Martin boots + jeans, it is outdated if you don’t wear it


In autumn and winter shoes, we must say classic and durable, non –

Martin boots

It is!

It looks good and warm, and is very versatile, it is difficult to love! It can be paired with the summer skirts, or it can break into the sky in autumn and winter. In short, a pair of Martin boots are in hand, spring, summer, autumn and winter are not afraid.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

But to say what to Slay in autumn and winter, the answer must be indispensable.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

The combination of the two classic players can be described as a strong joining, not only

Keep warm


Highly wearily

It is not picky at all, and it can be controlled by the fairy.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

SO, today Liya is here to share a wave of autumn and winter matching guidelines. The fairy can see if there is a look they like, just copy it directly.


Who does not love cool girl out of the street?

If you want to show cool flavor, you can’t escape the black elements. Black thin coat is also a versatile model. The combination of these three is the security card of the guarantee.

Simple and handsome

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Essence Coupled with a peaked cap to fill the sense of atmosphere directly.

Blue jeans are classic colors. Entering autumn and winter, we may also try white models,

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Combined with a sense of refreshing

With the blessing of the wide -leg version, there will be no sense of restraint and still comfortable.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Or use

Same color

The method of wearing is used to create a sense of hierarchy with different depths of gray.

Wearing this medium and long Martin boots can directly choose a bouquet jeans, which is convenient to wear and take off. It will not be awkward.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Fairy who likes bright colors can consider going

Low saturation

The color rush! I have to say that beige + gray -green is a combination of double kill. It is low -key and very lined with skin tone. It can just neutralize the dullness of Martin boots, and it is a lot eye -catching.

all black

We can’t forget the matching. If you want to be invincible and thin, it is right.

High -level sense

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

FEEL is very friendly to the fat fairy.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

And with pants of the same color, it will give people a kind of

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Below the waist are all legs

With a sense of vision, the little fairy can pick it up.

When winter is coming, when wearing a long coat, we don’t need to match wide -leg denim, otherwise it will look like

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了


马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Essence With tight body models, there are tight and loose, just right.


Here is a retro disco

The flared pants are retro, so you only need to match a simple suit,

Proper version and self -cultivation

It collided with each other, and immediately had a capable workplace femininity.

Or it is also possible to replace it with a green jacket. It is paired with white inside, and the refreshing degree is even more upper.

The fairy who likes to be inverted, it is better to try

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Lazy curly hair

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

, Very autumn and winter atmosphere.

The matching of jeans Martin boots is not limited to tradition

Denim blue+dark black

If you want to wear a tide, you may wish to put on your body boldly.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Claine’s jacket with brick red straight pants, the color of the color is high, and it is very mellow with the mellow sense of autumn and winter.

The black Martin boots can also be set up, but it is not as good as

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

Yellow Timberland

The visual unity is strong, and the color of the Hornets makes the overall autumn atmosphere stronger, and it is you.

Of course, a fairy who likes to wear shorts, the upper body can be matched

Shirt + vest

The method of wearing, but the cold fairy remember to match the light leg artifact, just put a black coat outside, at the same time get warm and fashionable.

I also wrote a lot of split -split jeans before: increase the sense of air, reduce restraint, show long legs, cover legs thick …

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

And the most attractive thing is that it can make

The calf line naturally extends to the instep

, So that the characteristics of one meter is one meter two.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

With suits and Martin boots, you can commute and daily, and the black Martin boots also have a simple echo with the color in color. The color matching foundation is simple and full of high -level sense.


Cute girl application!

In the summer, many young ladies will wear skirts + pants, but it is difficult to control for us.

But in autumn and winter, we can try to wear a long shirt and try to choose the solid color as much as possible, and it will not look so messy.

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

When wearing a low -top Martin boots, I roll up a little bit of my pants to expose my feet naked, increasing the overall look of the breathing.

Use a sweater as a shawl

You can cover the problem of slippery shoulder at once, and you can enrich the overall level.

Of course, the cuteness is also indispensable. The first choice is the tender yellow sweater. Who can not love the soft and glutinous feeling! This color system does not pick people at all, right

Yellow -black skin

Fairy is very friendly.

Echoed at the end

It is also very important. Compared with black leather clothes, the brown system will be more durable. It collides with the same color with the shoes. The overall harmony and unity reaches a balance point.

Let’s put on a warm knitted hat, use

Bright color to break the taste of look

, Instantly increased a level.

With the strong contrasting color of black and white, the visual impact is stronger, but we can still pass


Come to create a playful sense, pierce two twist braids, less than ten minutes of shape, will the girl taste come?


Your winter girlfriend is here

Liya also said that jeans are not only dark, but also jumping out of my thinking. We can also go

Gray system inject more possibilities


Knit sweater is made inward, one is a strong gentle atmosphere! In the cold winter day, you can get warm feel. Choose black Martin boots, even with smoke gray jeans.

Winter jackets are more brilliant in the minimalist wind. With simple lamb hair jackets, it can also support the whole winter.

And in addition to the round neck, we can also join

Pattern sweater or small high -necked bottom shirt

, Easily unlock a variety of Looks.

Put on Xiaobai and Pick directly

Stripe inside

That’s it. It is rich in visuality and can not work hard to get fashionable. no matter how

Weekend travel is still daily commuting

马丁靴 + 牛仔裤,再不穿就落伍了

, Can deal with them one by one.


Looking at the fairy, the CROP-TOP suit jacket can highlight the proportion of the figure. With high-waisted jeans, the legs are long in minutes!

When the small tall neck is inside, the fairy with long hair can try to tie the ball head, visually have the effect of lengthening the neck lines.

Well, the sharing of Martin boots + jeans today is over. The weather is indeed colder and colder. Fairies must take care of them at the same time

Temperature and fashionable

These two items are combined together, and the warmth of the warmth directly becomes double. From

On hairstyle and accessories

Doing embellishment, wanting a variety of styles is not a matter of point.