Quiet finally let go, and the tight dress is exquisite. This “curve” is enviable


Dress is the most product that can show the charm of women, but many mature women choose more loose styles when they wear dresses, and use more loose styles to present a better sense of tolerance. At the same time, they can also avoid exposing her figure The small disadvantages, but for the better mature women or older women who keep their body, do not have to be limited to loose dresses when wearing dresses. The unevenness of mature women’s figure is to the extreme.


Quiet model analysis:


Tight -fitting dress -wearing a bump body curve


Tranquility finally let go, and the tight dress is exquisite. This “curve” is enviable. Tranquility is very bold in the style of dressing this time. Although a dress is very simple and low -key in color design, it uses a slim style design to show the bumps and curves in the body perfectly. For middle -aged women who are very charming, they can properly match some slim -fit dresses to show their figure charm.

Basic color matching -simple and low -key and practical

This dress is very simple and low -key in the design of this dress. A basic gray dress will not have a strong sense of age to age. Whether it is young girls or older older women, it can be controlled. The colors are concentrated on black and gray, and the charm of the figure is unobstructed in the simple and low -key.


Black mid -boots -increases handsomeness

Tranquility is paired with a pair of black middle boots on the feet. The basic black and gray match is simple and practical. The matching of the middle boots can effectively modify the effect of the calf. Miss and sisters are very friendly. At the same time, the matching of this middle boots can also make a basic gray dress wears more handsome sense.

Split skirt -increase femininity

This dress is very simple in color design and is not publicity at all, but on the one hand, the slimming cut in style design is used to present the bumpy figure charm. On the other hand A little delicate small split to present exquisite femininity.

Short short hair -handsome and stylish

When I was wearing this gray slim dress, I was paired with a sharp short hair. The short hair style can show a very neat matching effect. For mature women who are slightly older, this short hair style is better than long hair than long hair. Even more chic, there is more charm of women in the new era as a whole.

Analysis of other tranquility:


Color -colored pullover+dark green wide -leg pants

The colored element’s hood can be worn on the body that can show a sense of vitality reduction and the richness of color matching. The lower body is matched with a dark green loose wide -leg pants. The combined matching effect, at the same time, use a moderate and loose item to wear enough comfort.

Flating dress -has a warm personality but not easy to control

The colorful single items can be stacked together to show a visual richness. It looks very dazzling in the color matching of the body. It is very bold on the body. There is enough sense of layering. The overall matching shows a very personalized matching effect, and it also has a warmth effect, but this method is often difficult to control.


Denim jacket+denim skirt

A basic cowboy suit can be worn on a slightly older mature woman, which can play an appropriate age -reducing effect. Through comfortable and casual fabrics, wearing a sense of girlishness, wearing such short skirts in the lower body, which can be It shows a refreshing sense and can be boldly showing the superiority of the beautiful legs by the way of exposed legs.

Although tranquility has reached the age of Da Ai, she is better than that of many 30 -year -old women. This kind of immortal figure should really wear more slim -fit clothes.

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