What is the finale of “Meeting You”? The end of the end of each character’s character revealed the secret


Recently, the newly launched urban workplace emotional drama “Meeting You” is starred by Chen Qiaoen and Jin Han. The play mainly tells the gold medal agent Duguman (Chen Qiaoen) and the designer Ji Mo (Jin Han) accidentally encountered. Two people with very different personalities are evenly matched. In the temptation and frictions again and again, they gradually live each other and cure each other, and finally work together to pursue the stories of career and love.

“Meeting the Bright You” character relationship

Dugu Ruosan (Chen Qiaoen)

Gold medal agent, the sharp sister of the spicy poisonous tongue. Because of its rigorous and strong style, the industry is called a “devil agent”. The years of workplace life made her have a superb acting skills with a furnace, laughing and scolding. In order to protect her artist, she can lying on the way to play, and she uses everything. She was arrogant and arrogant before, but did not believe in feelings, but only believed in interests, but in fact, it was very affectionate.

Ji Mo (Jin Han)

The founder of W Clothing Company, mature and wise fashion elites, academic hegemony at the University of Cambridge University Psychology, and insight into people’s hearts. He is good at analyzing his psychology through facial micro -surface feelings, and he is called a “walking rigid instrument”. Has a strong attack skills, so it is uncomfortable in business. With severe sleepwalking, there are two faces during the day and night, and secrets are hidden in their hearts. They are a mysterious man.

Sida (Chen Yanwei)

New actor

Shen Qiancha (Wang Zixuan)

Assistant Sida

Zhao Yucheng (Zou Tingwei)

Yunkai Group CEO and shareholder, Su Xiao’s brother of his father, Ji Mo’s career and love rival. Commercial wizard, vertical and horizontal. The city is extremely deep, the belly is fierce, and the killing is decisive. In order to revenge Ji Mo, he approached Ruo Men, but he gradually became attracted by Ruo Nan and moved his heart. The carefully layout design swallowed W, and played with Ji Mo in the business war. Double personality is ruthless to the enemy, but loves the woman who loves.

Chen Feier (Wang Jianing)

International supermodel, Ruo Men’s girlfriend. Thousands of people, the topic of the topic of scandal, countless men with countless lovers, sexy and hot, bold and unrestrained, vanity but not power, extremely eager to be concerned. With an angel face and the devil’s figure, the appearance seems confident and bright, but it is actually inferior and fragile. Later, under the psychological treatment of Aili, she removed the hypocritical mask of female stars, bravely revealed, facing true self, and regaining confidence to pursue true love.

Song Zihao (Wang Zirui)

The popular idols, Ruo Nan’s signing artist, and the back of the man. Bad and unruly, rebellious, hidden the desire for warmth under the appearance of hedgehogs. After he became popular, he became more inflated and began to dissatisfied with Ruo Nan’s discipline. He resolved his contract with his challenge and fascinated with Ruo Men. He left the man, and he gradually lost himself in fame and fortune. After his popularity, he suffered from depression, and his career and soul were hit hard. With the help of Ruo Nan, he recovered himself and returned to his original intention.

Aili (Xie Shuai)

Jimo University classmate

Su Xiao (happy)

Ji Mo’s ex -girlfriend

(Liu Zijiao)

Ruo male assistant