The most beautiful sandals this summer, now buy the most cost-effective!


Two days ago, I was pulled into a group called “Madman who wants to buy sandals” ~ ▼


Haha, you can see how much you want to buy sandals! Also, after all, the summer is here ~ I have been promoting the promotion of shoes last week, and the speed of the whole store will be swept away by you, and the speed is amazing!


Haha, the majority of major brands have been in the middle of the year, and many shoes are being discounted, and it is a good time to start. I wandered a circle in major websites and picked you the best style. Because some people have asked the bottom to buy, I will list the website and discount information this time ~ I will praise me!

Not much to say, start now:



Example card stated: All recommendations of this article do not include any soft commercial implantation




Ultimate white sandals

So many good-looking sandals, why do you think it is difficult to buy?


Because everyone’s demands are different. For example: ▼

The foot is not tight, it is better to buy it, like red, dark blue is very obvious, and many brands this year have.


French goddess Marion wore a pair of Gianvito Rossi’s red sandals this year. ▼ ▼


Fashion blogger Mindy with red skirt with red sandals, Ming Yam. She is from Marion Parke. This American brand. ▼ ▼

Selne Gomez also wore his home sandals mounted on the US version of “Harper’s Bazaar” cover. ▼ ▼


Marion Parke is the same name brand founded by a foot disease doctor in the United States. The soles of his shoes are all made of professional medical level, they can support the bow, and they are also very comfortable.


This double type is a bit like Mary Zhen Shoes, which is one of his family’s current style.


SHOPBOP is hitting 30% offline,


Reference price: 2,354 yuan. ▼ ▼

Fashion blogger Pandora Sykes This is not sandals, is Muller slippers, it is also very good. Many stars from by FAR, small KK, etc. ▼ ▼

Another color Jeanne Damas with the same paragraph also passes, but it is not as good as red, and the classic official website is not discounted, and the reference price: 2,382 yuan. ▼ ▼

BY FAR is a Bulgarian brand created in 2016. His shoes are also produced in Italy, the price is between 2000-3,000 yuan. ▼ ▼


This pair of red strap sandals are designed with special identical legs, with reference price: 2,867 yuan. ▼ ▼


Schutz, this Brazilian brand, I also introduced it, and his home sandals I bought a few pairs last year. It is not expensive, and the price is very high.

It is more cost-effective to encounter a discount. His home is a red sandals

Official website is playing


, Reference price: 544 yuan. ▼ ▼


Below this pair is the Mansur Gavriel home, the color is also very good, with a pink background is very woman taste, the reference price: 2,540 yuan. ▼ ▼

In addition to red, the blue color is also particularly obvious.


The blogger Nika Huk is a Philippine brand called CMG. His shoes combined with practical and popular trends, in the Philippines, but only physical stores, no online stores. ▼ ▼

Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s sandals are rich in color, and this flour can feel ultra-feet in the screen. Reference price: 3,780 yuan. ▼ ▼

The bright green is also a white.

Select this simple style, light up all your body, you won’t be too eye-catching, this is from topshop, official website reference price: 307 yuan, want to buy ~ ▼


This year is still very popular with yellow shoes. Yellow shoes are also easy to light the summer shape, ordinary black and white clothes, have a high-level feeling with yellow. However, yellow is a little bit of chasing, lemon yellow is easy to look black, ginger is more friendly.

This pair of sandals are also from Schutz, model wearing lining feet is very white, with reference price: 1,213 yuan. ▼ ▼


Sigerson Morrison’s pair of cats with sandals are very bright.


Buy 30% off on ShopBo,

Reference price: 1,570 yuan. ▼ ▼

It is a very small brand, knowing people don’t have much, in fact it created in 1991. Helpful chick said that she was still born at that time … His family is also beautiful for red shoes. . ▼ ▼

It is also worth starting with the yellow one of Sam EDELMAN’s yellow, and the official website reference price: 772 yuan. ▼ ▼

Have you found that this year is particularly popular with sandals. Choose color matching, it is equally very obvious. ▼ ▼

Big cousin, a small black dress with blue green color sandals, retro sexy beauty ~ ▼

Squad Charlotte Le Bon is also beautiful in Cannes, but this is more suitable for foot thin people, or will pull out meat ~ ▼


Speaking of color matching shoes, the color of Italian brand ATTICO is very high in these two years.

Previously, Attico was a brand created by Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio.

This pair of sandals inherit the ATTICO classic square buckle element, purple satin and red suede stitching, farfetch is 50% off, with reference price: 2,144 yuan. ▼ ▼


There is also a velvet stitching high heel, watching more gorgeous, 75% off on Farfetch, with reference price: 3,825 yuan. ▼ ▼

Gabriela Hearst This brand of Nina Bag you should have an impression, and the bloggers are almost one person. ▼ ▼


His shoes are also worth seeing. This footwear is a color and white color matching design, very young girl, with reference price: 4,245 yuan. ▼ ▼

This year, in fact, it is also very popular with ice cream sandals, just like a cool dress, it is very suitable for summer, but to tell the truth, picking skin, and white classmates may wish to try ~

The color of the Tibi home has always been rich, this double fragrant violet is very beautiful.


The official website is playing six%

Reference price: 1,833 yuan. ▼ ▼

Sandals suitable for wide feet


The office’s wide star is also a lot, especially Cuisan, saying that writing sandals must consider the wide group, see her, I don’t smile hard ~ ▼


People with footwear are naturally a wide range of shoes, they can be obscured ~


MADEWELL This brand should be unfamiliar,

Less than 15% discount on ShopBo,


Reference price: 617 yuan. ▼ ▼

I don’t think it is not wide enough? There is also wider. This pair of lemon yellow sandals I have a very good water, the material of the velvet is more promtept, with the reference price: 628 yuan. ▼ ▼

Similar to this super-wide upper, there are many brands this year.


