Perfume is synonymous with women? Don’t lie to yourself


Who said perfume is a woman’s patent

Men’s spraying perfume looks like a maiden?

That’s the right perfume!

Everyone has the style of everyone. If the style is inconsistent with the perfume, it will have a sense of disobedience. Let’s introduce some of the obvious style of men’s perfume with the style of unreliable style ~


Melancholy decadent Gothic

Laliqueencre Noire, 2006

Applicable crowds: not many words, gloomy eyes, and the European and American crowds of Hu Zha booing

Perfume means “black ink”. The design of the bottle body is slightly luxurious in the low -key, and the ink color of the body brings a low and depressed atmosphere.


Top tone: cypress tree

Middle: Gengrass grass

Tune: Musk, Cape Seki Mimima

It uses a large number of high -quality vanilla grass, with a strong natural atmosphere, and it will never give people the taste of chemical products. From beginning to the end, it will produce a dark picture sense, humid soil, dark forests, mavericks and exclusive walks. The taste of the taste will not be too wide, but this does not affect people’s love for it. If you have not been exposed to this perfume, you can refer to Laliqueencre Noire Sport, 2013


Gentle and warm man


Dior Men’s Diorhomme, 2005

Applicable crowd: warm and soft personality, just like Korean fresh meat

Don’t be misled by the name of the perfume “骜”. This perfume feels like a breeze and drizzle.


Top tone: lavender, sage, incense lemon

Middle: Iris, amber, cocoa fruit, small cardamom

Rear adjustment: patchoul

The ultimate use of iris flowers makes the smell of iris flowers more heavy. After the fine carving of the perfumers, it emits a little ambiguous atmosphere, just like a weak teenager lying on a soft bed, sunlight outside the window, the sunlight Scattered on the bed, on the body, and frowned with five fingers. Simply put, the first moment when I smell this perfume is the tenderness of the teenager.


Men with aggressive atmosphere

Gucci Sin Men’s Percerament

Applicable people: young men who are confident and have aura

This is a moss -moss -moss -moss -mortgal perfume with a very personal modern atmosphere, which has a faint aggression and increases the charm of men.

Turning: Lemon, Lavender


Middle: Orange Blossom

Rear adjustment: patchouli, cedar, cedar

Self -confident men are always the most popular and extraordinary charm men. For women, they are like poison. Flower flavor+vanilla flavor+woody flavor, it can smell a hint of cold metal atmosphere. Sexy is synonymous with this sin.


Fresh and natural Oriental beauty

Armani Black Code Printing Men’s Perfume

Applicable crowd: Oriental Charm Male

The changeable and unobtrusive perfume has always been loved by the Chinese people

Turning: Xiangzhu fresh tone combined with the clear clear and bergamot of lemon

Middle: Mediterranean olive leaf, foreign fennel

Rear adjustment: tobacco, rare wood, smoked beans, sandalwood, and grass

The sensuality that is purely stated is the characteristics of this perfume. When sprinkled with the skin, it emits more layers of smell with changes in body temperature, which is difficult to master. This perfume for Oriental crowd is a gospel for Chinese people. The avant -garde sexy bottle design is exquisite and unique, full of temptation.


Health Sports Style

Burberry Sports Men


Applicable crowd: fitness people who often exercise

For sports people, choosing perfume is a difficult thing, and this perfume is just right.


Top tone: wheat, ginger, grapefruit, grass, grass

Middle: Sea Water, Du Songzi

Tune: musk, cedar, amber

The upper body is a warm taste, refreshing and vibrant running through. The aroma is dry but not greasy. If you have to describe it in a word: just right. The forefront is frozen and then mixed with a touch of cedar. It tastes carefully and has the taste of wheat. This taste is not common, and people are surprised.