Xu Lu denim cotton is unique, the upper body effect is fashionable and light age, it is really bloated


#What to wear today#


Fashionable items can open the pattern of our match, no longer stick to the fashionable style of the past, and open up unique charm. For the current cold weather, the warm and pragmatic items such as cotton clothing are still the first choice for Volkswagen women. This year, Claine’s blue tone is also very hot, which has led many women to focus on popular blue cotton clothes. The first choice advantage is to keep up with the charm of the trend, and the second is that the diverse styles of cotton clothing can perfectly meet the fashionable effects of different women’s desired. For example, Xu Lu’s “denim cotton clothing” is a very unique item.


Xu Lu cotton cotton is unique, and the upper body effect is fashionable and light age. It is really not bloated. The ingredients of cotton clothing are still very important. Good and bad materials can indirectly distinguish the grade of cotton clothes from the naked eye. Like Xu Lu’s cotton clothing, the denim fabric uses the design as a design is much different, and the version version is much different. The type still maintains the light and fluffy feeling of cotton clothes, perfectly blending the refreshing sunlight of the denim, the fashionable foreign style of cotton clothes, and wearing a chic cotton suit charm.


Compared with common fiber materials, PU materials and other cotton clothing, this cotton jacket designed with denim fabrics looks more fashionable and unique. In terms of design style, the simple design of traditional round necks and high collars is also made. The cotton clothing has a different sense of characteristics, and then look at the style V -shaped collar with the down -to -tear down design of the corner clothing, making the overall style of the cotton jacket more unique and eye -catching. Vision.


The denim jacket is very common in winter. In the past, the design disadvantages of the fabrics were hard. We can only see the inner orchid denim jacket. The design is particularly novel and beautiful. Its upper body effect not only has foreign vitality, but also the cotton version of the fluffy design is not bloated at all. It can even make the style of cotton clothing more refreshing and unobtrusive.


Good -looking styles also have relative disadvantages. For example, the V -shaped collar design of cotton clothes, the neck lines of the leakage of wind will appear particularly frozen in winter, so Xu Lu chose a gray -white bib as wearing. Featured V -neck, but Xu Lu’s dressing is more biasedly cold -proof. Of course, girls who want to show the special V -neck of cotton clothing are also a good choice to wear a turtleneck sweater or undergoing clothes.

Compared with the “upper width and tightness”, these two years have become more popular with the comfort of “upper width and width”. It will be too bloated and fat, and it will be comfortable and comfortable to wear, but naturally, but there is no lack of fashionable denim charm.


In addition to the principle of wide tight matching, in terms of weight, we are more important to take the “refreshing and age -reducing” route, and the color cotton boots like Xu Lu are not worth everyone to go to Amway, like a light canvas shoes underneath , Simple Women’s Short Boots will look more vibrant and more vibrant, rather than giving people a clumsy sense of “heavy and heavy”, but fortunately, the shape of the braids with the shape of the ponytail is neutral and the bulky shape of many styles. Feeling, with the handsome and handsome peak hat accessories, it also looks small.

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