It is recommended that young children: This year’s boots “buy short, not buy long”, thin and tall and not procrastinating


Hi, sisters are there? In autumn and winter this year, you need a pair of beautiful and high short boots to decorate.

For young children, this year’s choice of boots is of course to buy short and not long. How beautiful is the pair of boots thin and high, and how good the boots are not procrastinating? Let’s take a look together ~

1. The rule of the small man’s choice: choose short and not choose long

1. High legs and long legs


As the main force of autumn and winter, the effect is not just good -looking. For young children, the effect of tall and long legs is the most attractive.

The trousers choose a high -waisted high -waisted small black pants, and with the sharp black boots of the same color, the short legs of one meter five are turned into a long leg of one meter. The small incense wind and short coat, the temperament is also stuck ~

2. Variable and hundreds of changes

As a pork girl who is keen on fashion, short boots are not only tall and thin, but also very versatile. The feet on the short boots are also very comfortable, and even if you wear it for a long time, you will not feel tired.


Let’s take a look at the perfect combination of black short boots and autumn and winter trench coats!

This medium -length trench coat near the knee, the small man is neither pressed by height and temperament.

Coupled with exquisite black stitching pointed boots, is this too good?


3. Short temperament

For girls who are small and fat at the same time, short boots are “secret weapons” to save the body.


Girls with thick calf and fat ankle choose to be loose boots with shoe tube,

The design of the soles of Martin boots is very attractive with middle pants and suits. You can’t see that you are a fat little man at all!

1. Main boots technique

The most important thing for choosing short boots is the length.

The safest length should be below the calf belly and above the ankle.

Short boots near the ankle should be selected with a heel, do not choose the bottom; the short boots above the ankle should choose the slim, do not choose the shoe tube too wide.


The simpler the color and style of the short boots, the better, the better,

The small skeleton chosen the soles of the heel;


2. Naked boots

Naked boots should naturally be partial. The shoe type on the instep should be selected from a narrow and long design. Try to choose a pointed, almond head or flat head,


Bringing a little heel will have a better effect.

In terms of color selection, the basic color nude boots that are naturally resistant will be more versatile.

For example, white, black, brown, nude and dark green.


In terms of material, the delicate leather looks more aura, and the velvet looks more gorgeous.


3. Martin boots

The small one is suitable for the Martin boots from the six -hole to eight -hole,

This length can just show the slender part of the legs, and the small girl with a slightly fat can also be well modified.

Martin boots are recommended to choose pure white, pure brown or pure black. Do not choose Martin boots on color laces, color car stitching or color soles,


Not only does it look cheap, but also very high.

Like short skirts, sweaters with Martin boots, are they cute and high, isn’t it fragrant?

Second, the key to small boots with small men: enhance the sense of extension of the lower body

1. Choose narrow pants

One of the keys to a small man with short boots is:

Do not use wide -leg pants to match short boots, especially nine or eight -point wide -leg pants,

With short boots, it is a disaster scene!

The combination of lamb hair short jackets on the left looks very bloated. The right side is replaced with a cleaner straight jeans, with white naked boots, it looks like a lot of weight and thinner ~

If you must choose a wide pants leg pants to match the short boots, then there are two solutions for you to choose from

: One is the soft and loose wide -leg pants on the left, which can be stuffed into the boots,

But it is more suitable to match the smoke pipe boots, denim boots or Martin boots, etc.

The shoe tube is used for loose boots.

One is to use short and loose pants to match with slim boots. The middle pants should choose the length above the knee,

The interpretable tailoring with short boots is significantly higher, and the effect is more obvious.


2. Choose a straight tube type in the skirt

If you use a long or middle skirt to match the short boots, then you recommend you to choose a tailor -shaped skirt.

Like a straight flower skirt like the left, with black naked boots, it is thin and thin, let alone the effect.

If you want a little change in width and narrow skirt, then choose this narrow A -shaped skirt on the right,

It is also good -looking with slim boots ~

If it is a short skirt with short boots, then there is no need to worry about it. Whether it is a hip skirt, a straight skirt or A -line skirt, it can be easily controlled with short boots.

If you want to pursue better results,


Try not to use the exaggerated puff skirt with the width of the shoulder width to match the short boots ~

3. The skirt should be able to expose the ankle


The skirt needs to pay attention when it is paired with short boots


: That is to expose the ankle.

Long skirts and short boots cannot be completely covered with ankle, nor can the skirts and boots be completely seamless. Be sure to expose the skin or lines of a small cut.


The too loose long skirt like the left covers the ankle, and with the short boots, it will look very high.

On the right, a long skirt with A -line is paired with short boots that can expose a small calf, and the whole person looks very temperament.

4. Do not differences in the color of boots and bottoms

The color difference between short boots and bottoms is too much.

If it is such a black short pants on the right with mint green boots, it is easy to make people focus on the feet, the center of gravity will move down, and the small girl will look shorter.

This kind of smooth match on the left is the correct way to open the boots when wearing short boots.

Black shorts with denim short boots, casual and playful, and thieves show long legs!

Try to minimize the color comparison between the lower loading and the short boots,

In this way, our legs will look more slender.

Can be used like the left

The same color or neighboring color matching ideas,

can also be

Low brightness color, coupled with black and white color -free short boots,


For example, the nude pink with black boots here is much higher than the contrast color matching ~

Third, review the autumn and winter of small girls in autumn and winter showing high skills

1. Small girls should choose boots as short as possible, and they should be low -key in color. The style should be simple and durable.

2. When paired with short boots, try to use narrow pants legs and H -shaped skirts to match the skirt that can expose ankle.

Short boots are not only significantly tall and thin, but also symbolize fashion and style. Fashionable and simple, comfortable and textured short boots, young girls must arrange this year!

With a pair of short boots, you can also gain texture and advanced at the same time, and you can also achieve secondary growth of height. Hurry up and take advantage of the winter and the autumn has not ended. Go and choose a pair of short boots you want!