I went to Cannes to bring this pair of sandals, wear every day. It is also a wide foot, but mesh is very breathable, and it is colorful, comfortable and looks. From the British brand AJOY SAHU, domestic e-commerce 1049 yuan. ▼ ▼


Barney’s New York This suede material sandals


Official website is 30% off

After the discount price is 634 yuan, it is cost-effective. This brown yellow is also very summer. ▼ ▼

Rachel Comey is also a US small brand, this pair of pink wide sandals are quite modified, with reference price: 2,293 yuan. ▼ ▼

This double-wide sandals comes from New York brand Veronica Bear. ▼ ▼


But I prefer his family white, with wooden thick with, there is a fancy wind, a reference price: 3,171 yuan. ▼ ▼

The above-faced style is also very suitable for the wide foot:


MARNI This pair of big bow sandals, very designed, I like it,

60% off on Farfetch


3,900 yuan can take it. ▼ ▼

Yuul Yie is a Korean designer brand, I will introduce when I write sandals last year. His shoes are all made by Kraft raw materials imported by Italy, and then shipped to the Korean factory handmade, and the texture is very good. Many people say that it is a parity version of Miu Miu. Official website reference price: 1,929 yuan. ▼ ▼

This year, the stray sandals are superficial.

This kind of like a small brand LOQ home is a bit like a rope design, there is a return of returning to nature, and it is relatively casual. Official website reference price: 2,090 yuan. ▼ ▼

Many footwidth people are worried that the straps will appear wider, in fact, it will not. Select a plurality of fine straps to connect together, the same role in the modified foot type.


YUUL YIE This pair of green belt sandals look very cool, official website reference price: 1,145 yuan. ▼ ▼

Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes have always been famous for the fine band, and the thin people are beautiful, this pair of silver flat sandals

SSENSE 67% off


, Reference price: 2,804 yuan. ▼ ▼


The sandals of Loeffer Randall seem like a medium rule, but it is very good. Reference price: 2,235 yuan. ▼ ▼


The Maryam Nassir Zadeh just introduced also has this multi-band, this mint is simply self-satisfying.

30% discount on Farfetch,

Reference price: 1,960 yuan. ▼ ▼


The same Macaron blue sandals,

30% discount on SSENSE

, Reference price: 1,781 yuan. ▼ ▼


Mango’s orange tape is very dynamic, and the raw friend is worth a try, the official website reference price: 299 yuan. ▼ ▼

Many brands have also introduced the design of the strap, and more design in the leather lace.


The sandals of J.Crew home is quite special, this pair of shoes is a high, official website reference price: 1,589 yuan


The official website has a seventy-five discount.

▼ ▼

The feet are filled, but the good-looking classmates can choose more refined styles.


Badgley Mischka is a brand created by two designers. This pair of pearl thinband sandals are very delicate, and it is very suitable as a wedding shoe. Reference price: 1,377 yuan. ▼ ▼


Rene caovilla’s T word sandals have been very fire, especially this double with pearl decoration, the price is also “beautiful”: 6,790 yuan. ▼ ▼

Comfortable and highly thick

As a Harbi, the appeal of Joey sister is also very simple, that is, it is high and comfortable ~ ▼


Then, the most appropriate choice is the most appropriate choice. Last year I also recommend that there is still a big fever in the modern comfort and polite this year.


Mulesur Gavriel home, whether it is Muller shoes, pointed shoes, or sandals, a lot of this height, very friendly. ▼ ▼

This pair of white one with sandals are extremely simple, e-commerce network reference price: 2,535 yuan. ▼ ▼

Roger Vivier’s square buckle shoes have been very hot, and the small thick followed by white and gold splicing, the official website reference price: 5,948 yuan. ▼ ▼

Charles & Keith This double thick with sandals look very delicate, SLING-BACK design is in line with the current trend, official website reference price: 399 yuan. ▼ ▼

Like I have the same, I will choose this with a strap.

This pair of squares turned into a circular follower, and the trendy scorpion raised, the official website reference price: 369 yuan. ▼ ▼

Previously, Fox wearing this sandals, many readers come to ask the child, from 73 hours, now there are discounts, reference price: 950 yuan. ▼ ▼

The sandals of this pair of asymmetrical upper is very hot last year, from Jacquemus, personalized.

86% off on SSENSE

, Reference price: 2,880 yuan. ▼ ▼

JacQuemus is actually a shaped sandals this year, which is very exaggerated. His clothes and shoes will join geometry’s elements, with high recognition. The previous package number has written his home designer, and the students who are interested can be seen here.

This is indeed a trend of this year, special shoes, and very high absorption.

Mulberry’s flower pot sandals also make people look bright. ▼ ▼

Many people can’t accept the shaped heel. In fact, it is not so exaggerated in heterogeneous.

I prefer some beautifully designed, but I will not be too bad.

Frances Valentine is a US brand that comes with a girl’s heart, founded by Kate Spade designer Kate and Andy Spade. ▼ ▼


His housekeeper playing Bling bling metal textured shoes, this pair of pink has been sold out. ▼ ▼


The same blue is also very good, the reference price: 3,160 yuan. ▼ ▼


Tibi’s circular follower is wooden, with silver upper visual impact power,

ShopBop has 20% discount,

Reference price: 2,819 yuan. ▼ ▼

Below, this pair of mango’s strap wood and sandals are also very hot in INS. This type of strap is very decorative, official website price: 642 yuan. ▼ ▼


Lee Card’s words:


After reading this article, find the sandals you want? If there is no relationship, I will continue to collect the good shoes for you ~ I also welcome everyone to discuss in the comment area ~