What are the differences between Pai overcoming the inner tendon?


Hello everyone, thank you for paying attention to “Linjia Fur.” Today I will take you to understand the current hot series -fur faction overcome. In winter, do you have a faction over the wardrobe, but the inner organs that are overcome are also diverse. What kind of faction overcome is worth having?


First: What is Pai overcoming

Patto overcoming is a coat that can resist the cold. The outside is usually a layer of workmade coat, which is a layer of inner biliary made of animal fur. The faction is usually the hooded. There are also animal hairs in the outer edge of the hat. A layer of workpiece on the outside can prevent windproof. The animal fur inside is particularly good. Therefore, it is quite warm.


Second: Gylodicine hair

There is almost no floating hair in the tadel hair, and the warmth effect is very good. Because the cost of breeding of the mules is slightly lower, it is economically affordable to make a garment. Wear, but the hair needles are relatively long and harder.

Third: Fox Mao Inner Inner Badness

The fox hair is overcome. The warmth is similar to that of the mules, but the hair is smooth and soft, giving a noble and stylish feeling. The fox’s hair is very fluffy. The flowers made of each part are different, especially suitable for beautiful young ladies, but the price is more expensive. Because the cost of breeding is high, the cost of the garment is high. Thick, there are small fluffy fluff mixed in it, and it is difficult to clean up, especially the fox hair, and the fox hair that is stained is much better, because after the more rubbing and dry washing, the floating hair will be a little less.


Fourth: Rex rabbit wool inner linery


The otter rabbit hair is overcome. The individual is most suitable for the inner tendon, and the cost -effective is also very high. However, many people have a misunderstanding, thinking that the otter rabbit is cheap and does not keep warm to the people’s hearts. Mao is also particularly very small, that is, when buying, I was misleading because the Rex Rabbit Rabbit was stupid.

Fifth: Green Gen Mink inner Bine

Green and marten’s inner part of overcoming the price than the price of mink. The hair is short and gentle, and the durability is very resistant. There is no problem for a few years. It also belongs to the more grade fur raw materials, second only to mink. He is also known as musk mouse, and the northeast is also commonly known as water mouse. He is also a kind of fine fur fur. The skin plate is soft, which is the second choice for mink’s inner gallbladder. That is, the dyed green root mink will be slightly fade for several years.

Sixth: mink inner bile

The most common in the mink is the most common inner biliary of mink. As a raw material for fur, there are many advantages, thick leather, good hair, dense bottom, etc., but the cost of breeding and processing are expensive, so the price is rising (but now nowadays (but now now Patto overcoming the inner tendon is also divided into multiple types, the depths of legs, feet hair, head, and back hair are different), so now the price is different, and it can be customized as a mink whole skin.


In fact, no matter what kind of inner bilots, because everyone’s needs and aesthetics are different, it is basically customized to overcome it now. I hope you can choose the clothes that suits you. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. ]