Seven Lego suits suitable for girls, take her roaming in Lego’s fantasy world


If your child wants to be immersed in the world of Lego, what else is better than building your own Ariel’s Underwater Castle?


The shape of this toy suit is like a book. After folding, the children can build the castle and decorate it with stickers. You can play the puppet of Anna, Elsa, Elav, and Christopher. You can also bring this toy with this toy. Go out.


If your child

Like the colorful magic elf world


Then she will definitely like to build a hot air balloon and play with the mini characters, and also equipped with fluffy giant hair.


Make a beautiful personalized jewelry box with Lego bricks!

Children can pretend to be jewelry boxes and decorate it with the cute colors of Lego dot.


The Friends series is very cute. It provides detailed micro characters, cute animal partners and accessories, and conquered the girl’s heart with sweet details such as toy food and decorative stickers.


Children can use this fun Lego toy to create an animal clinic, where they can take care of the animals.

Use a variety of rescue accessories, including a bottle to save the stranded little turtle from the rock coast!

For preschool children, this set of Lego is the most suitable.

This set includes the image of a boy and a dog. The building blocks can be built into toy houses, cars, trains, etc.