Inventory of those classic world’s top ten luxury men’s shoes brands


Throughout the world, the influential luxury brands are nothing more than Hermes, LV, Gucci, Dior and other brands that include products. But when we focus on the men’s shoes that are more segmented, in addition to the top ten brands, in addition to our familiar luxury big names, there are also some “niche” luxury brands that are not known to ordinary people. The brands are the choice of quality we really want to recommend to everyone. Position


D2D2 brand of light luxury shoes

Also among them

The choice of quality of subverting sports shoes


1. Edward Green

Edward Green, born in 1890 in the British royal shoemith in the world’s handmade shoe sanctuary. For more than 100 years, he has adhered to the use of traditional craftsmanship and the best leather, and produced the best handmade shoes in the UK. Currently, it has more than 50 artisans with an annual output of about 10,000 pairs. The brand’s motto is -The Finest Shoes in England for the Discerning Few (making the best shoes for the British shoes for customers).

Edward Green every pair of shoes pays attention to the perfect coordination of aesthetics and tradition. The brand has worked hard to change brown is just rural shoes and cannot be used as formal shoes. One of the 10 pairs of shoes that a man is longing for. Edward Green’s customers include King Monaco, Prince Charles, Duke of Windsor, and so on.

2. Berluti (Belu Di)

Berluti is a men’s luxury brand under the LVMH Group. It was born in Paris, France in 1895. It has a long history of shoe -making skills, patented Venezia leather and Patina ancient law staining technology.

Since 1895, Bern Di Di has always insisted on providing high -quality shoe services to high -quality men. Classic innovation and ingenuity craftsmanship is an indispensable part of brand characteristics. Only by deeply understanding Beru Di can you personalize the various characteristics of the brand’s ingenuity.

Berluti’s output is very small and expensive. It is known as the most expensive men’s shoes in the world. It only provides 1-2 times of custom-made shoes every year. Each customized pair of shoes costs 250 hours to complete. This also guarantees that each pair of shoes is art. And its fans are either rich or expensive, almost all elites such as the Duke, Pope, and celebrities.

3. John Lobb

The Oxford shoes brand John Lobb from the UK was founded in 1849. It is a palace -level leather shoe brand and is the king of hand -customized shoes. Since being designated as royal shoemith by Prince Wales (Prince William’s father Charles) in 1863, he has been making royal shoes.

Now John Lobb’s shoes have also become synonymous with quality, identity and temperament. Many rich people want to choose top men’s shoes, and they will go to the John Lobb London head store to find the masters of shoes for several months.

4. Crockett & JONES

Crockett & JONES is the internationally renowned British handmade high -end customized shoes brand. In 1879, it was founded by James Crockett and Charles Jones in Beandun. It has a history of more than 100 years and has maintained the family through Crockett & Jones. Shoes are good for many men. After Daniel Craig’s office 007, Crockett & Jones has always been the royal leather shoes brand in Bond Film.



The Italian Iron Lion Testoni comes from the world-renowned shoe-making country-Italy, inherited the essence of the brand of 100 years, insists on creating a value-for-money quality with the most exquisite design. Men’s favor. Since the official entered the land of China in 2003, the Italian Iron Lion Teni has performed the style more exquisite, simple, and smoothly based on the noble quality of Italian shoes in combination with the unique human background, and has been highly respected by noble consumer groups.

Iron Lion’s sneakers with their unique comfortable feet. All products have a special sense of comfort similar to “gloves”: when the feet bear the weight of the whole body, the shoes become wider; When the departure is located in a rest state, the shoes naturally shrink, fixed on the feet like “gloves”. The iron lion’s east’s workshop uses the ancient traditional crafts — including the typical “cloth bag” method of making leather shoes to make it the product Comfortable to your feet. It also pays special attention to leather processing to maintain the flexibility of the leather but does not hinder sweat.

6. Silvano Lattanz (Lang Danze)

Silvano Lattanzi (Ronasawa) was founded in 1971. It is the top hand -made custom leather shoes brand from Italy. It is fashionable, exquisite, luxury is its main design. Its fans include super rich, celebrities and royal families who love golf activities and yacht activities. Old Bush and U.S. President Barack Obama, former Italian President Francesco COSSIGA, Schwarzenegger, etc. are its loyal patrons. The custom shoe price of tens of thousands of yuan is also exhausted in the category of extraordinary rich people.

Silvano Lattanzi shoe is divided into two types: spot and customization, 80%are customized shoes, 20%are spot, leather is mainly cowhide, and mackeio, ostrich skin, crocodile skin, lizard skin and so on. Silvano Lattanzi (Ronasawa) is carefully created by the old Italian shoemakers with many years of experience. The craftsmanship and technology follow the traditional Italian customization procedures. Only 20 pairs of leather shoes are produced a day, and 6,000 pairs of production are mass -produced throughout the year. “The process of making a pair of shoes is comparable to building a Catholic Church.” Silvano Lattanzi is not just a pair of shoes, but also a artwork or a man’s partner.


7. D2D2

D2D2 World Light luxury shoe was born in Hong Kong. The brand originally originated from the DE Luca family in Milan, Italy in 1921. The brand name originated from the “D” of the DE Luca brothers It is the concept of “1+1> 2”.

The famous Italian master of Rossi draws inspiration from the Italian handicrafts, and integrates the unique Italian style, integrates the local cultural symbols of Hong Kong, and reflects the enthusiasm and sensuality of popular culture. High -end products with both sexuality, creating excellent and professional fashion light luxury men’s shoes brands.

8. Base London

Base London was founded in 1995 and specialized in men’s shoes. Base London, who appeared in the UK in 1996, just cooperated with the rise of “New British Culture”. The old “street culture” did not fall. Base London has risen, and it has a famous hall in the British and European fashion circles, and has won the honor of a “best fashion men’s leather shoes brand”.

9. Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens was founded in 1960 by KLAUS MARTENS, Germany. It is produced in North Anton, Britain. It is the favorite of punk, bald party and New Wave. Classic brand.

In the modern fashion circle, Dr. Martens’s boots are recognized as the most comfortable boots in the world, and the appearance is classic, which has become a must -have for many boots enthusiasts.

10. Dr.Comfort (Dr. comfort)

Dr. Comfort comes from the crystallization of the cooperation between the top football doctors and famous shoe design masters in the United States. The earliest serving patients with foot disease is the well -deserved world brand of diabetic shoes. The Rick Kanter family of Dr.Comfort has been engaged in handmade shoes in the United States for generations, and has provided shoes and boots for the U.S. military for many years. Each Dr.Comfort shoes are made of top -level natural materials. After more than 300 handmade, each shoe must be listed through more than 60 harsh inspections of the US Government Drug Administration. The carefully selected Dr.Comfort shoes are called “God’s gifts” among European and American nobles, and they are the first choice for the preferred gifts of the officials of the officials. Dr.Comfort really makes the shoes adapt to the foot until the shoes become part of the foot. Dr. Comfort is a recognized Rolls -Royce of functional shoes. It has always been sought after by Royal Nobles in the world, military and political, and celebrities. One of the richest ruler in the world, the King Abdullah, King Abdullah, the King of Arabia, has always been a fan of Dr.Comfort. The phrase “Gui Bi Gold’s Comfort” is from the mouth of the king of Saudi Arabia, and it is best to interpret the root of Dr. Comfort shoes luxurious and noble.