Hema denies the sale of living crocodiles, and farmers say that the procedures are complete, they will be slaughtered


Surging news reporter Liao Yan

A netizen recently posted a video called a whole crocodile in Hema Xiansheng online. In the video, when the two children played the crocodile’s gossip tail, and when the other man chopped a kitchen knife to the crocodile head, the crocodile suddenly shook his head and tail.

On March 20, the relevant staff of Hema Xiansheng told Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn) that after observation and judgment by professionals, the crocodile in the online video itself is living, which does not match the specifications of the crocodile sold by Hema. The preliminary judgment is not in Buy Hema.

On the same day, Hema’s official Weibo responded to this that Hema’s crocodile was Siarical Crocodile, which is a regular breeding of Inner Mongolia. The goods are frozen products, which are directly hair from SF from the place of production; before shipping, they have been treated in the past, and there is no possibility of hibernation and resurrection under normal circumstances.

On March 20, the relevant person in charge of the producer selling the entire Siamese crocodile also denied to the surging news that the crocodile in the video biography was breeding and shipping, and said that the back scales, body shape, and eye parts were judged. The crocodile in the online video is a hybrid crocodile.

The aforementioned person in charge stated that the company has relevant legal breeding qualifications. The Siamese crocodiles they sent to Hema were all slaughtered by internal organs and back scales.

Surging News Login of the Hema APP search for the keyword “Crocodile” found that Hema has sold the entire crocodile, crocodile fish palm, meat pieces and other parts. The varieties are Siamese crocodiles, which are originally from Inner Mongolia and Hainan.

The surging news noticed that the introduction of the entire Siamese crocodile product introduced in it was “the entire shipment, and the net bores went to the internal organs.” The product details are the origin of Bayannaole City, Inner Mongolia, with a net content of 10 kg, freezing to be preserved at minus 18 degrees, the shelf life is 12 months, the price is 1888 yuan/piece, and it is marked with the wild animal business license and license of the product manufacturer, and Wild dynamic domestication breeding licenses and other numbers.

Public information shows that on May 6, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry included Siamese crocodiles in the “Artificial Breeding National Key Protection of Aquatic Wildlife (second batch)” and protect wildlife management in accordance with the country in accordance with the law. The farm must have legal certificates such as aquatic wildlife operational use permits and artificial breeding licenses, and corresponding breeding conditions (especially protective measures) to make breeding.

On March 20th, the relevant person in charge of Bayannaoer City Shunheng Inland Breeding Co., Ltd. who sold the entire Siamese crocodile producer Bayannaoer City to the surging news denied that the crocodile in the online video belonged to the company’s breeding and delivery, and said that After distinguishing the back scales, body shape, and eyes, the crocodile in the video of the Internet is a hybrid crocodile. “This crocodile is illegal.” The person in charge said that the Siamese crocodiles provided by the company to Hema are all slaughtered by the back, remove the internal organs, etc., and then shipped after being stored at minus 32 degrees overnight.

The person in charge also introduced that the crocodile survival environment is in tropical areas, and their company has artificially created a breeding in a wild tropical environment. “Inner Mongolia has just finished the snow, even if I send a living crocodile, it will die within 3 hours.” He emphasized that the breeding regulations clearly do not allow the sale of living crocodiles, and the products sold to customers are slaughtered.

The aforementioned person in charge stated that their company has a relevant qualification certificate for breeding Siamese crocodiles and is a legitimate breeding. The person in charge provided artificial breeding permits of aquatic wildlife (Mengshui Wild Breeding No. 2020 4) and aquatic wildlife operational use license (Mengshui Wild Jingzi 2020 4) showed that the species scientific name is Siamese crocodile, issuing a certificate, and issuing a certificate. The agencies are covered with the official seal of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The time is October 20, 2020, and the validity period will be on October 20, 2022. This is consistent with the relevant license number marked by Hema.

Tianyancha shows that Bayannaoer Shunheng Inland Breeding Co., Ltd. was established on January 7, 2019. The operating status is continuity. The business scope includes Siamese crocodile breeding and sales; by -product processing, crocodile leather processing and sales.

On March 20, Surging News learned from Hema that the crocodile sold by Hema was frozen, and the internal organs were treated before delivery. Under normal circumstances, there was no possibility of hibernation and resurrection. After observation and judgment by professionals, the crocodile in the video itself is alive, and the specifications do not match the crocodile sold by Hema. After preliminary judgment, consumers’ crocodiles were not purchased in Hema. At present, Hema has not received any complaints about the resurrection of crocodile products. If some customers buy related products to find any problems, they can also contact customer service through Hema APP at any time.

The official website of the Hangzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Zhejiang Province issued a message in August 2021. It is illegal if the source of Siamese crocodile purchased by the citizens is illegal, and it will be confiscated if they are seized. Depending on the severity of the circumstances, the corresponding administrative penalties will be given.

Editor in charge: He Liquan Picture Editor: Jiang Lidong