Fan Bingbing can play, wearing fur on it, with shorts below, exposing “tofu legs” too embarrassing


Speaking of fur, it is estimated that “local tyrants”, “exaggeration”, and “lady” will emerge in the minds of many people. In fact, with the continuous renewal of clothing design, fur design has already changed richer changes. Whether it is in color or detail design, fur has become much fashionable. If you still think that it is synonymous with soil LOW, then Fan Bingbing’s dress will definitely refresh your perception of fur!


In many people’s consciousness, fur not only associates words such as “local tyrants”, but also with a certain age label, so that many people think that it is an exclusive item for “mothers”. But after looking at Fan Bingbing’s fur, you will definitely not think about it. Fan Bingbing is wearing a macaron -colored fur, and her lower body is paired with short pants to expose half -cut “tofu legs”. It is sexy and seductive. It really can play! Next, we will analyze Fan Bingbing’s wearing. When the fur shape, you should pay attention to what aspects.

Analysis of the popular trend of fur jacket


In recent years, with the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, artificial fur has replaced the traditional fur materials and has become a popular and loved item. From the perspective of color, fur is no longer a single brown and black system. The colorful colors bring more possibilities to everyone’s winter wear. The detail design also broke the single and boring of traditional fur, and the unique and avant -garde fabric stitching and color stitching appeared. All in all, fur design is increasingly catering to the taste of young people’s dressing and the trend of fashion, allowing the public to recognize the diversity of fur.

Fan Bingbing’s styling analysis


>> Macaron blue fur jacket

The fur of Fan Bingbing uses a light macaron blue, which looks refreshing and sweet, combined with fur to give people a pure and light feeling, which not only weakens the thickness of the fur, but also reduces the reduction The role of age is tender. In addition, the loose version and short design are casual and casual, so that the fur is not excessive “solemn” and exaggerated.


Fur analysis


>> striped sweater

A striped sweater in the fur, the color design adds enough fun and casual taste to the shape, making people look casual and free. Striped sweater is a versatile and practical item, but it looks a bit ordinary if it is worn alone. It can be combined with blue fur that can reconcile the luxurious sense of fur and make the fur wearing more approachable, and Basic striped sweaters can also change, becoming a weapon that shows fashion.

>> black hair shorts

Thick woolen fabrics are very suitable for autumn and winter seasons. Whether it is a fabric or a fabric for a coat, it can play a role in keeping the wind and warmth. However, the black woolen shorts and some single products with plush are easy to bring sticky hair, so it is also a distressing thing to take care of it everyday.

>> suede over -the -knee boots

In the cold autumn and winter seasons, of course, if you want the concave shape, of course, all kinds of boots are indispensable. The boots of suede fabrics are very warm and full of texture. Thick velvet hair inside, even with shorts, do not worry about being frozen.

What are the aspects of creating a stylish fur shape?

① Pick fresh color fur is more age reduction than dark color


For fur, the darker the color, the easier it is to look old and mature. Therefore, younger girls and sisters who want to create age -reducing styles can pick more fresh fur, such as cherry blossom pink, baby blue, most macarons, and Morandi color systems. Make fur wearing more age reduction and lively. If you think the colorful items are too gorgeous, you can also use neutral colors such as black and white and gray as the color of the inside to balance the overall dress style.


② PICK is paired with fur with thin bottom to avoid thickness

Generally speaking, fur has a certain sense of weight, so if it is unreasonable, it is easy to wear the effect of “tiger back bear waist”. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that everyone in the matching and the next fitted ones and the lower clothes are recommended. When you choose a thinner style, for example, you should try to avoid exaggerated and thick high -necked sweaters, or too loose pants, like a thin bottom shirt, and a slightly thick shorts. Going up is lighter. If it is a long fur, you can also try to take dresses and skirts as inner skirts. In this way, it can not only weaken the weight of the fur, but also increase the feminine charm of wearing.