Black fine heel over knee boots, skinny and beautiful women, with black stockings, exquisite and stylish


The favorite spring has arrived, and there are more beauties who go out. They choose some delicate and stylish clothing, which will set off their fashion feelings. Many beautiful women in life will match them, but they need to show themselves one. Good venue, there is such a fashion block that makes many people happy. Here you can show yourself and show your figure. The combination here is more life -like, and many people can see different fashion life. You can also learn and learn from the match.

This beauty who goes out in spring, choose a thin -knee boot, has a beautiful style, beautiful figure, and the knee -knee boots are also very slim design. Most people really can’t control it. The boots look too thin. It is a relatively high design, a height of 10 cm, tall body material, a waterproof platform design on the soles of the feet. The beauty walks very naturally. It should be often wearing high heels. Otherwise, you will not choose this high heels to go out. There will be a lot of, you need to know what style is more suitable for you.


The beauty is skinny, with a black stockings, and spring with stockings. Although the warmth effect is not particularly good, it also has the effect of modifying the skin, and it is not exposed. Beauty will not be very long outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about it. Some people will feel so cold. If you wear less outdoors, it will be very cold. In fact, you will find that the neighborhoods and other places here will Different, there are not so many beauties who have been outdoors, so don’t worry about them cold.


With a black skirt, because you choose the knee boots, you will choose a skirt to match. It is also a good -looking style. The outside is a military green down jacket, which is very thick. The hat behind is pink fur. The style is very good -looking and very warm. The down jacket is a short and medium design. The sleeves are longer. You can shrink your hands. This looks more warm. It is also suitable for the combination of beauty. It is very easy to be cold, but I also like to show myself very much.


Most beautiful women are working hard to dress up, and some people still need to exercise. Nowadays, there are fewer and less physical labor. When they are idle Keep your body, match it according to different seasons, and the weather is cold, and there are many people who go out. Fashionable women should pay attention to their own matching, choose some fashionable clothing, set off a different fashion feeling.