Diamonds on both sides of the diamond, which is better than Princess Atris’s engagement ring, which one is more beautiful than the princess.


Yesterday, 31 -year -old Princess Atlis and 34 -year -old real estate tycoon Edward Mopeli Moz announced their engagement and shared a number of romantic photos on social media.


Their engagement ring was designed by the prospective groom Moz and British jewelry merchant Sean Lien. It is reported that this eternal and elegant engagement ring is inlaid with a circular and bright diamonds weighing about 3.5 carats, between $ 75,000 and $ 100,000 (about RMB 535,000 to 710,000 yuan).

▲ Princess Atris’ engagement diamond ring

Lien wrote on social media: “It can integrate the characters of Edward and Princess Bitris into the design, forming a unique ring, which represents their love and life together. This custom experience is a paragraph. Beautiful journey. “

Knetine Totori, an international diamond brand “Eternal Mark” diamond expert, also believes that the engagement ring of Princess Atris will be sky -high. A very classic outline, the side diamonds give people a feeling of decorative art. If Edward chooses the best in the color and clarity of the diamond, the price of this ring will exceed $ 100,000. “

▲ The diamond ring of the three royal members: (from left to right) Princess Meghan, Princess Bitris, Princess Kate

Princess Etilis is not the first royal member to show you the diamond ring.

In June this year, Princess Meghan showed the upgraded engagement ring for the first time. She replaced the original rings with three diamonds with a thin diamond ring.

Princess Meghan’s ring is worth about $ 70,000 (about RMB 500,000), but this is only half the price of the ring obtained from her husband Jack Brookus Banker. Princess Eugene, 29, got married last year. The pink Padpalaxa sapphire ring filled with diamonds she wore was worth about $ 140,000.

It is worth mentioning that Princess Kate’s ring once belonged to her late mother -in -law Princess Diana. The center of this iconic ring is a 12 -carat sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.