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sports shoes


The trend circle of sports shoes in recent years can be described as rising. Its simple rounded toe structure has created a comfortable and comfortable dressing experience.


The classic black attached to the flying fabric is more layered, and the soft texture allows the feet to freely gallop in the sports field. The details of the red stripes are just embellished, breaking the quietness of black, and unintentional eye -catching design to wake up the trend of sneakers.

As a sports shoes that welcome autumn, the simple and comfortable structural design has achieved a classic and comfortable appearance and laying the foundation for comfortable sports.


Daddy shoes

The upper continues the previous leisure daddy shoes, and the personality is cool to exude temperament, making the overall future feel more intense, bold color collision design, giving a different visual experience, extending parcels to anti -collision upper upper, upper structure to prevent the upper structure prevention The strong impact of outdoor sports protects your feet deeper. There is also a glue design at the interface, which has a certain waterproof and pollution -proof performance, adding a strong and exquisite craftsmanship and retro charm.


The use of color is more plain, and it is made of a single color, which can easily show a good simple style.


Adopt high -quality elastic shoelaces to better fit the upper and tie. The production process of the high -quality rubber outsole makes the overall weight of the rubber outsole lightweight, cooperates with the staggered non -slip texture, the grip is better, the plasticity is strong, the charm of the iron and Han charm is strongly acting. Essence



High -top shoes

In terms of version, the classic high gang is used for creation. This version itself has a very high foot protection performance, which can easily ensure the safety of the ankle during exercise. Cold wind invading the feet.

For a pair of sneakers, in addition to the sense of design, it also has extremely high requirements in terms of performance. In order to make the wearer more comfortable, the material is made on the material for making it. The texture of this material itself is softer and will not cause any interference to the exercise. The soles are made with thickened elastic rubber, which can play a role in shock absorption and effectively slow down foot fatigue.



High -top basketball shoes

The super high -top basketball shoes, the addition of the element of magic stickers, further improved the heels of the shoe type, and played a protective role at the ankle to prevent losing the ankle during exercise.

The cool and handsome body shape, very eye -catching block design, appears in front of the eyes with three -dimensional feelings, and the sense of fashion is bursting. The classic pure white choice, the refreshing and refreshing colors have versatile attributes in the matching of clothing, which is more worry -free.

The upper uses a modern embossed fabric with a smooth texture, delicate touch, extremely high quality, and has excellent expression in breathable.




Contrasting basketball shoes


Stepping on a pair of handsome basketball shoes can make people run confidently on the court, sweat, and fully feel the thrill of sports. Classic and simple shoe design, smooth shoe type becomes synonymous, good upper body modification.

The elastic basketball soles can bring a good cushioning effect to the soles of the foot, and fully show the strength of the wearer on the stadium with a large amount of exercise.

The upper is made of high -quality smooth leather material, and the fabric texture clearly highlights the male temperament. At the same time, it adds ultra -fine fiber materials to the inside.


Mesh sneakers

The overall use is more beautiful in the use of color, with clear colors of the melody. The upper reserves the contrasting color of the blue tone of the sun, which is highlighted from the conventional, adding a visual level.

It uses a traditional lacerous method to close, which makes it have higher stability during exercise.



Retro daddy shoes


The retro and versatile shoe body design has a very tension shape, which is very cool on the street, and shows her personality. Simple and stylish color matching, black and white models are very classic, creating a full simple sporty style.

The outstanding elastic thickness, the upper foot feeling is very comfortable, bringing the comfortable upper foot experience of anti -cushioning cushioning to both feet, and the design is both beautiful and practical.

The simple and generous color color of the upper, non -black or white color, adds fashionable charm to its design. The overall rough wind rendering, with its thick sole, create a cool shoe body shape, and the upper foot is very eye -catching. The classic straps are closed. With the design of creative straps, the shoes are more heeled, and it also shows the overall space style.



Sports casual shoes

The overall version with luxurious leather fabric, after pure black tone irrigation, has a little cool personality, and its magic sticker detail design also makes the shoes more trendy and retro, making the shoes look more look more Have a sense of layering. This adds the elegance and handsomeness of the shoes.

It is treated with rust removal and wrinkle -proof process, which makes the upper of the shoe smoother and more smooth and wear -resistant.


The leather has better softness, bringing a more comfortable dressing experience. The sole is made of long -lasting rubber material, light and non -slip, which is convenient to wear during exercise.

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The use of color is more plain, and it is made of a single color, which can easily show a good simple style.