liu Anjiang came to a hotel in Jinhua City, Zhejiang. At night, Zeng He slipped out of the hotel and watched Jinhua’s night market. The service staff at the hotel felt that several people were suspicious. They opened their bags secretly and found that there were two new imitation five in the bag. The four -type pistols and more than 60 bullets, the hotel immediately called the police for less than ten minutes. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Jinhua Public Security Bureau rushed to the hotel with 12 plain clothes, and it was just captured by Zeng He.


The next morning, Zhang Zhicheng and Liu Anjiang discovered that Zeng He disappeared. The two knew that the situation was not good, and immediately took a taxi out of the city. The “taxi” was stopped at the entrance of the taxi security management station at the outlet. Zhang Zhicheng jumped out of the wall and pulled out the left wheel pistol. He immediately fired a shot on the joint defense team members who came to check. Liu Anjiang also took out the guns to quit the other three joint defense team members with 6 shots. The three joint defense teams were knocked to the ground.

At this time, a injured joint defense team crawled from the ground difficultly, and stole two six six of them from Liu Anjiang. Four -type pistols and 64 rounds. Four, 16 rounds. Four -type bullets. Liu Anjiang and Zhang Zhicheng escaped from the taxi security management station, robbed a motorcycle to the train station and took the train to return to Guangzhou.


Escape Zhang Zhicheng was waiting for Wang Jun’s arrival in Haizhu, Guangzhou, but for a long time. Finally, the news of Wang Jun’s arrest. After careful analysis of the Criminal Investigation Office of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, Zhang Zhicheng was still in Guangzhou. Therefore


The police force of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau all set up a stool card. Guangzhou, Haizhu, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Tuo Mountain and other places formed an invisible large net. On the morning of the 26th, Liu Anjiang and Chen Hua were arrested by the police.


When Zhang Zhicheng saw that Liu Anjiang and Chen Hua could not come on time, they knew that the big things were not good, and moved a den, and then he robbed the Zhongba cars from the Railway Station of Tianhe District to Xintang. After two days, he robbed more than 20,000 yuan in cash in Haizhu District. The victim Gan was killed and killed 3 people. Liu Anjiang finally provided Zhang Zhicheng’s last corner point under the strong pressure of the police. 1


At 6 pm on the 26th, the police officers with dozens of plows surrounded the rental house where Zhang Zhicheng lived, everything was ready. Police officers set up the main offensive group of four people. Wearing a casual dress in the name of the household registration came to the rental house. One of the police officers in the main attack team pretended to call the homeowner’s name, awakened Zhang Zhicheng, Zhang Zhicheng jumped off the bed, came to the window, and saw that there was no movement around. “XX opened the door, check the household registration.” One of the police officers shouted loudly. Zhang Zhicheng knew that the landlord was not at home, so he walked downstairs. “Pulling the door open a seam. He pointed out half a head to ask:” You … “The words have not been exported, and the four policemen flocked up. In the case of no preparation, he poured it to the ground with a thunderbolt. It was dangerous! I found a reloaded left wheel pistol and 5 bullets from his bag.

On December 21, 1996, Zhang Zhicheng and other nine people were sentenced to death, and the other four were sentenced to death. During the trial of the case, Guangzhou Wanren Emperor Lane, citizens directly via a television trial and reported on the report.


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