Look at the common problems of photovoltaic systems after the inverter -system installation


Generally, we know that the photovoltaic power generation system is selected, designed, and installed from the front end, which is

Positive thinking

Starting, as the inverter we touch is increasing, more and more after -sales problems. Xiaobian finds that if

Combined with the problem of after -sales of the inverter

, That is, “results” reverse us to choose, design, installation, etc.

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It can make photovoltaic people better do the preliminary work, play a role in preventing or even trying to avoid these problems.

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The after -sales problem caused by the problem shared with you. The next few weeks of push will continue to analyze with anti -push thinking


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Incorrect installation of the inverter causes the power generation power to be unable to go up


The installation gap is too small


The installation gap of the inverter is too small, which will affect the inverter’s heat dissipation. The picture below is the installation spacing of the Gudewei inverter, which can ensure that the inverter is well dissipated than or equal to this spacing.

Single camera (NS & D-NS) to install the minimum spacing correctly

Three cameras (SDT & DT) to install the minimum spacing correctly

MT correctly installed the minimum spacing



Installation location

From the perspective of protecting the inverter and power generation efficiency, the inverter is generally installed on the back sun, under the eaves, and indoors; if the machine is installed outside the south, it is best to add a cover on the upper part. On the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand It can prevent direct sunlight in summer, and the internal temperature inside the machine is too high

High temperature reduction

It affects power generation efficiency; on the other hand, it can improve the service life of the inverter.

Back sun

Under the eaves/indoor

Put on the cover


After booting, the inverter screen is not bright and not started

Many customers have installed the inverter for the first time, and the radiation conditions are also good, but the machine does not display any. Xiaobian found that many customers turned the DC input and reverse when installing.

DC terminals of DC cable


DC terminal on the inverter

If the negative electrode of the DC cable receives the terminal of the positive electrode, or the positive electrode is on the negative electrode of the MC4, the machine cannot work properly. DC terminals and DC terminals on the cable can be perfectly inserted. The positive electrode of the positive inverter terminal of the cable, the negative electrode of the negative inverter terminal of the cable is recommended. At the same time, it is recommended to do the corresponding wire sign on the cable to facilitate later maintenance.


Rebellizer error -Panel -to -ground insulation impedance is too low


The main reason for forming the error: Refer to reference

Frequently Ascending Photovoltaic Systems -Panel to Panel’s Insulation Improvers Excessive Impeders

Components and brackets are not grounded, especially in rainy and humid weather.

Detect the PV group strings of the ground insulation resistance. If the impedance is too low (<2MΩ), re -make the wiring of a component and the inverter.



Check whether the connection connection is well connected to the communication side, and measure the impedance between the mid -line and the ground line with a multimeter, which is close to zero, indicating that it is normal; otherwise it means that there is a problem with the connection between the communication midline and the ground line, and the wiring needs to be checked.


Recommendation error -the power grid voltage overrunning

The main reason for forming the error:


When reporting an error, the actual voltage of the grid with a multimeter is within the voltage range of the security regulation. If it exceeds the range, the voltage range can be adjusted, and China is high or China’s highest voltage.


The following two points refer to reference

Common faults of photovoltaic system-AC wiring failure

The fire is not connected

Use a multimeter to measure the communication side of the machine or check whether the voltage value of the voltage value of the machine interface (single camera VAC, three camera VL1, VL2, and VL3) is relatively large. If there are three -phase imbalances, check whether there are virtual connections in the fire line.

The zero line is not connected well

The fire line voltage is normal. Check whether there are virtual connections and falling off the zero line. The voltage between the N wire and the ground wire on the side of the communication side with a multimeter should be close to zero. Essence



The inverter reports the ground leakage current too large

DC cable damage can cause too low to report to the ground insulation impedance. You need to re -make a component to the DC line of the inverter.

Detection method:

First determine which string of faults, and remove one string of one string of only one serial on the inverter to see if the failure is reported. If the failure is reported, the string of cables have broken skin and damage. If you do not report it, take another string to see if an error reports until the fault group is found.


In fact, there are still many phenomena that are known to cause the photovoltaic system to fail. This time, I only grasp some high incidence of failure based on the experience of the inverter.

The point is to remind photovoltaic people to pay attention to installation details

Hope to be useful to you.

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